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  1. That's what I thought too. The chargers work just fine in my other vehicles. Just not the old Mach 1.
  2. My 1971 Mach 1 cigarette lighter works when I push in the lighter. It just wont' charge things like a GPS or phone. Is that normal for our Mustangs? Or, do I need to check some things out. thanks, Bobby
  3. Thanks! Those are great searches. I changed to 1971 and saved. Bobby Thanks thundertc64. I may have to order one and see. I can't believe it is this hard to find this part. Man.:dodgy:
  4. I agree. The problem is that I cannot find a replacement at a part store. All the ones for sale are for C-4/C-5 transmissions. I even called NPD and they said that they do not sell a replacement. O'Reilly and Rock Auto says Motorcraft 1615 would work but that one is for C-6 made after 12/71. It has different connectors. I called various car parts places today to see if anyone had something in stock that I could look at. No-one did. I might take a gamble and see if the motorcraft 1615 would work though. thanks Bobby
  5. Well I guess I fried my neutral safety switch with too much water when I was cleaning the undercarriage at the car wash. I've attempted to let it dry out with no luck. I'm confused on finding a replacement switch. It has a C-6 transmission. Original part number was D0ZZ 7A247-B (SW-920). I called NPD-no luck. O'Reilly and Rock Auto websites say that a motorcraft SW-1615 would work. Other websites say it works with a C-4 only. Has anyone replaced their 1971 C-6 neutral safety switch with a motorcraft or other brand? I could also try and find a NOS. thanks, Bobby ______
  6. Hey Steve, Yes, for about another 10 months or so. I've been there just over two years already. Bobby
  7. Thanks Chuck! I'll give that a try when I get back home. Bobby
  8. Hi John, I'm looking for concours correct. I have a hose there for the time being. thanks, Bobby
  9. Does anyone know if I can buy the housing vent tube as a kit? I've seen them for up to year 1970, but not listed specifically for 1971-1973. thanks, Bobby
  10. Thanks everybody for the comments and welcomes. I've already learned a few things by reading various posts. It's great to have a site dedicated to 71-73 Mustangs. Look forward to the discussions. thanks, Bobby
  11. Hi everyone. I'm currently in Iraq, but hope to get back to my family and the 71 Mach 1 I've been working on. I stumbled across this sight from a post over on vintagemustangs. I hope to learn alot here and help others out when I can. thanks, Bob
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