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  1. How did you install these into the gauge pod? I've wanted to do this for awhile but don't see how to phisically install them into the pod.Do you have any pics?
  2. I would agree with the acc. pump or a jet change. Deffinately not a vac. leak from what you are describing. You could also do a discharge nozzle change to help fine tune the pump shot but I would wait 'til after you do the acc. pump or jet change. Key is to figure out if the bog is from lack of fuel or too much fuel then change jets or pump accordingly up or down. Is this when you floor the pedal enough for the sec. open? Could also be a sec. spring change.....it's a carb., it could be anything! lol. Sorry, this is how I learned about carbs, chasing stuff. I had the same issue and had to change the pump, jets, and discharge nozzles before it was good. As I said, find out if it's too much gas or not enough first and go from there. Be patient and accute to changes as they will be hard to notice at first.
  3. I'm trying to find some new terminals that go into the speedo cluster plug. Can't seem to find any and I don't know what exactly they are called... Any help is much appreciated!!
  4. Here is the wife and my 2 helpers. Here is the wife and my 2 helpers. And me and the wife at her sister's wedding at Lambeau Field......GO PACKERS!!!!!!
  5. This is the one I just did but with all the stock gauges instead of the aftermarket center gauges. Unfortunately, you have to hack up your cluster plug and wiring...wasn't an issue for me seeing as P/O already beat me to the hacking:D I bought a new PCB, took my time because I'm HORRIBLE at electrical stuff, had to get some help, but in the end it's all working. I do have to get some new terminals that go into cluster plug. Either way, it's a good write up and it DOES work if you take your time, especially when you saw the plug.. Good luck, let me know if I can help in any way.
  6. I'd go with the mach in a heartbeat! Love them with the shaker, but given the choice, the new 5.0's are bada*s!
  7. That is hilarious!! And yes, I also agree that we here in Wisc. DO drink our beer faster than those in the south! Found that out while visiting family a couple years back......sissies, lol. Now also funny is that now it is Miller/COORS brewing comp.!!!!!!! So what does that say? I worked at the brewery for a while doing some masonry work a couple years back so I don't know the process now but I can only hope the Miller is brewed as far away from the Coors as possible......
  8. This is my driveway during the summer, the '73 mach, the '95 cobra, and since we had my father-in-law move in, his '98 gt(kind of hard to see, it's the blue car). We are deffinately a mustang family! Good old red, white, and blue
  9. Don't feel bad, I had my motor in and out a couple of times also, only one time was a killer when I didn't get the tranny fully seated and blew out the pump. That was a costly error........I'll never make that mistake again!
  10. LOVE IT!! I wish both my stangs matched like that....
  11. That's perfect! I actually found out last night after I posted that the regulator I have IS backwards......cheap p.o.s.. I looked at some pics of regulators on the web and the mounting tab where the screw goes through it is on the top of the regulator, instead of the bottom, which is why I was having problems fitting it to the mounting hole. Ordering another one now. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hey guys, I'm still running into problems with trying to wire up the center gauges and speedo cluster. Turns out that the car never had the tach or center gauges so I'm still trying to work through that. My question is does the voltage regulator need to be mounted to the back of the cluster and where? I know you have to snap it into place on the circuit board, but then what? There is a small copper square next to the snaps, but there is no way I can mount it onto that....it's almost like the snaps should be flip flopped. Does it need to mount onto here to make the connection? This is where the pics would help so if you have some pics of the back of the speedo cluster w/tach and some close ups of the regulator mounting, that would be great! Thanks for the help guys! I'm really at my wits end right now...:@
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