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  1. I've heard that one before, but I hear comments like "it's the James Bond car" the most. I use to collect anything that had to do with this car and I couldn't believe the amount of toys and memorabilia they've made in this body style and not to mention all the movies these cars have been in. Truely an iconic car! there is a some what classic lookin pic i made with paint shop..if i had more time today..i would put in all the right gas prices..but i got one in there..lol...and a bit better work..i kinda rushed this one..lol
  2. Big bodied as in "Fat Pig" Lee Iacocca once called it, Clydsdale and lots of other bad names. Well, I honestly think it's the "Mean Girl" syndrome. The prettiest girl (our year cars) with the biggest and well proportioned parts :D and not to mention, the European influences, much like the Pantera, shows up and the lil girlie gang gets threatened and start to put her down. I too parked next to a 2000ish year stang and it didn't look all that big after all. And, even today you'll find these A-Holes putting our cars down LOL! A Mustang club here locally has members posting on their website putting our cars down saying it's big and ugly. Don't get it! Oh well, keep on building and represent them well is all we can do.
  3. aussie heads are nice...so are any 4v cj head..better move up too a 750cfm carb and a decent lift cam if you move up too heads like these..or its kinda a waste ..you can get a set of 4v heads closed and open for a good decent price still...and will flow way more that you will ever need on the street or track....and dont be afraid of open chambered heads now days...they do breath a bit little better than closed chambered..but not as much compression..and like the new gas a little better over all...unless you plan to run pure race fuel and want high compression..which you can get out of open chambered now days anyways with all the high domed pistons....a 4v open or closed chamberd cleveland head can flow up too 800 horse power or more if tricked out .....im putting just a 525 lift cam..750 holley...stock 4v heads with shims..hooker headers...and according to jegs..ill be getting around 425 too 450hp...i had to dump my new 600 elderbrock thou...it couldnt handle it even all jetted out..lol
  4. i like how the spot check letter font is alot like something off space 1999 or buck rodgers..lol
  5. I used to live a few miles from the Oly factory and took a few tours. I highly recommend doing a tour, it's awesome!! i heard it was a great tour..and some good on site prices too..got a few freinds who went to it..been thinkin about going up and seeing if they can talk me into another ar15..lol
  6. yup..dont think i ever seen one on any of the stangs we owned...very cool
  7. aww full auto m16's huh? i do miss my old colt ar15.....been thinkin about picking up a sp1 style...the old vietnam special!!...my cousin got a cheap one from olyimpic arms up here in washington...and i love the thing to death...lol....got a thing for old battle rifles i think...lol
  8. Thats a neat converstion...and what a great hobby or job!!!..i added your site to my favs..ill go check it out...been shooting all my life...same with all my freinds...so we get a wide range of guns atleast.. 22's up too 58' usualy...anything from bb guns up too cannons..lol..think there all fun:) my latest video...starts off with m1 carbine paratrooper model and m4 carbine..groovy sound track too man..hehe
  9. oohh skeet shootin...i havent done that in a while...tons of fun thou!!..make me wanna knock the dust off my shot gun...lol.....and compound bows now days are so nice...i used to have a old bear compound bow...what a turd it was compaired too the new ones...had a 80 pound draw..and felt like you was tring to pull back 120..lol..and when you let loose..made a more noise than a harp..lol...i shot a real nice new martin..same 80 pound draw...it was like butter..lol and nice pistol grouping there!! and the proper white target!!<~~got in a argument over targets with a freind last month who kept buying them black targets that turn bright green when you hit them....i told him...what good is a black target? when your sites are black mostly..and rear horns are too..you really cant see if your pointing at the bullseye or not....and he said..mmm ...i think your right..lol oohh down in missouri.. getting hot and humid down there this year? my family is originaly from popular bluff.mo and bulter county area..been down there a quite a few times...hot and muggy during the summer though..thats for sure..lol...when freinds come with me down there..i got to warn them..dont sit in the grass!! no matter how confy it looks! the chiggers and ticks will be on you..lol.cause up here..people just lay and roll in the grass with out much fear..lol
  10. sweet... i got a m1 garand too...1943 issue...in great shape still has original gi green coatings...original barrel...would take a hell of a price to get it out of my hands ...one of my fav rifles..bayonets sure are getting spendy for them..going to put it on video next ..hehe got one im putting together right now with my little m1 carbine paratrooper model..fun little gun..lol
  11. I am seriously jealous of you guys. Out here in Kalifornia people get upset if you even mention the word "gun". Forget wearing my NRA jacket to work. And the fact I am a Republican only compounds the problem. Have found one thing to be true though; people that drive Corvettes and BMW's wear a lot of gold jewelry, while people that drive Mustangs..... you guessed right. mike ya..cali bad like that....and great qoute!! lmao oohh yes..we pulled the old 357 switch-a-roo too..lol..bad when its a 3 inch shorty too and they dont expect it..lol kids with recoil is funny stuff..lol..we let my little 12 year old cousin shoot a 45/70 with 500 grain bullets..trapdoor carbine..lol.. he wanted to shoot it cause it looked short....well..he learned real fast the size of the gun can be deceiving....look at the bullet first!! lol
  12. nice vid man..some great guns too...allways thought about getting a browning belt fed...what a machine they are!! and yes about bringing a cam..lol..we allways do some big shoot off's and forget to bring a cam...well..not anymore...im taking it from now on....we usualy go to the range and a few places with a ton of folks and guns..and blow up some stuff..but never film it..lol...and we allways pick up are trash..and usualy a bunch of others trash too..hate when people junk and ruin a good shooting hole..lol
  13. lmao...tom green cracked me up back then....he really pushed the limits..lol
  14. Hey all....any of you go out shooting much? my bud wanted to put a few of my guns on film...i did..but i told him i had to edit it...so i stuck a little music too some of them...watcha all think? first time i ever tried to edit clips and add text..lol..too bad it was so windy..just a cheap cam he had..but..dont wanna use a spendy one...and during the one shot..im glad we didnt!!..lol..think my second one is best thou...see if you can spot me in the field...called find the ghillie man..lol
  15. lmao!! some good vids!! this one allways made me laugh...running a bit rich he says..lol
  16. don65 seems too be the man when it comes too buck tags..he nailed mine on the head
  17. they look good in just about any color....but i got to say....i like the red heads..hehe
  18. does the vin number on your title match the buck tag or the dash plate? i hope it was just a simple dash replacement with out removing the old vin..but...that is very odd man..i hope the best..its a pretty car..looks lot like my red 73 mach.
  19. mine came with dual point..and so did the old blue one we had...both were auto's and original numbers matching 351 cj....i put the old dual point in a box and got a hei for it...i just got tired of adjusting them things..lol..but it did work good.
  20. hello jan!! welcome from washington state....you will get alot of good info here from folks about old mustangs and more... and looks like there allready on it..lol.....i got a freind who live in holland...i was suprized how sandy it was there...i guess i just didnt expect that..hehe
  21. i like it!! been thinkin about drawing a mach 1 for some reason my self..lol
  22. like alot of folks on here...my red 1973 mach 1 is the first car i ever owned...got it out of highschool....but like some..i couldnt afford too drive it everyday..lol..so i drove around a old escort wagon ..hehe..and still got that thing too!! runs like a champ..gots about 280,000 on it..lol..i thought it would self destruct along time ago..lol.. but im finaly rolling it out too sell it...dont need it and more ..got a little ford ranger and a old 63 gmc truck with a big block v6..and still kicking around picking up this 1965 spring special econoline truck from my dad.....has a big crome strip down the side like a falcon futura..crome bumpers and such..cute little thing..lol
  23. thanks all....great decoding!!...kinda odd.says black interior...even know it was white on the matri report..and the seats were white..some one painted them with vinyl paint..but you can still see the white...lol...btw decode a seat tag? hehe..i noticed when the back of mine off..it had this tag back there...but didnt get a good pic of it..came out bad..here it is anyways.lol
  24. that is one killer artical...loved it!!.... but i wish they would of talked about the banning of the 351 cleveland....i read.... It dominated NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing -motor was effectively banned from NASCAR for the sin of breathing "too well." <~~ got to love that..motor was just too good..and other car compaines cried about it..lol
  25. wow amazing stories all...read them all! reason i got my mustang...all started from my dad..he got a shelby gt350 with the roll bar and 5 point seat belts right out of high school....he sold it while i was in dipers...but..he was a car nut...he would drag in any car from model t's too hearses....and many mach 1's.....kids would wait at school just too see what odd car i would be dropped off in...lol..every week..i was showing up in some thing odd....i remmeber my dad had a mach one..painted like a flag kinda..stars n stripes...got pulled over going threw town while i was in it for speeding..hehe.....well finaly when i was about 13 he picked up a 1973 blue mach 1 4v...i was struck!! too me....was the most amazing car he owned...it got more compliments at the store than anything we ever drove....people chased us around asking if he wanted to sell it..lol...well some one offered him so much..he took it..i was devistated!! and he knew it...cause for once..i thought it would maybe be my car some day.....well i was about to turn 18 and get out of high school he picked up this beautiful red mach 1...too me..was perfict...not the blue one we use to own....but i quickly fell in love with it just as fast....he let me drive it around a few times...and finaly..a storm blew..and a big camper fell on the fender and messed it up a bit.....he told me..i will sell you that car for 1500 bucks!! i said sold!! ..he even tried to buy it back..and his freinds have tried to buy it from me...and i wont let go of it for nothing..means alot too me...and hope too pick up another.. give me 1971-73 stangs or give me death!!! {grins}
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