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  1. Any front bumper brackets still available???
  2. Finally got the TKO-600 in, with the Sanderson shorty headers for my 351C-4V. The first driver side header didn't fit, they had to send me another one. It fits, just barely. Now to finish up, I have to get my drive shaft shorted and exhaust work completed.
  3. I would appreciate it. I have a TKO-600 in my '68. Are you going hydraulic or cable clutch? I'm going with the cable clutch. I got my TKO set up from ModernDriveLine, which doesn't offer a hydraulic. I did look into getting one I just felt I would try the cable. My left leg will be much happier either way.
  4. I have purchased the Sanderson shorty headers for my 73 mustang. I'm trying to get a TKO600 5-speed into. I had to take my hedman long tube off, they wouldnt fit with the new trans configuration. Hopefully, I can get them in my car shortly. I can let you know how they work out. Thanks
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