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  1. Those look tempting, something else to spend my Covid 19 saving on!!. I would think the draw on those would be considerably lees than Halogen bulbs. Without checking, are the plugs the same between 71 and 73? EDIT: Chris, can you either PM me or post the exact name and number for the LED's. Couldn't find them on Amazon.ca (Canada) The Hella's are $116 Cdn here, not too bad.
  2. Hemikiller, that's interesting, thanks. I switched to Halogen seal beams probably 10 years ago and never had any issues with circuit breakers tripping. Now, to be fair, I don't often drive this car at night, I'm usually home from car shows long before darkness sets in. Perhaps not driving with the lights on for extended periods of time has an impact. For now, I'll stay informed, but the old adage applies, If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I appreciate your knowledge and input as always.
  3. Ain't that pertty! Great job, looks awesome with the aluminum colored bracket.
  4. Okay, electrical stuff is not my forte. I need a headlight relay why? I have halogen sealed beam headlights and have never noticed a problem with flickering or anything else. Please enlighten me.
  5. No doubt! Back in 1982, I stored my 72 Mach for 5 years up on 18" specially made jack stands (hopefully to stop mice getting in, but it didn't stop a rat!) with the suspension hanging and no problem with the shock rubbers. I didn't know any difference back then.
  6. You're almost correct, they are pink, gold and white. And yes, on this one the white was opposite, no idea why unless it was in the QC process. I did refinish the springs before I put them back in and sort of duplicated the paint daubs.
  7. Point taken. Maybe it's just me, but I like to see correct (but not necessarily concours) parts where possible in the engine bay. It seem often we are dealing with other peoples "fixes" that are not always appropriate. I had no intention of being offensive.
  8. Mike, I can get one made locally, I just have not bothered....yet. However that info may be of great use to others, so thank for posting that info. (Your date stamp would work for mine as car was built Feb 22 71.)
  9. Question; why so many bits and pieces of hoses and so many friggin gear clamps? I would scrap all the old hoses and replace them using correct tower type heater hose clamps. Here is a pics that might help. I chose to use Autolite stamped "concours" correct hoses. Granted, there may be some differences between my 71 and your 73, but my question is the same.
  10. Washer tube, It will get done. I have a friend with a 1 owner 71 Mach 1 and as I have several pictures of his car, I found one with the hood up. I know this car was repainted and engine pulled and the bay redone, They never connected that hose through the hood. Something for him to fix! Wiper motor, just something to keep in mind. My friend had that stamp made and offered to loan me it, but the date code is wrong for mine, his car is 2 months younger than mine, so no stamp on mine ....yet.
  11. I have a question; why are people messing around with old out of date incandescent bulbs when Hi-Po Parts has LED or SMD bulbs to replace ALL the old bulbs on our cars? The only non LED type I have on my 71 Mach1 are the Halogen headlights. For sure, the sport light bulb is a special one due to grounding. Unfortunately there is no number on the bulb and it doesn't show on my invoice, but Bill will know what it is. https://www.hipoparts.com Phone 1-888-533-4476 NOTE: this is referring to the bulb, not the 71 socket.
  12. I know NPD sell the rubber and I think they have the bracket too. Worth looking on their website. This is from the only NPD catalog I have, 2019, the rubber insulator # I used is 3A609-2. There is also 3A609-1A that is listed for 65-66, but it is split to slip over the hose. The bracket is an assembly and listed for 69-70. You only need the top part of the bracket, so the rest is scrap. Other vendors likely sell this as well, so maybe a few phone calls are in order.
  13. Sorry I couldn't resist chiming in. Dental Floss eh! Actually, that trunk lid must have been changed when the car was repainted and they used what they found. It is not a Mach 1 trunk lid.
  14. Brendan, You know, I think you're right. I never really paid to much attention to that little detail when I stripped the car for a repaint. Soooo, I guess I've got one more little job to do eh! Good eye my friend. Regardless, I'm happy you got yours fixed to your satisfaction. By the way, if and when you get to repaint the wiper motor, can you get a new ink stamp made to reproduce the markings?
  15. As I said, I kind of jumped in on this saga recently, not knowing all the details. I just realized what you have been talking about with the hood trim piece after enlarging the best picture. What ever was he thinking to fill in the gap between the hood and trim piece? I would be fuming too in that case. He ought to at least make that good by removing the filler and repainting the hood and trim. I hope I'm correct on that. Going back to mine, but not wanting to over shadow your issues, my body guy failed to correctly align the fenders center to the body, therefore the hood was also off. It
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