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    1973 Mach 1, Light Pewter Metallic, Q code car.

    Parked in 1980 due to bad valves, bought from the 2nd owner.


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  1. good used eddy performer, shot blasted and hit with super mirror clear powder coat 100 plus shipping is as low as I'll go, that's what I have in it and that's all i want out of it.
  2. If you still have it and you'll do 100 plus shipping I'll be happy to take it off you.
  3. With a cam you have to tune the idle for your desired drive-ability, if you want it to lope at idle then you're going to set it lower but that can lead to an off idle stumble if you're not that experienced with your carb. You should find a base idle that gives you a good feel, probably around 10-14 degrees with a 2bbl, then set the idle preferably with the car in gear (that can be difficult to do safely, a friend helps). When you add a larger cam, even a mild one, you're going to tend to have a higher idle than you would like in park and neutral. In short I think you should shoot for aro
  4. Fresh off the fox body boat and into my first classic mustang, far from my first classic car. I've been buying and selling classics and other cars for the past five years and finally decided I really wanted to build a car for me rather than one to sell. And here she is, 1972 q code mach 1 (sorry for the misprint), two owner NC car, by and far one of the most solid cars I've bought lately, needs floor pans (mainly due to the rear seat pan) and a truck pan, and other incidentals but it a sold car. Bought the car from the second owner, he bought it with his enlistment check in 1
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