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  1. Nice on the refurb option as well as replacement options!! I must admit, I have been struggling to finish some work on the Torino before jumping back into the electrical on the Mustang. Speaking of....here's a quick pic of the Torino. Alex Athens, AL
  2. Thanks! Yes, to the exhaust leaks. The manifolds are not tightened down to the engine and the exhaust pipes are not connected to the manifolds.
  3. Hello all. I am new to not only owning a Mustang, but to owning and taking on a classic projects in general. In this case, I was after a Torino when I came across a package deal of a 1970 Torino GT AND a 1973 Mach I. It was advertised as a 73 Mustang Fastback; but after looking at it, showing some pics to a buddy who loves mustangs and has owned quite a few, and researching the VIN, it turned out to be a Mach I...BONUS! :biggrin: I do not know all of the history. I did acquire a Marti report for kicks. It was originally Medium Copper Metallic with Ginger interior and a 351C. Now it is White with a mostly completed black interior (white stripes in the seat covers) and a 351W. So, it has been through some changes. It is not driveable right now. The previous owner is the one who had some sort of trouble with the 351C, so he took it out and put in a rebuilt 351W he acquired from a local shop. It's current state: Interior is about 75% complete Wiring under the dash is a mess When ignition is turned to Start it shorts. In the Run position, you can jump the starter solenoid to turn the engine over. Center console gauges do not work (see wiring under dash comment...:lollerz:) Had factory AC, but all under hood components were removed. (my wife will want that back here in the Southeast :wink: ). Exhaust not mated to engine. Previous owner had new exhaust put in for the 351C, but after swapping the motor, the exhaust doesn't mate to the 351W yet. I was able to crank the motor when I got it home, but found out the dipstick in it was not the right one and it turned out to have 8 qts of oil in it. Drained that, put 5 back in and noted where on the dipstick that hits. Started messing with the distributor to verify timing...mistake...now it won't start. Yes, I have a lot to learn and figure out. Headers/exhaust manifold is not completely secure. Smoke was coming out of various places when it was cranked. Not sure this motor was ever run by the previous owner, maybe it needs a break in cycle. Though, I am not sure what that entails. Not sure if the smoke is due to needing a break in cycle, having 8 qts of oil in it, or something not right in the rebuilt motor. So all of the above, and I am sure I missed/forgot some things, was just to say I have a lot to learn about this beast and will be scouring the forum for answers and asking questions for those answers I cannot find. :thumb: First time the engine ran...https://youtu.be/FJKWaUwuk7o The video does not show it, but the garage was pretty smoky afterward. Some pics
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