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  1. thanks chuck.. thats pretty close..just from seeing the buck tag..right on the money..has everything you said up there....the adx and then white is odd..lol...i figured maybe its talking about the white interior it was orderd white...but wonder why it says adx then white?...maybe korinithian knit is that its talking about..adx....ooohh i think it maybe talking about the white top vinyl it was ordered with?...wonder what EC means too....thanks again!! ohh is that what it means? it does have a black trim package on it too....and i think it does have dual sport mirrors.
  2. and please anyone..feel free too post pics of there trunks if you got them..would like to see what normal hinges look like and trunk.
  3. tilt steering is what really makes it special...the tires just made it one of one..lol..my car was orderd with same tires..but didnt factor into my break down at all..lol
  4. naw..not hung up on it at all.lol..we was just talking today while i was tring to get pics of it..and my cousin kept saying..remmeber when he pulled out and the alarm went off?..lol..the original one im talking about...i dont like the new one{rolls eyes} nothing worse than modern car movies anymore..lol..all the cgi..and wet roads!! lol the roads allways wet now days on sunny hot day hehe cause its easy to get the car to slide with out much power..lol those terminals you see..have metal on the ends..that touch those bars that go across..lol..i thought at first i was seeing some kinda rear window defroster......no speakers in back..nor has there been....no holes or anything....no spots for wires...and some one took great care to make sure and not destroy the dash to put a nice stock looking sony tape deck in it...1990ish model...that fits perfict in the original hole...has nobs like the original still......still has original stock speakers..sounds like hell..lol and mite be a demo unit...what is weird...the car was orderd late as stock..on the marti report..a memeber on here notice...usualy means was ordered as a car to show off the new products for there lot..like a showroom car....but it was made very late...and it was sold in about a week or so...which is odd...if a dealer wanted to put all that stuff..and pay to have it painted...in less than a week after getting the car? ..old cars..allways find somthing odd..lol the junkman..you know im not sure if i seen that... i seen alot of old car movies thou...dirty marry crazy larry ...two lane black top....bullitt.. love the classics..lol
  5. im not sure if ford....gm list factory alarms way back..of cource on just about all vetts and high ends..but my cousin has a 74 trans am..it list factory alarm for it..lol and he said year before it did too....if its dealer installed...they sure painted it too match perfict..and the age of the paint...and color...its perfict and matches all spots i know were never repainted..and were the normal brackets..doesnt look like a bolt or trunk even been attached too the factory spots....made me think of the movie..gone in 60 secs original..when he puls out..and it goes off..lol..i figured..maybe they did..or didnt..think sence chevy was..they would too..but not allways..lol...wish i would find the rest too see how it sounded and worked..lol..mite still be in the car some were!! i keep finding things..lol
  6. ok..finaly got my car out too take some pics of the odd things in my trunk of my mustang...my local mustang restore guy pointed them out too me..cause he never seen it before....i owned the car my whole life..and never noticed....well..looks too be factory paint on it..which is weird...i know chevy put factory alarms in at that time..wasnt sure if ford did or not...notice the adjust bars...the funky little electric parts..and the trunk lid hinges are made for them bars to slip into..and a adjust postion behind it.....told a few i would post pics of them..sooo here they are..lol..watcha all think? wonder if its the same set up they use on the original gone in 60 sec car..when the alarm goes off..lol
  7. this is my buck tag..been there sence the day she was made:D figure i would see if any decoders could help me decode it a bit...i know you some of you guys are killer at some code work..thanks for lookin
  8. cc..same here..my uncle had 2 kids over there..they served two full tours..went back for another!! i couldnt beleive when they went back or would want too..but they did and they felt they were doing good there....and came home safe thank god..i hope everyones does..even know thats not going to happen.
  9. thats a great site!! wow..suprized too see how many shows they found so far.....did i miss it..or did they not add this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa2VnVEC5f4&feature=related
  10. nothing wrong with open chamberd 4v heads...specialy now days...back in the days of flat top pistons..it was very importaint...but now days...pistons are mostly domed or machined too make up for the missing space....so dont let open chambered scare you...specialy in a 4v..the smallest 4v valve i beleive is 2.08...which is still bigger than most big block chev's.....the biggest is 2.19 or boss 2.21...been doing alot of research on 4v heads..sence im going threw my motor....i have 4v heads...and i was told by jegs open chambered 4v heads are able to flow up too 800 horses!! with the right shims..springs and cam ..piston set up.....there ford guy said they took them on dyno over 800hp...he loved them..lol..im never going to push mine that far..but dont let open chamber scare you now days..thats old school ;) 2v are great for street..long as you dont want over 400 horses..then you mite have to step up into another set of heads...any 4v head is able too out flow just about any head on the street..open or closed.
  11. those are nice...and i seen alot of welded covers now that are lookin great!! Yeah thats what I was thinking.........here is mine http://www.ansenusa.com/shopexd.asp?id=395
  12. we had a old ford truck that same color..my dad drove me to school in it and drove it too work..he never washed it.. it allways looked clean and paint looked good..i ended up with it...i never washed it and drove the same truck into my late 20's..it never looked bad....i swear..thats the tuffest color ever made!!..lol btw..great lookin car! as for milage...little hard to tell by motor wear...counts who abused it was or not..barrings will look good if oil pressure is great...but if some one did alot of cold start ups and driving while its cold..it would pit barrings and show alot more wear then normal use....maybe the piston walls..check for cross hatching...if its baby smooth ...then you know its worn and original walls probably at that milage...but i dout it is..sence it isnt smoking..i wouldnt dout if it was rebuilt..but you never know. 146,000 original mite be right..thats about normal milage i see on alot of machs from are time...i think mine says..100,000ish...and mine was rebuilt..i didnt know either..owned it for allmost 20ish years..and just now getting into the motor to find out..its been rebuilt at some time in its life.
  13. wow...they look nice..but at that price? they freaking nuts? lol but it must of took a hell of a block of aluminum too make them..lol..but no more than a rim of a car...im sure there harder too make...i would say 500 bucks at most..sence cast aluminum ones run about 250 bucks or so.....it was hard to find custom valve covers for a cleveland..not as much now i notice:)..lol
  14. with that much cam lift and headers...i would think your carb is a bit small for that motor.....a 600cfm carb on a stock 4v cleveland is just enough...but..with that much cam and headers...i bet she is starving for air.....some folks think too big of a carb makes your car run rich...this is wrong..really..it runs too lean...lack of fuel....so if you put a carb that is too small it will run a its a tad rich...cause it needs more air for all that cam lift and headers you stuck on it..so its opening up on idol much father than it should too run.... the stock carb was 715 cfm's...i would recomend tring a holley 750 or eldebrock 750...im putting in a 525 lift on my..carb has to be a 750cfm or more..and i still have to play with the jets to up it a bit more...clevelands love to breath.
  15. welcome mike!! lets see some pics of that beast:)...i owned my 1973 4v sence high school too..first car i have ever owned....getting close to 20 years now...and my name is mike too...lol...lots of people here with alot of good advice and information on stangs....im in the middle of going threw my motor..and after owning it for so long..finaly giving the love it desurves...allways treated it right...but...like you..life and so many things get in the way..lol
  16. thats good too know..now ill have to ask my mustang restore freind about that..lol...cause if i fix mine..i want it fixed right of cource..lol
  17. aww yours still work!! when you move it again...can you see if it has a timer? by lifting up while its runing and sitting back down after a min ? not saying all had timers...but i think are blue one did...cause my dad would say..just lift up for a min and it will go off and not come back on...and it sure would..lol..and if you didnt wait long anuff...soon as you put your butt back down it would go off again..lol...makes me think it had a timer of some kind....and i wouldnt mind tring to get mine too work again too.
  18. lmao...ya and notice her gremlin has the same tires:) and look at them cool rims on that gremlin.
  19. mine has one under my drivers seat too....im moving her around in the garage next weekend..ill take a picture of it....unless its auto seat release? but my marti report didnt not show it as a option ordered....and i know for a fact...{cause i had to do it ...couldnt stand seatbelts back then}..if you lifted your butt long anuff..buzzer would stop and not come back on..lol...anyone with a working one too test it?:) lol p.s...the one under the drivers seat has a plug coming out of the floor too..so i know its not just a passanger seat stuck in its place..some one unhooked it way before i got it.
  20. buzzer doesnt work in my 73 either..but it did on are old blue mach 1....it seemed too have a sensor in the seat too...and not just when you buckled it...so it could tell if anyone was sitting in the passanger seat...or the thing would be going off all the time with out it..lol...sooooo i think there is a sensor under your seat too and maybe a timer.....cause if you lifted you butt off the passanger seat..it would stop..and if you waited like that with your arse off the seat as you was pulling off..it would go off and never come back on till you restarted...back in the day you was pissed off to put on your seat belt..lol...i know my seat on my red mach has plugs under it going to the bottom of the seat....i think its the weight sensor..must ground out when you sit in it and make a circuit too the buzzer too.
  21. ya..seems to take the soul out of them when there gutted for there serial number and motor...not many q code shells left or sportsroofs..even coupes are bringing a bit of cash now.....im with don and racerx on this one....save that q code lime green machine!! talk about a cool color too...i would love to put one next too my red mach..lol
  22. ya..if its a nice trailer...that sucker worth 9 too 10 grand...that puts the price at a decent 30,000 for the car...long as it runs right..no leaks...and solid..i bet they got more into the car than 40,000 alone...good price for a turn key monster...trick flow heads too...nice..just about as good as it gets...they make killer heads..i bet it has JE pistons too.
  23. cc...heck....i mite just find a swivel and just build a nice base...ty for the pics!!..defenatly what ill be lookin for now...a old mach seat or somthing like it...lol..great idea
  24. nice chair!!....plus im 6'5" and 270 pounds...its hard to find computer chairs that will last under my weight for long...that looks right up my alley!!...ill have to show my pipe fitter buddy...so we can get one together..lol..i allways break the backs on my chairs:(..lol..but my mustangs have held me up for 20 years and still strong..lol....i need to get a welder in the shop..thinkin about picking up a cheap wire feed...i can do a little stick..but i usualy do the classic and stick the rod right too the metal...cause i dont know my temps all that well yet..lol
  25. that sucks in all sorts of ways..sorry to hear that..but good thing she made it out ok.
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