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    72 mustang fastback,{mine} 74 Chevy Nova {girlfriends car}
    2001 Sunfire that is falling apart haha.


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I am a welder in an iron works company.I have been welding for 13 years.I am an avid poker player and listen to metal,punk,classic rock and other music {no hip hop,country,or pop}Me and my girlfriend own 2 dogs.we love to travel go to concerts or just get drunk in our basement or backyard with friends and listen to some tunes.I love drag racing. Never been on the track personally but that will soon change now that i have something worth driving on it .{My daily is a Sunfire haha}.I have been in bands since the age of 16 on and off but Decided to stop playing and spend more time doing car related activities{spending all your weekends and vacations playing shows everywhere for little to no money can only be fun for so long}Still go see lots of concerts .

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