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  1. So it looks like the gasket does, indeed, fit around the outside of the lip on the panel. Yep, I might as well face it....gonna be cutting some spot welds. Darn it, I thought I was all done back there for a while.
  2. What is the correct position of the tail light gasket relative to the tail light panel? I looked in my assembly manual and couldn't find anything.....but there were 5 pages dedicated to spare tire arrangements! I replaced the tail light panel and am having difficulty with the lights. The panel has a lip facing inward. It looks like the gasket would go around the outside of that lip and the bright trim on the tail light would nest inside of the lip, with nothing separating the lip from the bright trim. One surface of the gasket would rest on the vertical part of the bright trim, and one side on the vertical part of the panel. Is that correct? The tail light hangers on the upper side of the tail light cutouts are mounted very close to this lip. I looked at my original and there is probably 1/2" of clearance between the lip and the hanger. This is preventing the gasket from sitting against the inside surface of the panel. I wish I had looked at this before I welded in the panel!
  3. I'd be interested if you were shipping, but totally understand the headache!
  4. I'll take a close look at mine this weekend and let you know if I want it. I am pretty sure this portion of mine is fine...all of it was working when I started replacing sheet metal but there are some sockets that have been replaced and a few of those blue wire taps in the mix that I'd like to eliminate.
  5. Did you sneak into my garage and take those out of my car? J/K, but they are nearly identical to what's in my car...right down to the tear on the lower cushion. :) Good luck with the sale! Seems like a very reasonable price.
  6. Thanks Don, I'll check in with Midlife. Mustang Guru, I don't know if there's a difference, I just noted mine's a sportsroof incase there was.
  7. I'm interested in either a repop or very good condition OEM tail light harness. Wasn't there someone on the board that made repops? Thanks, BT
  8. I'm wondering if they used 71/72 fenders and valance with a 73 bumper?
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