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  1. Thanks all, i hear ya!! we getting hit with almost record amounts of snow for my area, think we are a inch away from the record, this picture i took while driving out on rupert road not too far away from my place, this was the small section, some drifts about 15 foot tall out there lol BTW im riding in a f250 4x4 with a lift, it made the truck look small out there lol
  2. How has everyone been? chilly one here in ole Benton City Wa, Yakima river froze over by my house, but melting nice and slowly, thought i would check if my account would still log on!! lol shot i took today of the Yakima, hope everyone is still doing great :)
  3. HP vs TQ , a gas engine setup which develops lots of torque would be preferable for a race with lots of tight corners, acceleration, and gear changes, but would not be good for circle track or high speed track with less shifting, an engine with a lot of high-end horse power is more suited to a race on a high-speed ring type track. John Force funny car has 8000 hp, and 7000lb tq, combo of both works well, lets go too the other side. jet engine has no TQ, yet has tons of horse power, has pushed wheeled machines too the fastest speeds in the world "over the speed of sound with no TQ at all"
  4. Ya, i heard they used basic set up for the bigger versions of this K and such, they liked to stick with what worked..lol Speaking of subs, The they told me that old nuke subtower out in Richland is open every wednesday " not sure how many months out of the year thou" I did not know they even opened it up, now sure what is left inside thou, going to have to check it out. They also had some cool RS-1 Alco locomotives on B reactor site , my gramps after Northern Pacific went under, worked on this railroad for a while " till it stopped too" lol
  5. Been a few busy months for me, but i finally got a seat on the B reactor tour, these tours book out within hours of opening day for the whole year. This reactor produced the materal first atom bomb's. My dad said it was still working a bit when he showed up in the late 1960's, but was just about shut down at that point, and still to this day, they have to leave all the water pipes going into the reactor main caps off, just to prove to inspectors that we are not secrectly running water into the old girl and trying to produce. up till the late 1990's it was still checked out by the UN on a regul
  6. Awesome John, sounds like you are having a great time, good thing i didnt drop by the other day, was driving in you're area and thought about stoppin in and seeing how things been going with you're ac and how the car is breaking in ;)
  7. Ya, crazy things happen at car shows, even if you are on gaurd you cannot stop everything. Few years ago, a guy i met at a local party, owned a real restored half track, he took me out on the road with it and across some hills..it was awesome..the guy had a amphibious lander callled a duck, and some jeeps and few 6x6 duce hallers, guy had a awesome set up,, Cool desert nights about 3 years ago, he backed his duck up on a 427 vett..The cost of the damage made him sell that fine half track i drove in, his insurance would not cover the damage. Be well insured at them shows..lol
  8. Looks great!! I am surpized your fan does not blow faster, mine " even know it does not have ac hooked up anymore" blows alot of air, and is good at blowing crap in my face when it first fires up after sitting..lol
  9. Wish i coud have..it was sprung on me at the last min..I was asked late thursday night if i wanted to go " kinda forgot it was coming up" I kept thinkin about the B reactor tours i booked..lol...Plus it was so damn hot, we got there pretty early, and bailed soon as we could..But next round ill give a shout out when i up there...still thinkin about hitting one the NHRA races up there again. oh yess...that car just .oohh lordy ;)..lol I think it was..Work of art too!!
  10. Happens a lot when you have no idea what side the tires where on the car when rotated too , reason why you should only rotate on the same side...The steel belts get use to runing one way and get tight..When rotated on the wrong side of the car they can losen and blow out.. My dad got some nice tires..No dry rott, steel belts, not very old, put them on a 1965 ford truck , by the time we got around a few blocks, they started egging out on the tread and driving rough and 2 of them exploded..lol <~~ i was always worried about this fact from then on, and my mustang i always rotated front to back
  11. Hope everyone has a good one and safe one. So dry around here this year, i hope some people dont get too crazy, already had a few big fires.
  12. Went up to the vintage races at pacific raceways this weekend, had a great time and seen a lot of awesome cars..I will post up some of my fav classics, the mighty GT-40 427 Sideoiler FE and a small block GT-40 and a neater than hell aluminum Porche..It really caught my eye. and so many more. Got to meet and get autograph from Tommy Kendall " Trans am and Nascar driver at one time..Nice guy, he really chatted it up too. If you ever get a chance to go and see the vintages races up at Pacific raceways in Wa, do it!! been to a few of them now and nothing but awesome time. Better than a car sh
  13. I got my old red Q code when i was 18, and i still own the very same one and i'm 41 now. Could never let go of the old beast.
  14. Same here Totalled, I still got alot of my grampa's tools, i come to find out " maybe why i got the train bug a little" my grampa worked for Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Hanford D.O.E railroad..I did not know he worked for UP till i started runing into his old UP tools and such. This old Pick axe i used it around the house to break up dirt and stuff for years and years. i never new till i looked closer that it was a UP pick axe..lol
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