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  1. I will go w/the 180℉. I have the chrome housing that requires not only the gasket but also the O ring. Should I just take the old O ring & match it up because I remember last timei replaced it I had a hard.time finding the same exact size. Also, is glue recommended? Thanks
  2. How bout 180 marks73? Its recommended to use 195℉, but I want to keep it cool and opened at 180. Let me know. Thanks
  3. My car started puking antifreeze yesterday. The overflow (after market) bottle was full and the cap came off of it. In last three years, its never done that. I believe its the thermostat. Should I use 160℉ thermostat so it opens up faster and keeps the engine cool? I also noticed some corrosion in the radiator, should I have it flushed? Any anti corrosive chemicals out there? Best method for flushing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Used but very little with about 500 miles. I bought these couple of years ago for my 72 stang. There is nothing wrong with these, however there is a little mod to make it fit by the power steering box. Guy who installed it, raised the motor, heated the pipe and lowered the engine where the pipe fit right in. Does not leak. $100 obo.
  5. Finmach, LOL, I wish I could blow him away plus his car is much lighter. Since his dad co-signed for him he has to be on good behavior if you know what I mean. Thanks anyway.
  6. Hey guys, I don't want to assume anything, just want your input on this. I've got a 72 vert, with rebuilt 351c 2v heads, edelbrock 600cfm carb & intake ,patriot long tube ceramic headers w/3" pipes,RV cam, 3.50 posi, Mallory 1 wire distributor. I think my engine produces close to or maybe over 300 horsepower. This is a motor I bought from a friend, that had it rebuilt about 14 years ago (10 before I installed it). I test drove my friends 2010 camaro SS that produces about 420 hp, and each time I floored it, felt like as it was almost as fast as my car. My car really takes off w/o even trying hard. Could it be that my block is producing more hp than I'm anticipating? I know I could take it for a dyno test, but currently I'm not fit to spend hundred or two just to find hp. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Do people change to AOD for lowering rpm at high speed, and an extra gear? Is it really worth it? What's the major benefit? I'm not drag racing or anything, just like to cruise around in my 72 vert and maybe kick it once in a while. Thanks for the info cz-75.
  8. Hey guys, is there a video made by Q on leafsprings installation? Has anyone done it? Thanks,
  9. Thanks for the info HCODE72. I'll let you know if your strategy works.
  10. Hey Hcode, I killed the crush sleeve by overtightening it, which is why I took it to a well known speed shop and he did everyhing you mentioned above and said it should be good to go. First 400 miles never felt anything and now I feel the vibration. I'll check again. Thanks,
  11. I replaced mine last year from stock 2.75 to posi 3.50 and last week I noticed some vibration coming as if the drive shaft was loose or something. I have new u-joints, and had the rear gears checked at the machine shop. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything like it, or know where to start? Vibration comes and goes at about 65-75 mph or more. Wheels and tires are new and balance from factory. Thanks,
  12. Hey, that seems like a good deal but like the other member states does it have high performance parts or is it just a plain simple built? My question is, if I replace it w/my FMX, do need to make major modifications such as drive shaft, bellhousing, and trans lines along w/ other cables? Thanks,
  13. Hey guys, I need to replace my 40 year old leafsprings as the ride seems to be getting bouncier. Any recomendations? I want to use 5 leaf and keep the stock height, but a lot of people say the car will rise a little with new leafsprings. I like the low profile look now because the old leafsprings are saggy, so I was told to order them with one inch drop and standard shackles. Any idea's if that makes sense? Any difference going for 5 leafs instead of 4? Any particular brand? I heard Scott Drake is good. Thanks,
  14. I wonder where I can buy that sway bar going across the motor.
  15. Just the ashtray. $? Do you need the complete tray , slider and lid? Or just the ash tray insert? I have either and or both Don
  16. Hey guys, I am looking for a center console ashtray for my 72 vert. This is the long center console not the mini one. Let me know if you have one lying around and price. Thanks,
  17. Hi, still have the front bumper available? c6 trans linkage to shifter?,timing mark point bolted on block for 351C 2v? Where are you located? Thanks,
  18. Hi, do you have a c6 trans shifter linkage? Timing mark pointer for 351c 2v? Shipping to zip 21702. How much? Thanks,
  19. Hi, do you have a c6 trans shifter linkage for 72? Timing mark pointer for 351c 2v? Thanks,
  20. Guys, thanks very much for all the inputs.!!! I think I have enough info.now to tackle this bad boy. I have the blue tape, where can I buy the 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive #08008? Andvance Auto parts, Auto zone, NAPA, Pep Boys? Thanks,
  21. I just noticed the weatherstrip is 2 inches longer. Should I cut, if so where? I got it from c j ponys. Should I glue it & let it dry over night w/the door left open? Are the rails suppose to hold the weatherstrip w/o glue, or should I use glue on the whole weatherstrip? Thanks,
  22. Hey guys, how hard is it to install door weatherstrip that goes from the side of the door, wrapped underneath, then to the other (hinges) side. I forgot to install mine and I noticed yesterday that hot air was leaking into the car. At first, I thought it was leaking through speaker grill but I had that area fully insulated. Any help would be greatly appreciate it.
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