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  1. you could do that if you wanted, you would replace the floor shifter from a FMX with the switch all in one.


    or you can just buy a C6 switch and install it,, you need to pop the nut for the kickdown rod linkage and then it bolts to 2 studs on the outside of the trans case. so it makes contact with the shifter linkage.


    it should work around the linkage you have even if not correct for a mustang.



    actually looking at the photo you have i don't see a proper kickdown linkage either. but the studs are there for the switch.


    a FMX setup would make things easier but would be more expensive.


    You're right - no kickdown is present.


    Are you saying that the kickdown lever will come off the shaft, and a C6 NSS will bolt over the existing shifter lever? That doesn't sound too bad at all! All this time, I thought the entire linkage would need to be removed (i.e. drop the tranny) in order to do this.

  2. if you had an FMX converted to C6 then the neutral safety switch is located in the floor shifter. if it is hooked up then no need for a C6 switch on the trans body.

    does the car start when the trans is in gear?

    do you have reverse lights?

    is the connector for the switch hooked up on the wire harness behind the motor?


    The car originally had a C6, but it was replaced with a newer? C6. The Neutral Safety has been bypassed. No reverse lights, nothing plugged into the harness behind the motor.

  3. Let me run down to the garage this weekend and pull one off for you. Will send a picture also.


    I just noticed the passenger's side fresh air vent cable assembly is missing. No cable, knob or mounting bracket. The vent itself is intact.


    Let me know if you have one you're willing to sell.





    Sweet! Thanks!

  4. Did you try removing the bulbs one at a time on the left side as Midlife mentioned while the turn signal is on? Every time I've seen this it has been a bulb issue.


    I tested the feed wire (the signal/power PRIOR to the sockets) with a voltmeter and found the left to have constant 12v when the the signal stalk is on. However, the right signal feed wire has the pulsating 12V. This happens even when I remove every bulb.

  5. I'm using a 625cfm Street Demon carb. So far, wonderful drivability, and SUPER-EASY, instant tuning . Maybe there's a little more power to be gained with other carbs, but this thing was inexpensive and - did I mention -EASY! Swapped the carb and had it tuned in less than an hour. I did use an Edelbrock 8725 spacer so the butterflies would fully open.


    However, I can't speak to long term reliability as I've only had it a short time.



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