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  1. That was actually my original idea, but neither of the glass shops in town (small town) wanted to do it. How hard could it be???
  2. Although Grabber Orange wasn't available for our cars, it's my favorite, especially with black stripes - I almost painted my '73 Mach that color. :cool:
  3. Does anyone happen to make a replacement mirror glass that just sticks on over your original piece? I could swear I've seen something like this in the past, but can't find any listings anywhere. My driver's side sport-mirror glass is cracked, and I'd love to be able to just slap a new mirror over the top of it instead of having to take the housing apart for the full replacement scenario.
  4. Wow, just got back from a nice long vacation to find all these great compliments! Thanks for the nice words, guys - I'm really glad I included that picture now! Here's the other end, if anyone's interested. :D
  5. I've been driving my car in to the office the last couple of days (enjoying the new tires and wheels, etc.!), and this morning was especially fun - on the main boulevard through my little town, I passed a beautifully restored and hot-rodded midnight blue '69 or '70 Chevelle, then pulled on to the freeway right behind a '69 Camaro, then as I got off the freeway, a Springtime Yellow '66 Mustang coupe was coming the other way, getting on the freeway! And all this was within a 6.5 mile commute! ::thumb:: Ah, Fridays in Southern California!
  6. Well, I had quite a change of plans! While searching through my storage room for something completely unrelated, I came across a set of wheels I'd bought a few years ago for my '66. I ended up liking the factory Styled Steel wheels on the car better, and ended up packing the new ones away with probably less than 50 miles on them! They're 15x7s, so they fit my plan pretty well, but the tires on them (bought for the '66) were way too small. So, ordered a set of 235/60-15 Radial T/As all around, and BINGO, just the look I was looking for! Not so wide that it looked silly for a Grande', but something that beefed it up a bit and really jazzed up the looks some, too, and the 15" diameter looks way better on the car than the 14s did. I may have originally decided on 15x8s, but the added attraction of not having to buy wheels was worth the compromise - and I ended up loving the look anyway.
  7. Wow, thanks for the compliments, guys! It's a lot more basic Mustang than I'm used to having, but I bought it specifically to be a driver that I could just have fun with, and not be freaking out about every time I got a nick or ding - and as it turns out, I'm actually really loving it! You can't beat the ride quality and handling, and now that I've addressed several cosmetic problems, it's really coming along nicely. Here's a couple of "before" shots: And another semi-recent one (I've replaced the body side moldings and re-done the front bumper since this shot): Anyway, back to tires/wheels. After looking at some of your pics, I'm thinking now of maybe going 15x8 all around, with maybe 245s rear, 235s front...or 245s all around...or... Anyway, thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the responses and pics, guys. Although I like the width of the 255s, I don't like the height. I really like the fairly low, even stance I have now, and would like to keep something similar, if I can. And you have to remember that I've got a pretty "Plain Jane" looking Grande here, so anything too wide, or having the jacked-up in the rear look will just look silly on it (in my opinion, anyway). My intention is to beef up the look a bit, and add some flashy chrome, but not go too crazy with something that will look like too much for the kind of car that it is. Besides, I have a nice "sleeper" effect going with the 351C 4v under the hood that I don't want to mess up. :D
  9. I had 255/60-15s and 235/60-15s on 15x8 and 15x7 Magnums on my '73 Mach I, which looked great. I'm in the market now for new wheels and tires and want something wider on my '71 Grande, but obviously it looks like anything but a race car, so I really don't want a raked stance and rear tires that are massively different in size - especially height - from the fronts. I've already pretty much decided on 235/60-15s on 15x7 Magnums on the front again, like I did on the Mach I, but am unsure about rear fitment. 15x8s are probably a given to help fill out those enormous wheelwells in the back, but am thinking about maybe 245/60s to help keep the stance even, front to back, and yet still be a bit wider (especially on the 8" wide wheels), than the front. The details: The "stock" 205/75-14 tires are 26.1" in diameter. The 215/70-14s I'm running all around now are 25.9" (and I love the way it sits - low and even). 235/60-15s are 26.1" (so bang-on the same diameter as stock) 245/60-15s are 26.5" 255/60-15s are 27.0" So, I understand that the car will ride higher by only half the difference of the diameter of the tire with the taller tires, so the 255s should make the car sit a mere 1/2" higher in the rear than the 235s on the front...but I really want the car to sit as evenly front-to-back as possible - and to add to the drama here, I don't feel that taking the easy way out and just putting 235s on the rear will be wide enough looking. :D Hence my request for pics from anyone who has 255s on the rear of their Grande or coupe, so that I can visualize just how much of a difference it is, and whether it truly is a noticeable amount.
  10. I just put this up on VMF, but I thought I'd see what my fellow '71-'73 owners had to say: Has anyone got any experience or preference with these two suppliers regarding a steel/chrome 15" Magnum 500, that one would be any better quality than the other? I'm about to pop for a set, and these two manufacturers keep coming up the most in my searches. Are they the same, really? Should I care about which I get? Please advise! Thanks -
  11. Ah! I see. Thank you - that makes sense. I'd never heard that term before!
  12. Well, ownership of this '71 Grande really keeps on proving that even after 43 years of various classic Mustangs ownership, I can still learn something new! The invoice I just got from Marti lists "Steel Guard Rails" as one of the standard items that came with the Grande model equipment on the car. What the heck is that referring to??? I'm guessing that it's just a fancy name for something fairly mundane, but I'd still like to know! (A Google search gave no explanation, just cars listed for sale with that in their description). Thanks -
  13. OK, thanks guys. I thought maybe that was it, but nothing happened when I moved the turn signal stalk, no matter how much I pushed up or down on the steering wheel/column, so I got to wondering if I was going it right. Since the stalk does move toward the dash, I assume that's the correct set-up, it just doesn't release the way it should. Not sure if it's worth fixing, especially since I didn't even know I had it until the Marti report arrived! :whistling: Thanks again for the replies!
  14. So, I just got my Marti report (and invoice), and lo and behold, it lists a tilt steering wheel in the options list (FYI, I have a '71 Grande). I had no idea the car had this option, and not ever having had one on any previous classic Mustang, I have no idea what to look for. I see no levers, buttons, etc., any where. Am I missing something, or should it's workings be pretty obvious and maybe my original column had just been traded out somewhere along the way for a standard column? Inquiring minds want to know! :D
  15. Yeah, pretty much my impression, too. That seems to be the only variety available for our years of Mustangs. Thanks for the link though, BeerDontCount -
  16. Thanks for the tip - California Mustang carries them, they just don't have any pics of one mounted on a car to see how it looks. I'll see if Charlie has any. Thanks!
  17. I used the KYBs also, but the lower pressure gas GR-2 / Excel-G model on my '71 Grande. Rock Auto part numbers 343156 front, and 343219 rear. Was $91 for all four shipped! I've paid WAY more than that for just one shock in the past! I promised myself that I wouldn't ruin the ride quality of another Mustang in the name of good handling, and I couldn't be happier - these shocks give a plush, insulated ride that still has great control (especially over the worn out oil shocks that were on it). This is now the nicest riding vintage Mustang that I've ever owned!
  18. Hello all, Any chance that someone here has done a billet grille on their '71-'73 car? (I know what they look like on the earlier models, thanks) I'd like to dress up the plain-Jane grille on my '71 Grande, and thought that one of these might give it kind of a "custom" look. Unfortunately, I can't even find a picture on a Google search - has anyone here got pics of theirs, maybe?! Thanks -
  19. Very cool. Love poring over the old brochures and ad materials. Is kind of like a time machine - really takes me back to great old memories and the "feeling" of the time when they were new.
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