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  1. Hey guys, I had to divert to a paying job. Not a mustang, lol. Cleaned out the shop and brought the mustera back in yesterday. Back to work on it Monday I’m hoping. Update soon.
  2. Hey Angelo, my build hasn't been touched in months. I was tending to a very special friends needs who secummed to cancer at the end of October. I have lots of parts that I ordered during that time . I'm trying to catch up on my life them attack my project with zest. I hope very soon. Seams like we've all taken a break lately. Like you , I'm trying to recruit some help . I ended up hurting myself from continuous block sanding, lol, one of the benefits of getting older. I hope to make considerable progress beginning around the first of February . Believe me, I wanna get back on it asap. I'm sti
  3. Very nice Angelo, it's great to see progress on that gem. Wimbledon white would sure look good on that beast.
  4. Thanks for your response. Do you know if the 1971 coupe seat would be the same or similar but with different upholstery.?
  5. Quality work, someone's rendition, I insist it does NOT look like the concept drawings so someone dropped the Ball. The back is the worst part. That's all I have to say.
  6. Mine is black with aluminum & red dist cap.
  7. It's a beautiful thing. Badda build badda boom . You go Daniel.
  8. Yes like that the drawing and the build have no resemblance . The drawing, although it looks like a firebird is very nice , the build looks nothing like it , like Its been said bulging and leaning out. Way to exaggerate.
  9. I still maintain that the build is NOT an accurate representation of the drawings. Drawings are better in proportion, smoother, flow better, look better, different . Not brought to life as intended, period. Kinda like the difference between Holly Wood and kin Bassinger. Lol . Anyone else seen Cool World, the movie ?
  10. Looks like a sprint seat, was it a sprint car to start?
  11. Hey guys , funny how we all meet on chips build site . Just wanted to say hi. I've had a close friend dealing with cancer and I've been giving all my time to her . Have no time for my build. Would be really nice to have a crew working on making my vision making it a reality, but , that's not gonna happen. Miss you guys, hope soon I can get back on mine. Life's not always fair, whether it's you or a friend. As far as chips build goes, just to make it official, I think he's incredibly talented and has the resources to make it happen. I might be jealous if I were that kind of person but instead I
  12. I'm 2 hours west from Asheville . Yes you dropped the ball on that one, lol
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