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  1. Hey, I need help finding a new roof for my 73 Fastback. The entire thing fell through with rust and I need a new one as fast as possible for repair. If anyone knows where I can find one, (websites, stores, etc.) that would be great. Thanks
  2. Anyone have any pictures of some 71-73 Mustangs with Halo Lights? I'm thinking about putting some on my 73 Fastback, but want to have a look at them first. Thanks
  3. I'm looking to repaint my 1973 Fastback and am having a hard time deciding on a color. Right now my top choices are Blue Glow with either white or black racing stripes, Silver with black racing stripes, or white with blue racing stripes. Opinions would be great! Thanks y'all.
  4. Awesome, do you know of any way I could find out which radio was originally in mine? AM - AM/FM - AM 8Track? I'm still searching around the house for it, but if all else fails a replica would be nice. Thanks for the insight and the pictures. Nice car you have!
  5. Hey, I have a 1973 Fastback in need of an original stereo head. The original one was removed by my brother and I'm looking to restore it with a replica of some sort. I just need to know which radio was specifically in this model mustang so I can try and keep it looking original. Thanks y'all.
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