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  1. Hello again Mustang world. It's been a long time coming, but I *finally* had a coat of paint put on the old 'stang. I'm pretty happy with the results. Comments? (Other than the messy shop and greasy floors.)
  2. Unfortunately that's not a four-speed -- it's a C-6 with a Hurst shifter. Bought the shifter second-hand at a swap meet. It works fine for me but my wife can't seem to get the hang of it. And maybe that's not a bad thing. The engine and tranny is a 460/C-6 from a late 70's F-250. A '78 model I think. The heads are from a '73 Lincoln (D3VE castings IIRC). The oil pan is from a Grand Marquis, and the brackets/pulleys/power steering pump are from a "parts engine" that was given to me; I haven't figured out what, if anything, I'll do with the A/C parts. It has a Summit Racing piston/cam/bearings kit (at the time it was the biggest flat hydraulic cam they made for a 460) (can't recall the specs), Weiend (sp?) Stealth intake, and a Holley 3310-1 pieced together from several really old carbs; I initially had a Holley 600 on it but it really wheezed. A dude on eBay (been too long -- can't remember his name) made a custom converter for it that, along with a Transgo shift kit, made an amazing difference. It still has the original 9" locking rearend with (I think) 3.50 gears. It has the exhaust manifolds from the truck (they seem to work fine) and Flowmaster Series 40 mufflers with 3" pipes in front and 2-1/2" pipes out the back. It makes a lot of noise. I found this board looking for a way to raise the shift points in the C-6. When I "get on it" it shifts fine. During "normal" driving it shifts into second after moving about ten feet (maybe an exaggeration, but not by much). So that's my next little task, putting it on stands to see if the modulator is adjustable.
  3. Thanks for all the hellos. And I appreciate everyone who said it looks like a nice car. Just don't look too close. Ok? Ray, I'm still playing the trumpet. I play at church as much as they can stand, and I'm in a "Glenn Miller" style big band that plays every Tuesday at retirement centers and nursing homes as well as local dances, wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc.. Trying to get back on topic... Here's what the interior looks like right now. The only things the interior really needs is black paint on the steering column, a radio, and speakers. I was going to put in a tilt steering column, but I gave up looking for one I could afford. Besides -- the wheel is perfectly situated right where it is. The interior was originally saddle, so I bought new seat covers, cheap belts, carpet, and console; everything else is cleaned/painted originals or used parts from salvage yards and eBay. The steering wheel was from a wrecked truck, and I straightened it using a hydraulic press (the "round" part wasn't bent). I'm really looking forward to getting back into this car!
  4. Hello from Moore, OK. Cultural center of the universe. I have a 1972 convertible that I've been "fixing" off-and-on for nearly 20 years. It's hard to believe it's been that long... how time flies. Well, all the kids are grown and gone so this spring I pulled it out of mothballs and got it running (again). To my surprise, it didn't really take a whole lot of work. This afternoon I put a new grill on it (a big thanks to Don at Ohio Mustang). The grill installed super-easy; the only downside is it makes the rest of the car look old. I'm not exactly sure how to post pictures on this forum, but here goes. Sorry about the quality -- they were taken using an iPad. I think it's time to break down, fork out the dough, and get a coat of paint put on it. As an OU Sooner grad, I have no other choice but crimson. I'll probably never "restore" the car -- it will probably always have spotty chrome, dented/bent trim (have you tried to find that "deluxe" molding above the black rockers?), and a hole where the radio should be (couldn't hear a radio anyway). A little bit of trivia: I played in the high school band with Boss1Ray. So here's a big shout out to Ray. Hey Ray! Wayne.
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