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  1. Being a music nut with over 250+ vinyle records and over 200 cd's this one is impossible for me to reply to. But here are some of them Children of the grave. Black Sabbath Eye for an eye. Sodom Morbid Tales. Celtic frost Subliminal. Suicidal Tendencies Woman. Anti nowhere leaque. Yup meta l and punk haha
  2. Great movie loved and have watched more than once. Wish i could own one but the are insanly priced to get them here. And the ones already here are to pricey also
  3. Glad your ok. And as everyone else seems to be agreeing on anything can be fixed. But at what cost. That choice all comes down to you. Do your shopping around and see if thats what you want.
  4. I already have a broken one haha. Im looming for o.e that is in good shape. I know a lot of people switch to mach grills so im hopi.g someone will have an intact one. And yes its good to be back. I had a huge thread written about why i havnt been here but then pressed the wro.g button on my phone and deleted it hahaha. ill rewrite it soon. Im prettt busy right now.
  5. Hey im looking for a standard grill for a 71/72. I dont need the trim unless it is in good condition thanks
  6. Again I know this is an old post but do you still have the fromt vanance?
  7. haha it was fun. There was a draw for 800$ worth of tires after for those that did Burnouts unfortunately I didn't win. But these are good for a little more haha.
  8. me doing a Burn out at the Gatineau All ford show 2013
  9. i have an aftermarket gauge in it. I'll see how it runs. at 25$ if I have to order another one no big deal.
  10. thanks I ordered the 180 from l flokooler. thanks for the help
  11. thanks guys I already had the list. Just wanted to know where to get one. Because the parts stores here are not to good for old cars. Just wanted to make sure I got the right one.
  12. when I check on summit they name all the engines ford ever made and there are only 3 to choose from. None that say Cleveland specific. I also saw a plate that replaces the bypass plate where the hole is covered. They say that you can use a non Cleveland one after.
  13. I was thinking the same thing haha make a small licence plate and hang it on the wall:P
  14. was not a car craft review subscriber but that reminds me my muscle car review subscription is up haha
  15. don't know where the other thread with videos is when I search for it it comes up empty . but here is my new fave zz top song. and my new fave stones song
  16. yeah I did a google search for 7173 mustangs and as I was scrolling down it it caught my eye right away. I'll definitely enlarge it and frame it.
  17. welcome from Quebec Canada. keep us posted on your progress the more pics and vids the better.::welcome::
  18. haha true. I think I'll be in need of that top hat pretty soon again haha. If this Canadian winter could just end.
  19. I agree. All depends on how bad you want it.
  20. that is rust my friend haha. Good ol Canadian weather but I'm sure there are some salvageable pieces on there.
  21. Found this sweet picture through google I think it would look awesome framed and on a wall. this car is somewhere in Ontario. Just can't remember the city. To far from my place anyhow .
  22. you know what I think would look killer? that paint scheme but with gloss and satin black. With red pin strips.
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