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    1971 Mustang Mach 1, M code, 4 speed.


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I Worked in the Automotive industry for 35+ years building prototype air induction systems for a major supplier. Qualified mold maker, machinist and prototype specialist. Now retired and no time to do anything!!

My Mustang is a 1971 Mach 1, M code, 4 speed with a 3.25:1 (now Traction-Loc) diff. This car was purchased in LA California in 2008 in almost original condition. At that point, it had only been repainted in the original Light Pewter (code V) color and new Mach 1 seat covers. All the body panels are totally rust free.  The only known exception is when I had the car stripped and repainted in 2013, the tail light panel was replaced due to minor damage and a few pin-holes.

New, the car came with drum brakes, manual steering and an AM radio and basic black interior. The Marti Report shows the car to be a 1 of 6 in Light Pewter listing only a 351C 4V engine,  4 speed manual gearbox and AM radio as the only options. 

Upgrades now include, front power 4 piston SSBC disc brakes, Power variable ratio steering, and a Traction-loc differential. Body wise, front and rear spoilers, hood black-out and side "hockey stick" stripes added by the PO have been retained as I feel the Mach 1 should have come from the factory with this package.

The car has been very well received at shows and has won numerous awards over the 11+ years I've owned it.


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