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  1. Not much to trace for me. Second owner of my 73 and have a mound of documentation from the original build order owners manuals and warranty plate through annual inspections, shop receipts, registration receipts, tire and battery warranty cards and even some of the old license plates. Even have the bank folder from when the original financing was done.
  2. 1970, 3rd owner, only 70k miles, 302, Auto, ps, A/C, triple green, all original except Cragars and a respray 25 years back. Has been on display in a showroom for last 25 years.
  3. It's happening!.... Transport driver just called... delivery imminent... 4 days early... Pics tomorrow!
  4. Well, after 3 weeks of negotiation, a hellish 3 day 4,000 mile trip, it's bought, paid for and scheduled for transport today...
  5. Oh gosh no... I'm not worthy of owning cars of that caliber... They require more care than I'm willing to give and aren't as practical to enjoy regularly on the road.
  6. Well after a dozen roses and a nice dinner I went ahead and popped the question and she said YES! I get to buy another classic Mustang! My wife’s a keeper! I never asked before but I’m digging deeper into the well this time and buying a super nice car....
  7. Sorry.. but most of that don't even make sense... A .03 over bore on a 351 would only make it a 357, not a 383. Do the math. Bore squared over 4 x pi x stroke x # of cylinders.383's are normally derived by putting a 3.75 stroke crank in a 350 Decked pistons? How do you do that? Normally its the block that is decked to achieve the deck height of the pistons. Tweaked crank? If I had a crank that was "tweaked" I sure wouldn't use it in an engine build. That one of those famous 3/4 cams? A Cam's profile has no bearing on how many Revs the engine will be doing at 70 mph, that would be controlled by transmission gearing, rear axle gearing and rolling radius of the tires. Me thinks thou hath just thrown out every hot rodding term you ever heard and don't really know much about engines....
  8. If needed I can post my tire sizes, didn't have them handy at the time I posted earlier.
  9. From everything I have read there's a discrepancy there in that the heads for the boss 302 were actually plucked from the still under development Cleveland engine and modified to fit on the Windsor block, not plucked from the 302 to put on the Cleveland.
  10. Nice rims. I looked at hundreds of rims and the problem I had was finding a rim I liked available in the different sizes I wanted. I wanted to run a bigger wider rim out back than in front. It cut down on the choices immensely. Ended up running a 17x7 front and 18x8 out back with 0 offset. Fit the car great and achieved the look and stance I was after.
  11. The "double pumper" moniker is just as synonymous with "Holley" as "Cleveland" is with 351 Ford. Nowhere near all 351's are Clevelands just as nowhere near all Holley four barrels are double pumpers.
  12. 1) was convenient 2) it was a one owner car with good documentation 3) it was an unmolested original 4) it was in pretty good shape to drive as was 5) it was cheeeeeeeeap!!!... I mean real cheap... Anyway, I've always been more partial to the Coupes throughout the years they made both.
  13. Standard or auto? A "double pumper" is a mechanical secondary carb and will work best with a standard while the autos really do better with a vacuum secondary carb. You can better get by with being over carbed with the vacuum secondary carb as it will somewhat self regulate where as the mechanical secondary is purely at the mercy of your foot.
  14. Maybe it's any excuse to get to drive your car. I frequently take either of my two old cars to town on errands just to get to drive them more often.
  15. Unique is an understatement... their engineering isn't like any other American car, especially in their electrical layout. The Hornet made the 2,872 mile Long Haul with the only breakdown being losing the alternator day 3 somewhere mid-Iowa. The Fish Mouth Ranchero's Alternator had bit the dust on day 2. Both vehicles got about the same 15.3 mpg through the trip but the 'Chero's Cleveland went through 14 quarts of oil and 3 quarts of Lucas while the Hornet made the ride with no oil added. The final day had us running 70-75 all the way home 750 miles in 13 1/2 hours with 4 fuel stops and 2 dinner beaks.
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