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  1. Do you mean the vacuum tee/lines above the oil pressure sending unit maybe? No. There are some other wires, notably a white/black and a yellow wire into a four pin flat plug? Oh! That's the repro guage harness.
  2. Do you mean the vacuum tee/lines above the oil pressure sending unit maybe?
  3. I feel like a broken record, but here I go again... More mystery wires under the hood by the firewall. Hopefully easy to ID for someone...I hope... #1 from main harness near brake master - weird clip/plug. #2 larger cut wire. #3 back of intake manifold #4 thru center / top of firewall
  4. I bought this repro engine gauge harness for my 351 auto. I think the plug on the far left is oil pressure, and the 2 on the far right are coil+ and water temp. What are the other 4 plugs?? Also have an under dash question: can anyone tell me which wire is the main power source for all the gauges? I need to start troubleshooting there... Thanks in advance, maybe this will be the year I get my car on the road!
  5. Hi Midlife! Thanks for the reply! I mean it's a '73 with a '71 lower valance and grille (including sportslamps and turn signals) - maybe all the sheet metal as well?? This was done prior to me getting the car, so I have very little history. There is currently no wiring for the sportslamps. So... I bought a 71 front wiring harness that may have been to you, as it came with the print out of all the wire colors/connectors. I have an aftermarket carb and no seat belts (yet), so no worries there. Isn't the connector for the voltage regulator on the alternator harness? Not sure about that. Anyway, would I be smarter to splice the sport lamp wiring into my existing harness? Or should I go ahead and use the "new" harness?
  6. Can someone confirm some wiring info for me? My 73 has a 71 front end, so there is no wiring for the fog lights. I bought a complete headlight wiring harness from a 71. I'm assuming it will be plug-n-play. Is that correct?? Or will I need to replace the harness under the dash as well?
  7. If you have iPhoto (Apple), there's a filter called "chrome" that does that. There's probably something similar in most smart phones.
  8. What should I use to clean the headliner? There's some small mold/mildew spots. Overall, the original headliner is in fair condition so I don't want to replace it yet.
  9. That's either a '69 with a '70 front end, or a '70 with '69 quarter panels. Weird, but cool.
  10. Great prices on the wires. PM sent.
  11. I bought a Belltech 9966 front/rear sway bar kit specifically for 71-73 Mustangs. but found the rear bar DOES NOT use the factory mounting points. It requires two holes to be drilled (which I won't do). It's not something I can return, so someone here can get a great deal. It's a really nice kit with heavy duty bars 1.125" front and .75" rear. All hardware and instructions are included. All new. Jegs and Summit sells the kit for $345. I'll sell for $200 plus shipping. No Paypal, but I do have Propay. I can take pics if you need them. PM me -Don
  12. I plan to replace the front and rear shocks next week. Any advice to get at the rear shocks would be appreciated. I've never removed the fold down rear seat before...
  13. Welcome, fellow Cheesehead!
  14. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive online source for a complete 3rd member? I'd like to get a traction lock 3:70-3:89 28 spline. I have a feeling it might be cheaper to buy a new center section than it will to rebuild my open rear.
  15. ...and just like that 3514boltstang has what I need! Thanks again for everything, John!
  16. For some reason, my 73 has an A/C heater control, but the car never had A/C. So, I'm looking for a heater control module for a non A/C car. I see them on eBay, but would prefer to do business here. Send me a PM if you have a nice one to sell. In fact, I'll trade my A/C module for one (but it might be a while before I get a chance to get it out of the car...) Cheers! Don
  17. Terrific price if it's as good as the photos show...correct motor or not!
  18. It looks like a Hot Wheels car I had as a kid!
  19. I've been using Dynabeads in my motorcycle tires for years. They work great!
  20. White with white interior...cool!!
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