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  1. Actually, I've see this before....your blinker fluid is leaking.
  2. Sure enough that's a 250! Those are tough engines. You can do a lot with those. I had one in my 1970 Mustang. Are you going to keep it? Welcome to the site. Tim
  3. I thought you might scratch it on the way out....good job. Good find!!!
  4. Thank you. I found one here in AZ from a 1972 -73 Cougar worked great. Both seats are in.
  5. I'm looking for the bottom portion of the high back (Mach 1) front seat frame and springs. I had a line a two but the owner have disappeared. Don't necessarily need the tracks nor the padding or upholstery. Thanks Tim
  6. I going to take the $$ hit and convert my '73's rear drums to disc. I looking for a kit that handles the E-Brake without the 'mini-drum' set up. Recommendation? The couple I've looked at seemed to have issues - leaking and installation problems. Thanks in advance. Tim
  7. thank youi!! I looked at the Galaxie's shoe...they do come int 11 x 1.75 but the top ends are the same - too wide. I tried the Fairlane's as well same issue.
  8. I don't know how many on this site are on FB 71-73 Mustang groups, but if you seen this post before I apologize a head of time. I've been struggling with replacing my rear brake shoes. Seems there has been a swap of some kind because the normal 10 in shoes do not fit - they are too small. I've been searching on line and locally for something that would fit and (after measuring everything again and not just "assuming" I found that what I needed was 11 x 1.75 shoes....those were on the 1973 Bronco ( or something similar) 283 brake shoes. I went to install them today and found that the top end was too wide (see pic) to fit under the diamond brake shoe retaining washer. So I'm stuck....I could change the back plate, which isn't hard, but leads me down the axle removal, seal replacement , etc - cause if you've got it apart it's ridiculous not to do all that, especial when there's no telling when those things were serviced last (not since I've had the car). Unless I can find shoes that fit, I'm considering a swap for disc on the rear. What I need is to find a 'smoaking' good deal on a conversion kit - one that can handle the emergency brake functionality. I find the general one on SummitRacing and CJPony and NPD. Any recommendation on either shoes that would fit or a conversion kit? I shouldn't have to swap out the master cylinder, since the fronts are disc. Thanks Tim
  9. Sorry but the books are correct. This will be the third error I've discovered with "original' data that as provided by Ford at the time these cars were produced. Research has updated a lot of what was originally published. Just this past week it was proven that production number for the 1971-1973 Mustangs were printed incorrectly leading to a large discrepancy in how many of each body code was produced. We'll have to agree to disagree. It's hard to image that this forums has more knowledge then the "experts" but that is not impossible.
  10. Your book is wrong. There was NEVER a 351W offered in the 71-73 mustangs. No offense intended but where does that information come from? 1. It's not my book it's produced by Peter C. Sessler. 2. Peter Sessler is a Classic Car and Muscle Car expert with a recognizable name in the field, and has written more than 40 books over the past 22 years. He has also been Editor-in-Chief of MuscleCars magazine and has personally restored a 1968 Shelby GT 350 and two 1969 Boss 429 Mustangs as well as other muscle cars Other books: Mustang Red Book 1964 1/2... 2000 Ford Mustang Red Book (2015) Ford Mustang Red Book 2015 Ford Mustang Red Book: Specifications, Options, Production Numbers, Data Codes and More (2015) Ford Mustang Red Boo... 2015 Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book 1949-74 (1999) Ultimate American V‑8 Engi... 1999 Camaro & Firebird Performance Handbook (1993) Camaro & Firebird Perform... 1993 Tim
  11. Well I don't know any 351W in a 1973, the book could be wrong. 1971 302 and 351W were available for the Ford Mustang (page 162) 1972 302 and 351W were available for the Ford Mustang (page 162) 1973 shows the same Those were the Ford 90-degree V8s 1964-1995 (221, 255, 260, 289, 302 and 351 Windsor For the Cleveland (which I believe is the 335 Series) 351 and 400 that included the Boss 351, Cobra jet 351, 351 HO and the 400 and 351m. (pages 170-171) Of course the Boss was Mustang only, 3 versions of the 351 were available in 1973 including the CJ and both 1971 and 1972 show 3 versions of the 351 for Mustang including the HO and CJ. Look at the engine and run the numbers to be sure. It wouldn't be the first time there were some oddities in reference manuals or real life - or a swap after the fact. My 1973 started out as 302 some where along the road a 1972 351C was plopped under the hood. NOT SAD ABOUT THAT! Tim
  12. According to Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book the 351W and 302 were in teh Mustangs, Torinos, Montego and Cougars. Difference - 351 Windsors use a timing chain cover and the Clevelands' blocks were extended to include the timing chain.
  13. Welcome from Tucson, AZ. I'm originally from Saratoga Springs!! Tim
  14. Welcome from Tucson, AZ (Where we don't need winter cars!! ) >(:^0)
  15. That's crazy!!! Welcome from Tucson, Az. (Originally from NY)
  16. These aren't doors but the principle is the same. Small strips for the door and roller gets the job done.
  17. Welcome from Tucson AZ. Good to see another Mustang - Corvette guy!!!! I am on my second corvette (C6) but I do miss my 1984 C4. I'm also on my 2nd Mustang. First one was a 1970 - restored that and sold it...(dumb a$$) and now I have my 73.
  18. That's a cool story!!!! 39K miles??? WOW!!! Welcome from Tucson, AZ! If you can't tell we like pictures!!!! :welcome2:
  19. That's a beauty!!! Welcome from Tucson, Az!
  20. Welcome from Tucson, AZ!!
  21. Welcome from Tucson, AZ I am a fellow 1973 owner - they are the best of the 71-73 breed. :whistling: You'll find a lot of info here.
  22. timsweet

    New Guy

    Welcome from Tucson, Az. That's a great color. Tim
  23. Welcome from Tucson, Az. Car looks great!!!
  24. I have a set of open wrenches for a ratchet, but the don't fit in to the space. The nut is 3/4 or larger. I may try a pair of needle nose vice grips and then try turning the outer end with vice grips.
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