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  1. Thanks for the comps on the REVERSION Mustang some day I'll do one featuring the 71 73 ish style, the stripe on my 71 429 car was done like that when I bought the car it was an 11 yr old car at the time so paint was probably a little faded so the guy took it to a basic body shop I believe in Wray, Colorado 1979 or 80'ish and that is what he wanted at the time, Oh back in the 80's it was cool! and the chick dug it back then! but it's hard to beat the factory style.
  2. WOW what a great reception guys I happen to join a few other sites over the years, but never seem to get this many nice welcomes! Must be a lot of nice people into these 71 -73 Mustangs! Yes I restore and work on early Mustangs all day long along with many other vintage vehicles, my specialty is severe metal work. Yes the REVERSION Mustang ( "new old Mash up" ) was a major project and it went to the SEMA show in 2011 & 12 where it WOW the crowds. Thanks for noticing, I have a page on the Hubgarage.com under Auto Kraft Nebraska Garage for any of you wishing to see it and many others, some day we'll get time to make a new web site! Thanks again for the warmest of welcomes. Look forward to posting fun stuff from time to time!
  3. Yep in Greeley where "D" block was the Hottest cruse strip in the midwest maybe the country except Wooodward, 4 one way lanes up one block over to 4 one way lanes back into down town! Imagine the line ups of Muscle cars back then at a red light! and then a Catalina 4 dr or galaxie full of chicks! It was the best of times to be a gear head! I found my Mack 1 a few yrs back at Bandimere speedway drag racing still the same car just a little more faded same as I. lol. No i sold the car for 5600.00 to a guy that hounded me all the time for it back in like 1985. google "REVERSION Mustang" to see my latest creation.
  4. Hello I just joined this site since I'm a bit of a Mustang nut! and have been since 1977. At 12 yrs old my brothers & I bought a 66 Mustang coupe for 25 bucks and drug it home with the Farm-All tractor. By time I was a senior in High School 1981 I had had a handful of Mustangs, and now 52 yrs old I have owned and restored over hundred or so classic Mustangs! But I'll never forget my Friday High school driver I bought it for $4,100.00 bucks and it was still like new! Yes it was the coveted 71 Mach 1 429 CJ auto fully loaded light Pewter, Ram Air car! Imagine today seeing a 17 yr old kid driving one of those burning the tires leaving a school parking lot for a few blocks! and then cruising all night long up and down the strip, racing Buick GS's Hemi Challenger's, & 454 chevell's etc! It was true madness with .76 cent gasoline! Poor kids these days all they have is an I-phone! Now a days you can find me at my restoration shop Auto Kraft Body & Paint Inc. training the next generation gear heads to be just as rowdy and talented. Few years back I developed the Roller Hoop rotisserie to help aid in doing restoration work be sure to check it out sometime if your doing serious resto work. Currently we have about 10 restorations in the works and one is a very rusty 72 USA Sprint edition fastback that we are in the process of a full rotisserie restoration on I post pictures now & then. Regards, Doug Kielian Auto Kraft body & paint inc. Lincoln, Nebraska
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