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  1. http://www.centuryperformance.com/tuning-with-a-vacuum-gauge-spg-148.html you should check out this site..its full of killer vacuum info..specialy on what your needle is doing...and gives you a good idea of what is really going on in your motor...look at the bottom of the page..it shows what is going on with needle and what it should be..and not..lol
  2. nope...its sitting behind the garage..with 2 trees blocking it in.. lmao..we had to cutt them down..cause some one built a fence along the spot were it was pulled in years ago....but its allmost ready to be pulled out of its crypt!! ...going to try and get it out this week...its been so damn hot thou.
  3. Sure is nice to hear it run..what a nice car man....think we all done that one before.lol
  4. Don you know better this is the most fun you could have on lugs. OPINIONS :dodgy: OPINIONS :s OPINIONS:P lmao...so true..opinons.....i was reading were alot of racers like the mustang 2 better than the fox body..saying it was a stonger body over all than the fox...which makes sence..for a little car they were quite heavy...but i do like every year of stang..i wouldnt turn down a nice 5.0 for cheap either:)
  5. Ya..vacuum gage will tell you alot you cant figure out....mine was runing a bit rough...old carb i figured was shot and thought it was time for some points...still had the dual point on it....well put new points....new manifold....new carb...and it still ran the same....my cousin checked it with a vacuum gage to tune the carb in..and it was in the red zone on vacuum!! we couldnt get it right..meaning a big leak...or...loss of compression...sucks for me..but it was loss compression..rounded out cam.
  6. mad max? looks like it should be in that old 80's movie the wraith with charlie sheen instead..lol
  7. thats cool..allways like the drive inn.. ...they shut are drive in down too back in the 80's and 90's :(....we had 2 of them.....but!!!...a few not far from me still open... and some one got a big peice of land here and is making a water park with a drive in...i sure hope they finish the drive inn part..lol
  8. oohh yes...i think every mustang should have a marti report if they can....deluxe is about 50 bucks...and if you pay a little extra you can get the sheet from the elite for a break down of how many of your car was made.....with out paying the elite price.....but dont get just the 19 dollar report if you can...it wil just lead you too wanting more...most of what is in the 19 dollar report you can figure out your self...but the deluxe and elite have information that only marti and ford know about your car...and i hope you post it!! ..like seeing what comes out of marti reports.
  9. That sucks man....dogs really do become part of the family....only time will heal one thing about a dog..they allways love you...they dont care what you look like that day...or if your in a crappy mood...they really are special animals....lost my saint bernard few years back..he got arthirist so bad..and couldnt stand anymore...it broke my heart to have them put him under..makes me all sad just thinking about it....we are blessed to have them in are lives.
  10. ya...dont think the clock in mine works either..hell not sure if it even is hooked up...but i wouldnt mind knowing what clock is best to replace it with my self..lol...im sure the quartz is best...but im a bit of a purest..and wouldnt probably try to get it as original as possible..lol
  11. Welcome from Washington state!! and heck yes there still plenty of 71-73's to be had at a good decent price...wont be forever..but for now there still affordable...my first car was a 351c 4v red head i got in highschool...i still own it...glad i hung on to it..life sure has a way of taking your fav car away sometimes...good thing is..allways a chance of getting same one or better one back..lol.....if you like these rides..this is defenatly the forum too be..some good folks..with some great info!!
  12. ya..dont get the air gap unless your pushing some serious hp.....the stock preformer is good up too 450 hp or more....its cheaper...plus the air gap requires atleast a 750 carb and up too a 800 cfm too work right...and the heads to match....without the right combo...you will destroy the motor..i seen alot of people put the wrong manifold on almost stock motors..and complain of the lack of power....well its cause there runing a single plain or high preformance dual plain on a allmost stock motor...with a carb that is too small...it cant breath like that...like taping your mouth shut and putting a pin hole in the tape to breath threw..hehe...if you wanna step up into..heads..carb..pistons...then get the airgap...but only if you plan for over 450 horse power.
  13. I was waiting for Damian to chime in, but I got his back...ask him about the I6 that came stock in his Mustang. oohh yes..talked to him about that on a thread before...think his marti report...cool option..a strait 6 in are years of stangs..lol...this 74 thou..only one with out a v8 option...and first year for a 4 cil and a v6..lol...think first year they went too liters too isnt it? i think i may pick this car up...lookin at it today...its all black with mach 1 down low on the fender..thing has a big holley 4 barrel.....has headers...and a offenhouser 4 barrel intake on the little 2.8 v6...i never seen one..i guess there a bit rare.....they still make them..but there in the 500 dollar range....it even has a fuel regulator and electric fuel pump...staggered shocks and big sway bars...racing rims..4 speed..i didnt have my cell phone with me to snap a pic..but ill pop up there and do so before i pick it up..we was checking it for bee's..hehe...its been parked behind my dads shop for a long time...guy who owned it..drove it back to the spot its in..ran good at the time...and he died few years later. his wife gifted it too my dad..which my dad is not going to let me have it for free...but ill get it for a steal anyways
  14. Got a set of them waiting to be put on my block too....best bang for the buck!!:)
  15. would like to make it like that one..850 hp:) hehe.but more look like that..i think they look cool with the cobra package..lol
  16. understandable.....i had a chance to buy a 73 mustang coupe...it was medium brown metallic with a white top....poor thing...i think the color made me want it less...lol
  17. Well i been offered a deal i cant refused on a 74 mustang mach 1 with a v6..only year a mustang didnt come with a v8..lol...some one raced it out and parked it for a long time...Dumped tons of cash into the motor ..Has a big holley carb on it...Headers...And high rise manifold i think....Fold down rear seats and its a hatch back and a decent interior..door pannels and seals look like new....body in good shape besides a tree put a dent in the bottom of the door...has a tack...and aluminum racing wheels...Allways wanted one for a daily driver for some reason....now i got it!!... thinkin about putting the window louvers on it and making a some what phoney cobra out of it...some one allready cutt the hood for the big carb and highrise...just scoop it im thinking....this one still says mach 1 down by the fender too..its so cute..lol...i guess that would be kinda cool..sence i got a 73 mach 1..have the transition year would be kinda neat..ill try to snap some picks of the poor girl..i hope it fires up still...it drove and ran good into the place its sitting now 8 years ago....of cource going to emty the gas and such before i even think about it.....but i got it soo cheap..i cant loose.
  18. Ooooooo the Edsel...known as the buick sucking a lemon...sure does look like that too from the front..lol...nice cars thou.
  19. amazing diffence..thats one pretty red head you got there..lol
  20. welcome from washington state!!...nice looking yellow convert you have there
  21. his just started knocking for no reason...he didnt see a loss of oil pressure..but like you..it was waaaay to high at first....he didnt even corner his hard..just didnt have anough oil for the high preformance pump...he got the big pan..fixed the bearings...and it was fine then...but not allways the case..but usualy bearings going out is bad oil..driving it while motor still cold...or no oil..lol ooohh ps..one othere thing is could be!! some one could of broke something off in your crank oil holes..put any oil restrictors in there? i know of a case where a machine shop did that to a freind...and it messed his whole motor up...they broke a tap off in the oiling hole and cutt off oil too the rest of the bearings...could be it..it would give you very high oil pressure..and run fine till it starved the bearings from getting oil were its clogged on...so..some bearings would be fine..while otheres..destroyed...i would check that cranks oiling holes.
  22. yup..you need the big pan i bet...my cousin has a built trans am..pushing about 500hp...his first motor started knocking cause of the same thing...ate up the bottom end..specialy if you corner hard ....like hemi says up there all the oil will go to one side and the pump will go dry!!....he had to buy a nice big racing pan with baffles.
  23. nice lookin car!! agreed on the wheels sir...you defenatly got to ditch them..lol...magnums allways look great on them....only 2 types of rims i like to see on a these years of stang...slotted mags alot like the originals or magnums...the way to go for me atleast...lol...i still got original slotted aluminum rims on mine...but if i didnt..i would think about putting magnums on it..lol
  24. nice...that will be one peppy 302!!
  25. nope..thats on the money....just about..average cost of gas in 1971 was 36 cent a gallon and sence your in hawaii i put it up a few cents more than average..lol ;) In 1971, the US national average for a gallon of regular gasoline was 36 cents - <~~ is what wiki says about the gas prices in 1971
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