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  1. Welcome back. We're frozen too here in central Europe. :(

    Thanks all, i hear ya!! we getting hit with almost record amounts of snow for my area, think we are a inch away from the record, this picture i took while driving out on rupert road not too far away from my place, this was the small section, some drifts about 15 foot tall out there lol BTW im riding in a f250 4x4 with a lift, it made the truck look small out there lol


  2. How has everyone been? chilly one here in ole Benton City Wa, Yakima river froze over by my house, but melting nice and slowly, thought i would check if my account would still log on!! lol shot i took today of the Yakima, hope everyone is still doing great :)


  3. HP vs TQ , a gas engine setup which develops lots of torque would be preferable for a race with lots of tight corners, acceleration, and gear changes, but would not be good for circle track or high speed track with less shifting, an engine with a lot of high-end horse power is more suited to a race on a high-speed ring type track. John Force funny car has 8000 hp, and 7000lb tq, combo of both works well, lets go too the other side. jet engine has no TQ, yet has tons of horse power, has pushed wheeled machines too the fastest speeds in the world "over the speed of sound with no TQ at all" and does pretty dang good in the quarter mile, would probably do poorly in a cornering type race lol, Steam engines have small HP, yet huge amounts of TQ. all counts the job, i like to have a good mix of both!! ;)


    BTW i seen a old hot rod mag test while back, where they built a BOSS 351 too stock " according to them" and a chevy small block 375 hp stock, the BOSS made 385ish hp with a stock cam and pistons with a 750 holley...chevy made 352ish " quite a bit under the numbers" if i remmeber right with the same carb they used on the BOSS, just about on the advertized numbers. I don't trust the stock HP numbers anymore. They was playing alot of games with the numbers..lol



    I found the page, i was a bit off..lol Boss 351, which produced an amazing 383 hp at 6,100 rpm and 391 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm. Torque production exceeded 375 lb-ft from 3,300 rpm to 4,700 rpm, showing the big ports and valves on the four-barrel Cleveland heads can be made to work in the lower rev ranges


  4. Reminds me of the first nuc sub I was on that was built in 1962. Control panel looks similar.


    Ya, i heard they used basic set up for the bigger versions of this K and such, they liked to stick with what worked..lol


    Speaking of subs, The they told me that old nuke subtower out in Richland is open every wednesday " not sure how many months out of the year thou" I did not know they even opened it up, now sure what is left inside thou, going to have to check it out.

    They also had some cool RS-1 Alco locomotives on B reactor site , my gramps after Northern Pacific went under, worked on this railroad for a while " till it stopped too" lol

  5. Been a few busy months for me, but i finally got a seat on the B reactor tour, these tours book out within hours of opening day for the whole year. This reactor produced the materal first atom bomb's. My dad said it was still working a bit when he showed up in the late 1960's, but was just about shut down at that point, and still to this day, they have to leave all the water pipes going into the reactor main caps off, just to prove to inspectors that we are not secrectly running water into the old girl and trying to produce. up till the late 1990's it was still checked out by the UN on a regular basis.


    The reactor was set up very sensitive with 3 state of the art "at the time" seismograph's, and if it even felt a bump, it would scram the reactor and shut it down. They said a earth quake from over 3 states away made it shut down before.


    They even let me sit at the main control center and get a picture;) and no, i did not touch the controls " just made it look like i was with a hovering hand..lol The big wall that says, bumping may cause scam, each knob was connected to a reactor rod that controlled some of the flow of water into it, just just bumping it could cause it too shut down. If the reactor was going to melt down, it had huge boron rods that would drop into the reactor from all sides, then it would dump boron marbles into it too finish the job, that would kill over 80% of the reaction and contain the melt down, but ruin the reactor for all time. B reactor performed flawlessly and had a great saftey record for the time, yup dirty nasty stuff, but they was doing there best to make sure it would not go into melt down.


    Great tour thou, and it is free if you can book it soon as they open the bookings, they are trying to make it so you can drive out at any time and tour the reactor when ever you want " with out regulations" maybe in a year or 2. got many more pics ill post soon..so much to shoot and see there, i really wanted to take that 1950's tracked robot arm for a drive, got too love the controller!!



  6. Ya, crazy things happen at car shows, even if you are on gaurd you cannot stop everything. Few years ago, a guy i met at a local party, owned a real restored half track, he took me out on the road with it and across some hills..it was awesome..the guy had a amphibious lander callled a duck, and some jeeps and few 6x6 duce hallers, guy had a awesome set up,, Cool desert nights about 3 years ago, he backed his duck up on a 427 vett..The cost of the damage made him sell that fine half track i drove in, his insurance would not cover the damage. Be well insured at them shows..lol

  7. Should have let me know, I had yesterday off.


    Wish i coud have..it was sprung on me at the last min..I was asked late thursday night if i wanted to go " kinda forgot it was coming up" I kept thinkin about the B reactor tours i booked..lol...Plus it was so damn hot, we got there pretty early, and bailed soon as we could..But next round ill give a shout out when i up there...still thinkin about hitting one the NHRA races up there again.

    Awesome photos!! Love that Vette and that GT40 Mk2 in that livery is my dream car. Thanks for sharing :).


    oh yess...that car just .oohh lordy ;)..lol

    That would be neat for sure to see them on the track again.

    Didn't one of the Aluminum Porsche speedsters kill James Dean along with the 1950 Ford coupe that he ran into? The driver of the 50 coupe was not injured Dean died instantly and not much left of the aluminum Porsche. What was left of the car was considered cursed and disappeared.



    I think it was..Work of art too!!

  8. Happens a lot when you have no idea what side the tires where on the car when rotated too , reason why you should only rotate on the same side...The steel belts get use to runing one way and get tight..When rotated on the wrong side of the car they can losen and blow out.. My dad got some nice tires..No dry rott, steel belts, not very old, put them on a 1965 ford truck , by the time we got around a few blocks, they started egging out on the tread and driving rough and 2 of them exploded..lol <~~ i was always worried about this fact from then on, and my mustang i always rotated front to back and back to front..never side to side...I ran the last set of tires for 15 years..lol they toast now thou" lol


    " age too can loosen them like hcode said"

  9. Went up to the vintage races at pacific raceways this weekend, had a great time and seen a lot of awesome cars..I will post up some of my fav classics, the mighty GT-40 427 Sideoiler FE and a small block GT-40 and a neater than hell aluminum Porche..It really caught my eye. and so many more.


    Got to meet and get autograph from Tommy Kendall " Trans am and Nascar driver at one time..Nice guy, he really chatted it up too. If you ever get a chance to go and see the vintages races up at Pacific raceways in Wa, do it!! been to a few of them now and nothing but awesome time. Better than a car show, not only some amazing machines to check out, but most of them hit the track and they halling some arse, i got some footage ill go thru later.

  10. Neat. Something my Dad probably would have liked. He retired from the UP shortly before he was diagnosed. I still have a bunch of UP/CNW stuff of his.


    Same here Totalled, I still got alot of my grampa's tools, i come to find out " maybe why i got the train bug a little" my grampa worked for Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Hanford D.O.E railroad..I did not know he worked for UP till i started runing into his old UP tools and such. This old Pick axe i used it around the house to break up dirt and stuff for years and years. i never new till i looked closer that it was a UP pick axe..lol



  11. Ya.. its pretty bad and deadly this time around for cool desert nights...I will post up some of my early morning pics..not all the cars have shown up at this point..but was nice to be able to get pics with out too many crowding around..lol

  12. Don't blame you at all Jim, being that hot dout many are driving to it " from far away" trailer queens will be all over this year i think..lol ' nothing wrong with a trailer queen" totally understand not wanting to ruin your car for weather or what not. lol



    Wine tours are getting big around here, i know some guys that are part owners in a local winery at the base of Horse heaven hills. Some good stuff to sample around here thou if you like wine ;)

  13. Thank you for posting the videos and how wonderful they survived and 2 are set to run again,


    In NY we has a few streamliners but in NY's infinite wisdom they were of coarse scrapped instead of donated to a museum.


    Ya, and i understand to a point, a lot of money in steel locked up in a old steamer they don't use anymore..But like a old building they tear down, once it is gone, it is gone!! and a shame..Like Northern Pacific, it had the mighty yellowstone locomotives " all scrapped" Even the famous Northern 4-8-4's " run by alot of steam locomotives to this day" Not one of Northern Pacifics 4-8-4's survived the scrapper.


    Picture of one of the massive yellowstone locomotive's below. she was pretty much the size of a big boy, bit older thou.



    One of my favorite engines was the Streamlined Hudson and The Big Boy which I guess was the biggest steamer produced , any train guys on the forum know if either of these still exist?


    The streamlined and probably fastest steamer ever made, the 611 is back on the rail and made UP break out the big guns!!

    611 firing up for the first time this year, and is now halling passangers again


    UP is getting a big boy runing again because of the big excitment in the steam world right now, it should be on the rails in a year or 2 at the lastest, i cannot wait, it will be the biggest on the rails again.


    Now the biggest steam engine made " little known" was called the catipillar loco or the 2-8-8-8-2 "Triplex". was the most powerfull steamer ever built..but due to so many cil's it would eat up the steam before it could get going fast...they used it for pushing big coal trains up a pass, in the end, they tore it apart and turned it into 2 trains...Considering a big boy wheel arangement was 4-8-8-4,,,The triplex was a insaine 2-8-8-8-2..lol


    http://karenparker.net/PMimages/Eerie-9999.jpg you can see the extra drivers behind the locomotive in this pic.lol

    here is the big boy heading home to be restored again, never did i think a big boy would run again on the rails, i'm sure glad i was wrong!! Amazing time for old steam in USA right now.
  15. My first job out of college was working for a fraternity. Our HQ was an old train station. It was a cool place to have your first office





    Awesome old station:)

    Was at the old Pasco round house and old computerized Hump Yard, checking out some modern and old power, neat too see the old Burlington Northerns still working the yards and many more.


    Back when my friend worked there, they still used the round house table, i was told by a BNSF employee that he turns the motors in it once and a while, but it needs to be fixed before it is full service again, i was quite amazing i could still see all the tracks where the steam trains use to park in the round house, I asked them to tell BNSF to rebuild the round house and fill it full fo steamers, He joked and said.." I am on it!! lol







  16. This one has been hashed out alot, i have one of the small bell small original TQ's in mine..I have heard from many people " some experts" it was only 2400 rpm stall, i have read and see all the way up too 3,000 rpm's on cj's ...I know for a fact mine acted like a diffrent animal above 2800ish rpm's..I had no issues with low end power ever in town, i could break the tires loose at will, and Ford had to put some what of a high stall torque convertor, so it would not drop on its face at stop lights, them big 4v heads need some rpm, and good reason for a decently high stall on a 351 cleveland, or the gas will fail too atomize and fall out of the air and turn into big rain drops inside.


    according too Ebay Engine facts, Ford's Small Block C6 - A Gem


    Many 1972 -1974 351C-4V CJ engines were mated to Ford's C6 automatic transmission. Ford used a special high-stall (3000 RPM) torque converter (D20Z-7902-A) and flywheel (D1ZZ-6375-C).


    That is the same little guy i have, but i am not sure on the real rpm's..Everyone has diffrent information, and i have not seen the official ford info on them. My gutt fealing is around 2500 is a good start for 4v heads " some mite disagree" my car was mild built and a little more cam " just a step up cam fomoco kit was installed when i broke into it" original 4300d..i think i was pushing around 280 mark.



  17. I do not think it would affect the collectible car market in a negative way if anything it would bring more interest to it.


    There are already many reproductions in other collecting fields , clocks , toys , guns , etc and the people who want originals will always buy originals and people who want repops will tend to only buy those.




    Thumbs up, just how i feel about it too.


    And when i said star wars before, that was just one of many examples , no matter how nice or better they are, they are still never original, Same with most guns, toys and so on like Machman said.


    Colt repro's very spendy, but the originals can be untouchable at times. If they ever feel the need to repro a 71-73, it will just spark people off too start grabbing up the original's " which kinda will suck for people wanting to keep the hobby cheap" But it wont be cheap forever, our cars are starting to get up there, and supply just gets smaller every year for original shells.

  18. It would be unlikely to really affect anything. It is limited to a few thousand cars a year at most and they have to be faithful replica (in looks but not construction) with an EPA certified and compliant modern drivetrain. Basically the bill is to allow kit car and replica manufacturers sell complete turnkey cars instead of rollers. Very, very few kits or replica parts will interchange with the parts of the originals.


    But if it passes, I'll take one of these please...



    Ohh ya, always had a thing for the stratos " even the cheap kit cars are not cheap"


    Should of heard the uproar in my friends toy biz when hasbro said they was going to release new versions of the old star wars toys, some collectors where outraged and pissed at the idea..And Hasbro got tons of email from pissed off collectors and such.. Hasbro did it anyways, and guess what happend? The older vintage ones tripled in price over night, due to the fact they was original and the others where not ;) Reissue and reproduction will never be original. and will help our original cars be more coveted " i think"

  19. Ya, i been avoiding Hog's n Dog's last few years..But i did get my car rolled in there last few times she was up and runing..lol..They didnt even have a contest for the cars then, it was only for bikes at that time.


    Cool Desert Nights thou, i plan to be there bright and early!! ;) Now that is a cool car show for here..lol

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