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  1. Im a fan of the larger wheels myself. I really love the stance on the purple Mach but with no experience, i don't even know where to start. Im afraid of buying wheels and they turn out to be a bomber fit. i've been researching for the past year looking for the correct stance. I wish i had the specs on that purple Mach!!!
  2. Luxstang, do you think i will have a problem running 18's from a 2005 model mustang on my 72 mach?
  3. Lets keep this thread going. Good reference for members thinking about getting larger wheels. They can actually get a visual of the outcome.
  4. Anybody mind posting pics of 7173 mustangs with the bigger wheels, 16s and up!! I saw this one online, hope the owner doesn't mind me posting it here.
  5. The Mach is my father's favorite car. When i turned 16 I was nagging my dad about a car. He told me if i would take the mach he would paint it and buy some wheels for it. The car is still in my possession with the same wheels and the same paint job.
  6. My Mach ambushed by a GMC and a Chevy!!!
  7. Welcome. Nice ride! Do you mind providing info on your drop and wheel size etc.
  8. Congratulations. Inline 6 sounds like a great idea during this high gas price era. Good looking car A ONE OF A KIND!!!
  9. Thank you. I feel so much better now. I was thinking about adding more support but I will just make sure no one touches or sit anything on my roof. Thansk again.
  10. Quick questions and thanks in advance for any guidance or replies saying dont worry that is normal. The question is about the roof on my 72 Mach. It seems to me to be a little flimsy. I can lightly press on it and gives, kind of like when you sit on an old hood and it gives followed by the popping sound when the sheet metal retracts back to orginal form. Their is no rust present and no structural damage to this car. All original never been wrecked. Is this normal and is there a way I can make this better. Again thanks for all comments and guidance.
  11. Man these grilles are driving me crazy. Looks so nice!!
  12. i had a look at a grill on the weekend, i was surprised to find out the xb falcon is wider then my 72 mustang, i have a mate who is doing up a xa coupe and has not made up his mind what front to use xa,xb,xc so ill take a pic of the grill against my mustang and give you a look. i also own a falcon as my everyday driving car its a 2004 xr6 turbo with 1974 XB falcon bonnet scoops crafted into the original bonnet, the color is a factory ford color called citric acid. i really love this car but always find my self back in my Grande every chance i get lol In the late 90s we docked in fremantle for a port visit. I was walking down the strip headed to feed myself and i heard this deep rumble sound. Seemed unusual at the time but as i turned about it was a modern red falcon. I say modern because i was only accustom to the older ones. That was my first time seeing one and before then i didn't know they existed besides the older ones like we have here in the states. Anyway great cars and forward me any info you have on the falcon grille. If it is possible i would like to try the conversion.
  13. Nice grille on that falcon. Wonder has anyone performed the conversion on a Mach.
  14. Great news. Spend every minute with him while he is home. Take him for a long drive in the Mach!!!!!!!
  15. I think this site is more helpful because the members take pride in representing the 7173 mustangs. When traveling on the road i rarely see these cars. Time, effort, and knowledge will keep this 7173 bloodline flowing strong. The members on this forum are doing just that. Helping anyway they can so that maybe one day a grandson or granddaughter is afforded the oppurtunity to enjoy these vicious looking machines. Im new to the site and rarely comment but reading the different threads sends my motivation level to the max. This is a good forum and im so thankful that i stumbled across it. Good day gents!!! Semper Fi!!
  16. Welcome to the forum. Stay focused!!
  17. Not to sure about the color. When my father gave me the car he donated funds also to purchase the rims and the paint job. That was the year of 92. I picked the color at the paint shop from a gigantic book with color codes.
  18. sonnyman30


    Hello everyone, Robert from Alabama. I am new to the forum. I own a 72 Mach1 which was given to me in the 11th grade by my father. Now im ready to do some work on it 18 years later. The car was in perfect shape back then but now rust has attacked my floor boards since it has been sittin. Hope to do a mild resoration on it and get it back to decent condition. Thanks.
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