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  1. The flag definitely adds to the picture, and I do appreciate the work you put into the calendar. I am still very happy with the calendar, and the honor of having my car in it, I was just a little surprised by the picture. Thank you for putting this together!
  2. How were the pictures chosen? The picture of my car that I had submitted at its COTM picture wasn't used. The one that was used isn't too bad, but it is a cell phone pic in my driveway vs. the dslr pic I had taken in a park. I still ordered a few calendars, but I was a little disappointed because I really liked my COTM picture (same as my avatar).
  3. So, I solved the mystery of the crazy advanced "initial" timing. Worn out distributor springs! I was getting ~ 10 degrees of mechanical advance even at idle. I am assuming at some point the initial timing was set around 12° btdc, but as the springs wore out, more and more mechanical advance crept in. I wasn't pinging, because the total advance was still between 38 and 40°. A little high, but not catastrophically so. I assume I didn't have starting problemschool because the starter was not spinning the engine fast enough to get significant mechanical advance, it wasn't until it started run
  4. Consensus seems to be that it is not sacrilege. I'm going to run with this look for a while and see how I like it.
  5. I saw a '71 429 coupe on Mecum's site (Indy 2016) that had my wheels, minus the trim rings. I decided to pull a couple off this evening, to see what it would look like with my color combo. I have to say, I really like it. I would have to respray the wheels, since the trim rings dug into the black paint being them, but that wouldn't be too hard. I am seriously considering running like this for a while. Worst case, I spend 5 minutes and put them back on if I ever feel like it.
  6. Yeah, 5" is nothing. I am surprised it was able to pull in enough fuel to run. Did it have power brakes? Those probably would have been worthless too.
  7. So, I finally got the distributor loosen up. Took a lot of penetrating fluid and a rubber mallet. It turns out that the timing really was very far advanced, 22° btdc or more. I set the timing for between 12 and 13° btdc at 500 rpm, with the vacuum advance disconnected. When idling at 750 rpm, the mechanical advance kicks in a but to bring it to around 15° btdc. I did not have a helper, so I couldn't check what the total timing is. I did check the vacuum. Previously, at idle the car would pull upwards of 22"hg. With the timing set to 12 now, it pulls around 18 at 500 rpm and 20 a
  8. Yup, '78 280z. Restored it with my dad a few years back. http://imgur.com/a/Fhxle
  9. Thanks! I am quite happy with how it turned out. I am glad I went with the medium pile over the original style. The pusher carpet is a nice upgrade. Combine that with the mass back and PO's dynamat style insulation and the interior is a much nicer place to be for extended periods of time than my glass packed Datsun!
  10. I laid the old carpet over the new, and transferred the holes like that. From there, I used a screw driver to find the bolt hole through the hole in the carpet.
  11. I finally installed the carpet that I got from CJ Pony this winter. The carpet that came with the car, which I do not believe was original, was completely worn out. The install was not bad, the hardest part was trimming the carpet to fit under the various trim bits that hold it in place and the placing the holes for the seat and seat belt bolts. To fit the carpet I removed the seats, kick panels, and loosened the quarter panel trim. Removing the rear seat was a bit of a pain, but it seems that is true in all muscle cars. Just have to get that right angle of pressure to get the seat o
  12. Interesting thought. I will have to take a look, after finding some examples of what the normal connections looked like. Unfortunately, I do not remember those days, they were a little before my time.
  13. Looks like there are still a lot of early cars in existence. That is nice to see! I just ordered the Eminger Invoice, along with another window sticker. I place to have the prices from the Eminger invoice hand written on the second window sticker, as the folks at Marti said the dealer would have done. I still can't find too much on the Rental Speedometer Gear. I need to see what else I can dig up on the car's history. I am fairly certain that it was not a rental car, but I could be wrong.
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