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  1. I noticed that you have the same car and running gear. what headers are you using? I need a set for 2bbl heads C6 and power steering. Tom
  2. I don't have the ones listed, but I might have another pair. i thought i had a solution until the headers hit the power steering pump. I have a 73 grande coupe Cleveland C6. If you have em let me know.
  3. I have a distributer and water neck misc other stuff. Some cash? Still got em?
  4. I have a complete rotating assembly, heads 4V NOT CLOSED CHAMBER, oil pan, air cleaner, valve covers and other parts new and used for this motor. New springs, oil pump, slight performance cam, and misc head parts. Edelbrock duel plane performer and Holley single intakes. OEM distributer, fuel pump all 28,000 miles. Other Pantera/Cleveland stuff. NO BLOCK! It went back in the car. $1200.00 for all of it. I can give numbers and photos as needed. Everything is in fantastic shape and in boxes. I will take it to machinist for small fee if you would like. Price is right I think. Everything and more
  5. including the plastic bezel? I am just getting ready to cut mine for 2 larger gauges.
  6. I knew that would come up . . . It pulled me in to the Mustang World and opened my wallet at a painful rate of speed. Just a figure of speech portraying my love and hate of this project. We used the coupe, pictured. I had a new third member put together from Randy's Ring and Pinion. All new brakes and suspension front and rear. Completely rebuilt the Cleveland and just got it back from Machine shop bored 40 over with one sleeved cylinder roller setup 3000 stall converter and c6 etc. Needs minor rust repair in floors. We are going to take it to the track next week! Compl
  7. New to the site from this dumb car. Bought it with c6 and 351 transplant. Original 4 speed. I know because the pedal is still hanging there. Pulled motor and trans and found donor car 73 grande. Turned out Grande needed far less work and is now a bracket car. We'll by Labor Day it will. Anyway this car has been hit hard in front. Someone stole some of the gauges messing up the dash. Pad is gone. Interior is gone other than rear side panels and it has rust in floor. It rolls. Rear end is there trunk and deck lid are decent. Top is in great shape as well as all stainless. Rear window is glass. I
  8. Did he buy it. I have one brand new in box I can return. Let me know.

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