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    1972 6 in line white fastback/sportsroof transformed into an orange/grey mach 1, totally rebuilt from 2004-2006 with a 351 C (328HP)


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  1. Hi everyone, I need your help. A friend of ours has found what the dealer praises to be something very special, a Mach1 Sprint 1973 1/2 from Mexico, as it seems one of 600 produced! He does not want to give the VIN (that is already suspect to me) and the car is white with black stripes. I even doubt whether it is a real Mach1, but without VIN... He says it is in a very good shape, no rust, but for not even 20.000 USD it seems too cheap to me if it is that rare. Can someone help us please ? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Jacky and I own my 1972 Sportsroof since May 1994. I first saw it in a shopping mall during a Mustang exhibition, it was for sale. My father thought it would be an idea buying it and after one week of trying to persuade me, I wanted to have it. The car had been for sale for some time as it was a 6 in line. In 2004 came the idea of changing this to a V8. This idea ended in a total rebuilding of the car. From the outside it still looked good, but the chassis... So my husband Theo worked until october 2006 to turn it into a real beauty again, this time not only from the outside. By the way I know Theo because after buying the car I became a member of the Vintage Mustang Club of Luxembourg.
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