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  1. Bah! I bought a new NSS but it doesn't fit. The shifter shaft doesn't have the 2 notches to index the NSS. There's no way I'm going to drop the tranny in order to swap shifter linkages - at least not this year - so no backup lights for me. Now Id like to figure out how the PO bypassed the neutral safety switch. There's no jumper on the harness/plug on the back,of the motor....?
  2. Welcome from Wisconsin!
  3. You're right - no kickdown is present. Are you saying that the kickdown lever will come off the shaft, and a C6 NSS will bolt over the existing shifter lever? That doesn't sound too bad at all! All this time, I thought the entire linkage would need to be removed (i.e. drop the tranny) in order to do this.
  4. Hmmm... So, is it possible for me to leave the linkage as is and add a FMX neutral safety switch?
  5. The car originally had a C6, but it was replaced with a newer? C6. The Neutral Safety has been bypassed. No reverse lights, nothing plugged into the harness behind the motor.
  6. Can anyone identify this C6 shifter linkage? Or the C6 itself? It's definitely not original to my '73. There's no neutral safety switch, and I want one! Will a regular 1973 NSS fit on this thing???
  7. Cool! I have the same radio, but I never tested it. The interior is currently out of my car while I work on all the electrical gremlins. I hope mine works!
  8. I just noticed the passenger's side fresh air vent cable assembly is missing. No cable, knob or mounting bracket. The vent itself is intact. Let me know if you have one you're willing to sell. Thanks, Don
  9. I'd like to replace the top rubber bushings on my front KYB shocks with poly bushings. Like so many of us, when I jack up the car the rubber bushings get crushed. Can anyone clue me in to a source? What size bushings should I get?
  10. I just went through this. The flat, rear carpeted panel is screwed down with 4 screws. They might be hard to find if the carpet has "grown" over the stew heads. Remove those 4 screws and you can take out the rectangle panel to gain access to the tops of the shocks. (They're under oval grommet plugs)
  11. Fellow Cheesehead! Welcome from Union Grove!
  12. Hmm... Didn't even think of trying the hazards! I'll check... (No LED's)
  13. I tried that but no dice. What else can I check? :chin:
  14. I tested the feed wire (the signal/power PRIOR to the sockets) with a voltmeter and found the left to have constant 12v when the the signal stalk is on. However, the right signal feed wire has the pulsating 12V. This happens even when I remove every bulb.
  15. I tested the brake/turn signal wires and got 12v constant on the left and the proper 12v on/off on the right. The problem has to be before the sockets.
  16. The right turn signal works fine, but the left stays on (no blinking). Checked/tested bulbs and ground. Replaced the relay. Could it be the switch?
  17. I'm using a 625cfm Street Demon carb. So far, wonderful drivability, and SUPER-EASY, instant tuning . Maybe there's a little more power to be gained with other carbs, but this thing was inexpensive and - did I mention -EASY! Swapped the carb and had it tuned in less than an hour. I did use an Edelbrock 8725 spacer so the butterflies would fully open. However, I can't speak to long term reliability as I've only had it a short time. http://www.demoncarbs.com/1900.asp
  18. Thank you!!! I need those bumpers as well. Had NO idea where to find them! ?
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