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  1. check out my photo bucket http://s1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd421/Mrmach1971/#!cpZZ4QQtppZZ16 lets see if that works better. I guess one of the things that I guess will go quick is the CLUTCH bracket if you want to convert from automatic to standard.
  2. Let me know if you see something that you might want.
  3. not bad, whats up RPM long time no see!!!
  4. im glad you're alright mate and that she is back on the road again!!
  5. Fordication let me know if you find one, I would really like to get my hands n one of those.
  6. I have seen 3 different cars (2 fastbacks and i coupe) and non of them were consistent. So the question remains, why 3 holes???
  7. Hello from TX and welcome to the forum.
  8. try it now. its working and enjoy!!!
  9. Thats good news, I just hope the prices stay up and its not just a period of time.
  10. Nice work. Keep us updated please
  11. Good morning members, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I just wish I had more time to do stuff to my car so i can share it with you all. At least I would like to share a cup of e-coffee 1. CLICK ON THE LINK (COFFEE MACHINE BELOW); 2. PUT THE COIN IN THE VENDING MACHINE; 3. CHOOSE YOUR DRINK; 4. CLICK ON THE CUP WHEN IT IS READY; 5. CLICK ON OPEN ENJOY! Enjoy ...... CLICK HERE: http://www.cartoline.it/pics/_zoom_flash.htm?immagine=scherzi_150404_01.swf
  12. I dont get to do major stuff to my car due to the fact that I work between 65-70 hours per week.
  13. allfordmustangs.com that's before I found this forum and I look at the fordf1 forums every now and then since im not doing anything to my truck just yet.
  14. Good info. I cant wait to get my green machine on the road!!!!
  15. 71-Resurrection, I am willing to take care of that car here for you. Take your time in Cali and come back for her in a few decades lol
  16. That's insane! But @ $0.28 a gallon on gas, I can see why they'd move these car there and risk getting blown up or instant a/c holes rofl Saw some 64 1/2ish style coupes in the Philippines. lol I agree. I see some some really nice cars going out to middle east.
  17. Try ebay, them might have some on there. TheJ I would be interested in finding the ones that were assigned originally to my car. Is that possible?
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