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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! There's so much great information on this site that I have a lot of reading to do. Way cool to see folks from all over the world too! Thanks! Your car was the reason I stumbled onto this site. I started to look up some wheel info and came across your post on larger sized wheels. Very good info and of course your car is fantastic as well. ha! as soon as I saw the pics I KNEW you were going to like the car. I like it too. And I love the story. My Mustang is my second car ever but only because my 73 Mach 1 was taken out by a drunk driver. Hold on to it. You can only have one first car and for it to be a Mustang is just awesome. Thanks for the kind words about this site. They are all true. We love our cars and don't 'judge' other people. (well mostly, sometimes it's just crazy) So sorry to hear about your first car. That's a horrible way to lose your car but at least I'm assuming it did it's job well and protected you in the crash! I will certainly never part with this car. I scrimped and saved to get it as my first car and I have so many great memories working on it with my father. One day I'll pass it onto one of my future kids but it will always be in the family. Thanks! I've only seen 2 other 71-73 mustangs in the area. When I used to frequent car shows and events in college/high school I'd be the only 71-73 around. So to have Hokie brethren with a 73 Mustang in the area is pretty neat! Ha, not Mike - just a look alike! And yes...that garage, ugh. That was where the mustang has sat for the most part over the past 7/8 years. 3 bachelors, too many hobbies and 1 garage! Not much room needless to say. I've since moved out and the new garage is way bigger so plenty of room for the car to breathe and get some work done.
  2. Hi everyone - I'm a new forum member and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Matt and I have a 1972 convertible. I purchased it in the spring of 1998 when I was 16 and it was my first car. I restored and updated it through high school and college and it was my daily driver until 2006 when I needed a more efficient car for commuting. Updates were done as I could afford them so most were piecemeal and just enough to get me by - until I overhauled the entire drivetrain midway through college. My dad and I spent many hours working on it, swapping out engines, drivetrains etc and after I retired it as my daily driver in 2006, it sat mostly unused except for the occasional weekend cruise, etc. Work and life in general put the mustang on the back burner until this year when I moved into a house with some land and a big garage. Adding to that, my father passed away very unexpectedly a few years ago so I am more determined than ever to bring the mustang into it's full potential and glory as a kind of tribute. It's been approximately 10 years since I seriously researched parts and I am blown away by how many more repro parts are available for our cars!! I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention how incredible this forum is. I don't spend a ton of time online but to see the wealth of knowledge and moreso the eagerness to share it amongst members and newcomers is truly inspiring. Even the support for the non conventional restorations or restomods is impressive. Refreshing to see respect for 'to each their own'. A little back ground on the Mustang: Purchased in '98 with rusty quarters and taillight panel with a red interior/various gray colors exterior I had the quarters and tailight panel replaced and the whole car painted. It was a Maaco repair/paint job and for the amount paid (HS kid budget) I really couldn't complain. I replaced trim/chrome/convertible top and interior items as parts/money was available. I swapped in a Jasper 302 (to replace the dying 302 that was in it) and drove it with that motor for 2 years. My 2nd year in college I was running a landscaping business on the side and could afford a new drivetrain. I had a stroked 347 built, swapped in a c4 trans and a 9" rear end with disc brakes (all around). Another swap in my parent's garage....took my dad and me a couple weeks working in the evenings and weekends. The drivetrain is still the same: stroked 347 (dyno'd 400/405) c4 w/ higher stall currie 9" rear end w/ 3.50 gearing for the past 7/8 years it's been sitting in a townhouse garage and then the past year at my friend's house - he did a bunch of minor things to it to get it in great running shape again. So now I'm going to start working on my game plan which will involve a decent amount of bodywork. At the very least I need to address: fender aprons rear wheeltubs near torque boxes lower rear quarters (maaco didn't do a great job rustproofing the repairs) front radiator crossmember on the driver side as is usually the case...i'm sure that list will grow once get into it. I'm looking forward to more welding practice! I added subframe connectors a few years back (Global West) and dual exhaust. Here are a few pictures - really looking forward to learning more on the forum and sharing anything I learn/know in return.
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