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  1. Yes, wire 297 is resistor wire from ignition switch to C-211 on non tach/guage system. The wire 297 from wiper switch to connector C-307 is not shown as a resistor wire on the 1973_full.pdf, but I think it is. Maybe you could verify that? I can't tell if you have gauges or lights. Ken 71fast
  2. I don't know how much to ship to 77836. I assure you I would ship the least expensive way possible from 99336. I paid $50.00 shipping & handling for Eaton to ship them to me.
  3. I found my fuel line clips were rusted too bad for reuse. You may need them. https://www.cjponyparts.com/brake-and-fuel-line-clip-mustang-1965-1973/p/HW800/?year=1971&msclkid=aa0016a4165811670a96761a940a23c3&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=New Bing Shopping Ads&utm_term=1101201851834&utm_content=All Products
  4. Eaton springs MC-1250-1. New 09/30/2020. 1" lowered coil springs for 1971 mustang. No miles. Installed them and did not lower my light weight car. $20.00 handling fee to box em up + shipping from 99336. Free 10 year old grab a track shocks if you want them too. Probably 400 miles on them. 71fast
  5. On my 71 non fold down there are strips of metal around the top and sides. It would look better if the gap wasn't so wide. Carpet sounds like a good idea.
  6. I think midlife declared this is in the unobtaniam category years ago. I had to install each part separately.
  7. I would like to buy that. Never bought anything from Craigslist before and am worried my shopping experience won't be good. How to pay safely. How do I know he will pack everything nice. Of course shipping is probably added. Any suggestions for me? I only want the gauge pod.
  8. Only need the front plastic housing. Don't need plastic lenses or gauges.
  9. Your 71 is probably wired for the anti diesel solenoid to prevent the run on. This is now a kick up the idle when the air conditioner is on solenoid. I don't remember paying that much for it years ago. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/edl-8059
  10. Which stereo did you buy? I am installing a RetroSound Hermosa today, as many members have done.
  11. This holley looks the best to me. Looks lower in height than any others. https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/fuel_pumps_regulators_and_filters/fuel_pumps/efi_fuel_pumps/in-tank_retro-fit_fuel_module/parts/19-350
  12. Somebody posted this picture of frame supports years ago. No measurements but can see difference in height.
  13. Do the stop lights and tail lights work ok? The stop light is a signal light too.
  14. Thanks for the great video. It gave me the confidence to try it. I bought my non button lens years ago and they did not put the outline on them. I see your trip numbers are falling off like mine. Have you thought about getting new numbers? I see RCC does that. It would be nice if I could buy numbered tape to glue on myself. I have my panel tore apart now and thinking of changing my odometer to 2000 cause that about how many miles are on the engine. Probably a felony. Probably 200000+ on the car.
  15. Maybe wire 81 brown with yellow dot found on 1973_full.pdf page 12. Part of EGR system.
  16. Back in the 70's, U-Haul used to put those connectors on when you rented tow equipment. You could also rent a toe hitch that would attach to the bumper. I have them too. Probably explains why my car had air shocks.
  17. I have used Hagerty for years. $225 per year for $20000 coverage. That includes the required state liability and under insured coverage. Never had a claim. If you let the policy lapse, they get real testy and want new pictures for the renewal process.
  18. That looks like wire 298 purple with orange hash. See location C 68 on the 1972_full.pdf. Depending on your options it could affect power windows, park brake light, heated backlite. The ring connector probably to the fuse accessory post.
  19. Could the yellow wire be the white wire with red stripe that goes to the oil pressure sensor? The red could be red with green stripe to coil. Sometimes the markings get rubbed off. You can still buy that little harness. My idle speed is adjusted with the anti diesel solenoid.
  20. Does anybody have this harness and could verify the wire colors and where the wires go? 1. #369 brn/ora hash to spark delay valve bypass solenoid 2. # 57 bla to spark delay valve bypass solenoid 3. ? 4. #16 red/lt. grn stripe to coil + 5. #39 red/whi stripe to water temperature sensor 6. #4 whi/bla stripe to choke 7. #640 red/yel hash to egr cutout solenoid 8. #81 brn/yel dot to egr cutout solenoid 9. #31 whi/red stripe to oil pressure sensor
  21. To add to confusion, on the 1973_full.pdf, page 12 electrical diagram, I follow the 302 wire through the ambient temp switch and then the 302 iis not shown. I thought maybe an error in the diagram.
  22. Thanks Don Read the article I can't do that If I bought a DUI distributor wouldn't all that stuff be done and I just install it.
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