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  1. You nailed it for me CZ..lol..I have the most issues with that...Specialy here in WA. Idiots drive in the passing lane going slower alot than the speed limit..I watch cops just ignor it while people are piled up on them..I really wish our cops would crack down on that like in Oregon...In Oregon you will get hit with a ticket real fast for driving in the passing lane for no good reason..lol..I started not driving on the freeway here cause of that..I rather take the old highway and back roads...Cause i noticed how pissed and stressed i would get by the idiot drivers "plus if they hit me i rather it be 50mph instead of 70" I use to say we got the worst drivers in the world in my area "as a joke" My brother is a truck driver and goes coast to coast and logged over 3 million miles..He said you are not far off..the worst ones he runs into is right here in good ol Washington state..lol..But i know, idiots on the roads are everywere ;)
  2. True..But cost, and i don't know many who can do everything alone....If some one throws a bunch of money and restore a car perfict by some of the best pro's around the area, then sells for a big loss cause the price is not high on market, that can be a real deal for some one. I understand wanting to go threw your motor and running gear top to bottom..But i don't know many people who complete a car to show standards and do everything...and i mean everything.."electrical. body. paint. mechanical. welding. and so on " Plus all the machines and enough power in your shop to run 3 phase machines...Like a Line honer and such so you can do your own blocks..Let alone decking and all that..At some point i got to out source some of my work..Cause i do not have a pro paint booth..I am not wired for 3 phase machines. a car restored the right way can save some one alot of money..And of cource there is the other way around and you could get a lemon with half arse work.
  3. Cool..Thanks for the info Don..I was about to ask the same soon..I got one drip molding that needs to be replaced.
  4. It looks like the old 8 track out of my dads old 1970's ford truck ;) http://www.fordmuscleforums.com/TEX/8Track/2_8Track.jpg here is a picture i found of the same one as yours i think...Guy does not state what ford it come out of..But he was sticking it in a 1979 ranchero..could be a late 70's 8 track.
  5. Awesome man..I'm more of a football fan, But i loved playing baseball and i would not even hesitate if i was offered the same deal as you!! And i would be nervous too..lol did you throw an illegal knuckle ball? ;)
  6. Interesting...Now ill have to check mine Jeff..lol...Being our cars are so close on dates...Just goes to show on decoding these cars..Ford sometimes just grabbed old stock or whatever they needed to get the car out the door.
  7. Jim...I ran original stock set up with crossover and original valley splash pan, original carb for 10 years and stock air breather with heat exchange,,..and she was always cold blooded for me on my 4v with open chambers...I switched to edelbrock top end and matching carb with no more vally pan and no cross over...she acted just the same...Like totalled said..i would have to hold her about 2000 rpm till she warmed up a little or she would load up..I ran stock original top and..and aftermarket..10 years with both diff set ups....I could not tell any diffrence between them on start up...She would allways start right up..Just load up fast if she was cold.
  8. Thanks for watching...Was great to see them in action.
  9. Same with my open 4v heads Jim...She was always a cold blooded one...I could not even put my car into gear till the temp hit past 150-160ish.."no matter the temp outside" Or it would fall on its face and die.lol..After that she run like a champ, was always like that the 20 plus years of driving her. Nature of the 4v head..She needs to warm up ;)
  10. Some of my vid footage from the race...Caught a couple cars leaving the track..Wish i could of stayed the weekend...Cam am cars where popping off on sat..Some awesome runing mustangs thou too..And of course some killer GT40's :)
  11. Ya..im hooked....I been to alot of drag races there..But this is the first nostalgic races i been too up at Pacific..Was like a car show, Then you get to watch them go out and race like hell.."instead of them just putting around the parking lot" ..Going next year for atleast the weekend..lol There was a roll over..guy was ok..I caught on camera a few cars leaving the road, they was not playing around. I'll go threw the video soon.
  12. Thanks everyone... Some of the many mustangs i seen up there..Heck even the parking lot was littered with shelby's ;) Cool one of a kind Morris racing truck too there. Too bad i could not stayed longer...Ferrari showed up and a bunch of can am cars that where still in trailers..3 day event...My cousin is still up there..But i had to be back and fire watch around the house for the 4th...So could not stay the full weekend of racing. Last few pics i got to stand in the middle of the race track while the shut down was on...and snap a pick of the quarter mile strip...I watched so many legends pass where i was standing at 200-300 mph...And a snapshot of the pretty drive home.
  13. Got his autograph..woot:) And here is a picture of Parnelli's Boss Mustang back in the day
  14. Had a awesome time at Pacific Raceways ...So many awesome cars...Got too meet a mustang driving legend, Parnelli Jones!! Got some video i need to go threw later ill post up.
  15. I use to deliver Napa's oil to them threw NW auto.."and auto parts" For all napa store in my area....Yup usually next day delivery if you order it threw Napa and they dont have any local in hand...We would get the order that night and bring the oil in the morning from our warehouse.
  16. Lmao!! Well no..i just said that would be the perfict gift ;) So just incase some one could not afford the GT..lol Ya that is one car i think i mite live in...Think i need to sell my house ;) hehe..jk
  17. Well when Christmas rolls around folks..And if you are thinking about the perfict gift to give me...Well it would be that gulf colored GT;) So keep that in mind!! hehe Awesome machines..Just a few of the cool cars at the show last weekend.
  18. :huh: All this ,did not realize it was a GM. As the eleventh commandment (see below, the misprint of the ninth commandment on this church window pane) 'thou shalt not be stupid' ha! Lmao...It's ok..My cousin thought it was a dodge for some reason. Think im going to look for this movie on dvd "if i can find it"
  19. They sure did!! We lost alot of great racers at this time..On land and sea..I was more than honored to be able to take pics and even touch a peice of history like that.
  20. Old ford cosworth f1 engine. Below Indy car driver Jimmy Clark in action during the 1967 Rex Mays 300 at Riverside Raceway. They sure do..They really drove fast insane death traps that is for sure..Testing the boundries of design at the time..and happy to share:)
  21. James "Jim" (or "Jimmy Clark, Jr OBE (4 March 1936 – 7 April 1968) was a British Formula One racing driver from Scotland, who won two World Championships, in 1963 and 1965...This is the one of the last race cars he drove before his death in 1968..Jimmy's car went off the track at over 150 mph..Clark's great friend and rival Jackie Stewart remembering a string of races in which he finished second to Clark, says: "We became known as Batman and Robin. And there was no doubt who was Batman and who was Robin." Jimmy was a demi-God," says Jean-Pierre Beltoise. "He was the best driver among us at that time." Was cool to see such a peice of racing history at our local show...R.I.P Jimmy
  22. Slots!! But im a bit bias ;)
  23. Ran into this cool peice of history at a local car show...This was the ambulance Bill Cosby drove in Mother,Jugs and speed...After filming of the movie the ambulance was sold to a local town called Prosser and used for the yakima valley for years...They had to tear out the movie stuff..Like the front grill...The AC would not work with that custom front grill for some reason and they had to put it back to make it legal and compliant for real hospital work...They even had to install a few diff vents in the back..But for the most part still original. I did not even know when seeing this ambulance pass when i was a kid that it was the real one from the moive...i just thought it looked alot like it..lol..But i talked to the owner and he confirmed everything..It was his ambulance he drove as a EMT back in the 70's..And told us about its famous past!! No one at the show really had a idea what they was looking at...Cool peice of history "for those who remmeber that movie" Glad i took the time to come over and ask him about it..I thought it was just a recreation of it..lol...He was nice enough to open it all up for me and even let me sit on the back. On the bottom. how it use to look in the movie.
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