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  1. I did air bags in Front of my mustera, there are quite a few Pics posted on this Forum. If I can help let me know. Of course You may have a completely different approach in mind. I ended up with about 6” of travel,
  2. Hey Angelo, I just got back started on mine after a couple years. I’m glad I’m not alone with time loss and other things. Still so much to do. I’ve Been doing upholstery and started painting and assembling my dash. I hope your doing well.
  3. I’m in need of a lever side seat track 1972.
  4. Dang guys, up to my old tricks, lol pics upside down sorry, back to working on the Mustera. Dash will be grabber blue and assemble soon. Redoing seat upholstery. Getting ready to install Fatman frame connectors, stuff the C-6 in and make a new crossmember. moving on with the build pics soon. Thanks for all your interest in the past
  5. Does anyone have a used seat track, the one with the handle for sale?
  6. Hey guys, thank you for your interest in my build. I’ve been away I guess about 2 years. I had so much on my plate I had to put the mustang on hold. I am about ready to get back on it soon. I will post a few pics between now and Christmas. Been cleaning up the shop and locating stuff. Last I was working on fabbing the dash. Stay tuned I’ll be back with you all soon. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I had to divert to a paying job. Not a mustang, lol. Cleaned out the shop and brought the mustera back in yesterday. Back to work on it Monday I’m hoping. Update soon.
  8. Hey Angelo, my build hasn't been touched in months. I was tending to a very special friends needs who secummed to cancer at the end of October. I have lots of parts that I ordered during that time . I'm trying to catch up on my life them attack my project with zest. I hope very soon. Seams like we've all taken a break lately. Like you , I'm trying to recruit some help . I ended up hurting myself from continuous block sanding, lol, one of the benefits of getting older. I hope to make considerable progress beginning around the first of February . Believe me, I wanna get back on it asap. I'm sti
  9. Very nice Angelo, it's great to see progress on that gem. Wimbledon white would sure look good on that beast.
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