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  1. Hi Don,

       Just wondering where you might suggest I look on this site for the various component color codes I need to detail my 1973 Mach 1? I do not have the build sheet for this car. It has the 351C/C6/2.75 power-train. 

        Should I perform simple searches or look in a particular forum?


    Thank you in advance,  JPW



  2. Thanks again -------wish I had that nice driveshaft of yours ----- mine is eerily pitted .... but with your help, it will be reborn..... JPW
  3. Vert --- Much appreciated ! Can you confirm the colors ---- looks like (front-to-rear) orange/white/red/tan ? Where does your tape measure start? Regards, JPW
  4. I appreciate the information. I'll investigate the shop. Regards, J
  5. The color looks great. Is that the factory medium bright yellow (or a custom yellow)? I live in your area. Can you recommend the body and paint man you used for this car? Thank you...
  6. Hello Colleagues. I would like to detail the drive shaft on my 1973 Mach 1. It came from the factory with the 351C 2V/C6 power-train and a 2.75 rear gear. I do not have the build-sheet for the car. I would like to add the color code stripes to the driveshaft. I have determined the locations of the 4 stripes from the unrusted bands, but cannot make out the colors, however. Does anyone have the colors from their similar car they can share or perhaps direct me to where I may find the proper colors? Much appreciated......
  7. Hello Members, Just wondering if any of you know of the feasibility of retrofitting the OEM 71-73 Mustang power steering gear boxes into the 69-70 Mustang? I am looking to get rid of the loose and leaking system on my 69 Mustang. Thanks! :huh:
  8. Looking for a very good 71-72 passenger fender for light restoration. Must be OEM. No junk or aftermarket items, please. I am in the Detroit area. Thanks! JW
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