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  1. Do you have an idea what shipping cost would be to Missouri? I can look into the shipping to you if you want to PM me with address or zipcode. I went to stock rims and tires for my Boss that is the reason why I am selling these. The guy I bought the stock rims/tires from lived in Michigan and I live in Maryland and to ship the 4 tires and rims was $225 via UPS to give you a little bit of a gauge. Thanks.... Mark
  2. Looking to sell them as a set, unless someone on the forum to would like to purchase just the front ones. Thanks.....
  3. Ray, Thanks.... I sent them via e-mail. Let me know if there are issues with them. Mark
  4. I have 4 Magnum 500s for sale. 2 are 15x8 with 275x60-15 Cooper Cobra radials and 2 are 15x6 with 215x65-15 Cooper Cobra radials. Selling for $900 plus shipping. I can only post one picture. I can send additional pictures. Thanks... Mark[attachment=34723][attachment=34723][attachment=34723]
  5. I was able to pick up an original at Carlisle Ford Show in June for $20. The guy was ingenious. He went to local Ford dealers and picked up their old stock.
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