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  1. Yeah, its my car...kinda bummed, but I have had zero time to be able to get it where it needs to be. Been debating about selling it, but if no one offers what I want, then I probably will keep it and get it fully dialed in. Until then, Im still here!
  2. I noticed the air cleaner too, looks like it was pieced together with some stock pieces from other cars afterwards too...he mentioned that the engine was rebuilt.
  3. Nice, yeah Im keeping my wheel covers....love magnums, just not on the full stocker. Its very similar to the original color that Im going to get mine back to. I agree on the price too, see if it sells quickly.
  4. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5613475854.html Saw this online today and had to give the guy props for not turning it into a Mach...looks like a fun car, not too common...gives me some goals to get my sportsroof to that condition.
  5. At first I was a little bummed I didn't have a Mach, but as I researched more and heard from you guys I love it now. Even the comments I get from passerbys are awesome, a couple have recognized that its not a Mach, in a good way. Plus the original owner definitely knew what he wanted when he ordered it. For the same cost he could've been rocking a Mach...build sheet says it all ::thumb::
  6. Talk to these guys http://jmspeedcenter.com/ they have helped me out a ton in the past. They even came out from behind the service counter and adjusted one of my carbs in the parking lot....good peeps there.
  7. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some pics of it. Im over in Laguna Hills with my 71 Sportsroof...maybe will see you around
  8. Another Mash 1! Ford's ultra-top-secret Mustang line.... The hood might be helpful in the zombie apocalypse!
  9. I'm following this for an answer too...mine is doing the exact same thing..even after full hose and pump replacement...I did the whole bleeding process a couple of times. The dipstick fits nice and snug too....Driving me nuts. Mine does it usually after I turn the engine off.
  10. I think that is just the "Los Angeles Ordering District under Paint or Tire Order # 1495" There is not a specified paint code, but were thinking it is the Ice Blue/Winter Blue color from the 71 torino's
  11. I had a 1970 Torino, same bodystyle. It was fun to turn it from a grandma's car to a mean street machine and not feel bad about tossing the original stuff out(no $$$ loss). And I ended up making a lil profit when done ::thumb:: Heres some pics of what I did to mine.
  12. Awesome, thanks David, I appreciate it. Yeah the fronts shoot up and down like there is no tomorrow. Almost Guillotine fast! The rear-driver is coming up slowly and I have to jiggle it when its coming up for the full roll-up. I want to get it all cleaned/lubed and am trying to do it without breaking anything. I will holla at you if I do break anything though :) May need a repo clip.
  13. I was just checking in to see if you had any luck with that. I need to remove my door panels front and rear and am concerned about breaking something. The power windows work all around on my car and I want to keep it that way ::thumb::
  14. Welcome from SoCal....fun looking cars! Looking forward to seeing what you do on the Grande!
  15. Ha, it does look the season, Halloween ready. Maybe rename the ad "Halloween Mashup1"
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