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  1. The clamshell type is the 73 mount. Sounds like you have 73 perches. Swap out the 73 frame perches with a set of 71-72 perches and use the new mounts you have. This will get you back to the right height and centered in the fan shroud. The 71-72 perches are taller than the 73 perches since the 71-72 mounts are shorter. Hope this helps.
  2. What did the mounts you took out look like (std or clam shell/captive mounts). There are different perches and mounts for 73 than there is for 71-72. The 73 mounts are not being reproduced so I ended up switching my perches over to the 71-72 perches and using the available 71-72 mounts and everything fit perfect. Also I am running headman headers with power steering with no issues. I do not recommend shims on engine mounts.
  3. Welcome from Iowa. Nice ride
  4. I guess it kind of depends on what you are comparing it to. My pedal feel is harder for sure than my wife's Volvo, but it very similar in feel to my Audi. It is firm but stops great. It is an original front disc brake care running original master (rebuilt) and original booster. Front Discs have been upgraded to 4 piston wilwoods with drums still out back. That upgrade did not effect pedal feel only how well it stopped.
  5. I used them for rebuild and conversion to quick ratio. Very happy with the work done.
  6. What pump and regulator are you going with? I'm having issue when I'm running the car at WOT in first up to 5500 plus RPM then when I hit second it falls on its face for a second due to lack of fuel before it recovers. Are you doing in-tank? If not where are you mounting it?
  7. Just my opinion. I would fix the original. Just my 2 cents. I'm running a pretty well modified 351C along with the original untouched radiator from 1973 with stock fan and shroud and never have a problem. Sat in bumper to bumper traffic in 95-100 degree temps on the 2017 Power Tour and the car never came up over 195, me on the other hand with no AC was cooking.
  8. Radiator shop should be able to braze that in no problem. Of if you have the equipment it isn't that difficult.
  9. This would depend on if there are any other mods to the engine. IE 4bbl intake and carb? Cam? Head work? Both headers and dual exhaust allow the engine to breath easier on the way out but if you did not make any modification to allow more coming in then the performance gain is less than it would be had the intake side been done as well. Mods all have to work together to get the most bang for the buck. Say you did an intake swap to a 4bbl carb and left the single exhaust and stock manifolds on, you would gain some additional power. Then decided to swap to headers and dual exhaust later on. The
  10. try precision exhaust for a kit or if you have a competent exhaust shop you trust have them make it up.
  11. +1 One of the girls in my office had to explain it to me. Just was i was finally starting to figure out the emoji thing.
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