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  1. Since this was built by a friend, couldn't you have discussed the problem with him? I would hope as a friend the conversation might go better than with a stranger's shop who did the work. Best of luck getting things fixed! I'm sure by now you're more than a little eager to get some driving done!
  2. Congrats, and welcome from SoCal! Pretty car - you should have a blast with it! As someone else mentioned, I wouldn't be too concerned about the non-factory items unless you're planning to go full concours with it; most of us alter our cars for safety, convenience, entertainment, and personal taste reasons anyway! Have fun!
  3. Hey Jason! Great looking car, and welcome to the "Clydesdale Club"! :D Whereabouts in OC are you? I'm an Inland Empire transplant from Huntington Beach, myself. We have a great little, fairly active, club out here called Inland Empire Classic Mustang Club (I'm a founding member and past Vice Pres. of) that you'd be welcome to come hang with any time. Here's my '71:
  4. Love it! The color, the wheels, the argent rear panel, the whole danged thing!
  5. Awesome info - thanks, Mid! And yes, the two are supposed to be identical lengths. Must be an optical illusion, because the coupes sure look shorter! A couple of things I didn't know - the coupes are .7" taller than the sportsroof, and have a 16" shorter (front to back) roofline! Thanks again -
  6. Hey guys - I've always been under the impression (and am fairly sure I read it somewhere, and more than once) since the '71s broke cover that the coupes were shorter in length than the sportsroof bodystyle, but everywhere I've been running searches on them shows the same 189.5" length for both bodies (and I'm not talking about including the extra length of the urethane bumpers - let's say, with all things being equal, bumpers, etc.). Are these sites just parroting each other with equal specs without researching the info as the years have gone by, or are the two actually the same length? Anybody have some real empirical info about it? Thanks!
  7. Wow, what a great looking car; very clean, great stance, perfect classic look.
  8. Cool car - and perfect color for this time of year!
  9. Wow, beautiful car, and some great pics!
  10. Naw, more like, "we just don't do stuff like that". :chin: I'm not sure how it would be different than doing any other glass cutting, but so be it... :whistling:
  11. That's too bad, because other than those weird-ass lazer stripes, the car looks like it's in nice shape!
  12. Forgot to follow up on this - the stick on mirror from West Coast Cougar Classics was the perfect solution. Super easy to put on, and a decent fit. Thanks again for the info, guys!
  13. Nice combo of the two styles. As someone else mentioned, still looks stock enough to fool the uninitiated, but to the rest of us, it has that slightly custom touch!
  14. I have a '71 Grande, and after 40+ years of '65-'70 Mustangs, I have several reasons for going with this one. First, as most of you know, the '71-'73 Mustangs ride and handle MUCH better than the previous models, even bone stock. The ride quality itself is reason enough. I do like the Sportsroof, too (had a '73 Mach 1), but there's something about that short rear end with that looonnnng ass hood that just looks awesome to me. Add in those very sleek "wings" off the rear of the roof, and I'm one hooked guy! This one just sort of fell into my lap. 351 C with Edelbrock intake and carb, A/C, new paint, almost all new (black, which I definitely prefer) interior, and a very reasonable price, and I quickly sealed the deal. Couldn't be happier. Is it the nicest, most expensive, most impressive Mustang I've ever had? Not by a long shot, but I may well be enjoying it a lot more than the others, I'll tell you that! ::thumb::
  15. My pleasure - hopefully you can get it figured out!
  16. How's this? The downside of this, is I never knew how dirty and rusty the underside of my bright shiny bumpers was! :-/ :D
  17. I'll try to remember to take pics when I get home for you.
  18. I ordered the driver's side from WCCC, but that's a great idea for the other side, thanks.
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