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  1. Hi guys! Just one question before doing a mistake... Engine is 351C 1970 ( stock). i have new ARP bolts for cylinder head. Do i use Ford torque specifications or ARP specifications for reassembly? May be a newbie question but i have a huge doubt.... Thanks for your answer. Régis
  2. Thank you all for the answers! So it's not easy ... i'll take it to a machinist...
  3. Hi guys, I try to remove the rear wheel bearing from the axle shaft...whithout success( even if i heat the bearing). I don't have the specific tool described in the shop manuals...Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Thank you Steve for your answer. So this is to improve stability Under hard acceleration. Nice!
  5. Hi guys, Here is a picture of the rear suspensions. the rear left suspension is mounted behind the rear axle and the rear right suspension is mounted before the rear axle. I know this is correct for other car but never see that on mustang 1973...Is it to improve suspension for racing?? Thank you
  6. Nice !! thank you ! I'm glad this is normal!
  7. Hello guys! My engine is a 351C code D0AEL date 0J8 ( 2 main bolts). Can someone tell me what is the hole near the front end of the engine ? It's the first time i look inside the engine so ... Thank you all! [/url]
  8. When talking about the outer intake bolt, are you talking about that: And the accessory bolt holes is that for example: Sorry for these noob questions but i must not make a mistake. I don't imagine the cost to order an engine in the USA… Thank you again for your help!
  9. Can you tell me what you call the 4 corners of the engine? Where are the 4 attach points? My load leveler is equiped with 4 lift chains so i'm interested to know? Thanks!
  10. Just because I'm curious, any idea of the weight of a 351C?
  11. Nice website you find. Unfortunately not translated in English or french. Very good products as RUSTYCO or OWATROL RUSTOL CIP. Primer Epoxy is not expensive too...
  12. WOW, very impressive. Thank you for sharing this experience.
  13. That's a good question… I will lift the engine only without gearbox , headers and accessories. When seeing the carburetor adapter plate with the 4 small bolts, it's hard to believe i will lift the engine by hanging it at this small piece of metal... :chin: :chin: But I'm not the first and not the last to do that!!
  14. Great information Stanglover, thank you. My hoist is a 2 ton and the front bumper is already removed so no problems... :whistling:
  15. :thankyouyellow: I already have a load leveler and i will buy a carburetor lift plate.
  16. Thank you Midlife! Do you mean lifting the engine by the intake manifold by using the srews of the carb?
  17. Hi, I want to put the engine off the car. So I have a ( noob) question… To attach the engine to the workshop crane, what is the better: should i use straps around the engine or bolts in place of the carb( so 4 bolts)? No headers and no gearbox attached to the engine. I don't find this information with the search function. Thank you!!
  18. Robsweden, 2 pullers or one puller and one pusher?
  19. I have two electric fans: 1 puller and 1 pusher. I Don't know if this is more effective than 2 pullers… I'm thinking about reinstalling a 6 blades fan on the water pump and a fan shroud instead of electric fans...
  20. Great informations!! Thank you. In fact, I remove the" firewall to shock tower braces" to get the engine out of the car.
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