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  1. ya..bit scary sending it all the way over there...most of the stuff i send over there makes it....and most makes it back..just dont order it in the middle of a holiday!!...i had a bunch of stuff sent too me from my freind in denmark on chirstmas...and i new what was coming..and when i opened her package..it was full of a box of cookies....i emailed and said..thanks for the cookies..i didnt expect them...she said..what cookies? i didnt send cookies!! on the way between here and there...some at post office opened it lost track and shoved in some cookie from some other denmark package in there..cookies were from denmark....and shoved my stuff in some other package!! i know it wasnt a theft...cause nothing was really spendy in there..was a cheap neckless and some incense...i could still smell the incense in the package..lol.i called and bitched out the postoffice...and nothing could be done..its like gambling sometimes..grrrrrrr..lol..good luck!! and i hope it makes it there free and clear.
  2. yup..never found a mustang i never liked..even the mustang 2 cobra and mach are neat.....and homeless i hear you there!! you dont know how many people hunted down my dad tring to buy my mustang ...and saying too me...that your dads car ?..and i say..well yes...about 20 years ago it was before i paid him for it..lol.and how many times he would have to tell people its not his car..its mine..lol..i feel your pain..just looking a bit young and having a classic car..they think..its your parents car!!..lol btw oskar..thats one pretty mach 1 !! i bet it turns every head in germany.
  3. tis the season for car shows!! next weekend starts are big one here..some nice cars there...allways enjoy seeing what shows up at these local events.
  4. lol..little over the top..but i guess it goes along with the old saying..go big..or go home:) lol
  5. not bad at all:) if it was closer i would have to check it out..lol
  6. yup....use the lube...reason why so many cams fail..lack of zinc in break in...and a lack of nickel...think that is what happend to mine...motor was fine inside...cam was all wacked out...lack of break in lube in the early 90s when some one rebuilt her...im defenatly going to use every lube they recomend from now on.. i only had about 20 or 30,000 miles on the rebuilt motor and the cam was toast.....plus sythetic was made for jetfighters originaly...works good in alot of new cars with over head cams..and works good in high tolerance high compression motors...very bad for high mileage rigs...and bad for break ins on are flat tap cams...now i hear roller cams dont have as much issues...but flat tappet cams need the old additives in the original oil for break in. plus..do you really want to take the chance ? break in lube is only 8 bucks or so...could save you hundreds or more.
  7. ya..with that fuel cell..you mite make a quarter mile...lol....and if i had that motor..it would be sitting in my living room with a glass case over it..lol...like a show peice
  8. this pic allways cracked me up..lol.. he made it out of fun..but it runs..lol..thats cool tech for such a old motor..all aluminum...over head cams and dual distribitors..wow..DOHC V8 from 1940:) 525 hp at 2800 rpm's...and 1000 pounds of tq..lol...but!!..turned up...its going to produce way more vid of it runing..damn...what a monster..lol
  9. motor still turn over? ..if not..jerk the heads off and drop the pan and make sure it isnt all busted up ....i like the color it was...but wow...just from the one picture..looks like its been threw hell...poor old girl....but i seen worse mustangs come back too life!! <~one good thing..doesnt look like anyone cutt a sun roof in it.lol
  10. bright red and one of a kind..just like my bright red 73... and yes!! not many can claim that...its even hard to find anyone selling there mustang after they figured out its one of one... some options are more desired than otheres...any mustang in our years with power windows are right away rare.....your car is the only one like it....paper says it all...woot!!
  11. thank you....ya i like browsing no matter the brand...not too bias..lol..seeing all them cars..makes me wish my motor was finished now!! lol
  12. pics i took from are small town little car show....the big one coming up next weekend...just a small taste of what is too come...was a nice strait blue mach up there..dont know who owned it...never seen it in town before...usualy no 71-73 machs up at are small show! i was suprized:) and the monster mustang..is a local guy i know...he had that thing sence i was in highschool..lol
  13. welcome!! and yes!! pics!! ;)
  14. nice machine!! ya..there are a few mustang 1971-73's runing around here..but i never seen them on any mustang forums yet...dont think many know... i found this one by accident while tring to look up codes..lol
  15. great pic!! glad you didnt hurt her too much....woot!! sucks to see your car get hurt......i woke up one morning when i was a teen ...i borrowed my dads mustang one night....{the one i own now}..parked it at my house.....and a big wind storm that night threw a 300 pound camper onto the top of the car!! ..i allmost cried..put a dent on the fender {she had a flawless body} and messed up the hood a bit..and scratched the paint all up...wow...that morning sucked..lol..but!! i got the car super cheap from him cause of the accident...he just cashed out the insurance and sold me the rest for cheap..lol
  16. its a 4300D i think..which is same carb i got on my 351 4v...thats the same carb on the boss pretty much..there all 715 cfm i beleive..you can tell its a 4300D cause of the spread bore....great design...kinda like a old pontiac quadjet....good gas mileage long as you keep your foot out of it..and when you do put it in..it will let go with the gas..lol...too bad the tab is gone... those carbs are bringing big bucks! specialy if the tab is still there.
  17. nice!! sounds like they do good work..i know were to send my 4300D now if i ever decided too put it all stock..got it sitting in a box under my desk..lol
  18. voted 73....simply cause of the front bumper and stripe combo's...i like the fat side stripe..and the front grill..and all the trim around the lights...the runing lights turned up.......but i do like the 71's motor choices better....but then again...stock horse power doesnt mean as much anymore...they all been rebuilt just about..and with a simple cam change the 4v cleveland in all years will kick arse:)
  19. some nice cars!! i love a good car show..are cool desert nights is this weekend i think...its a big event for my town..big cruse..and 3 days of car hoppin fun:)
  20. oohh yes...no matter were i go...were i park it...it gets attention..more than most!! get girls scream at it!!..guys say nice car!!...i remmeber how good it made me feel when i pulled up into are local gas station..and right there was sitting 2 brand new bentleys..decked out..proably over 200,000 dollars in cars sitting there next too the old mustang i got from my dad for 1,500 bucks...lol...2 richy look folks out there washing there windows and checking out there cars..i got out..i could see them look away from my bright red machine and kinda stick there nose up at it...and when i get back out of the store....there is a small group of people around my car..and no one even looking at the bentleys or asking them...but i got asked a bunch while filling up my car...including the normal everyday question i get while driving it around..is it for sale? nope...lol..and they allways ask what year? and when i tell them..there in shock...the bad rap they got still sticks too this day till you see the car in person.lol. one time pulling up at the gas station...some asian looking man..started walking around my car...he was wearing all black and had gold chains...he says..can i please get a pic of me standing next too your car? and i said sure thing... i took his camera and snapped a picture of him next too my car...and he bowed..and said..thank you very much !! this car in japan very expencive!! i chuckled and said...thank you sir and have a great day....soo good too see some one who isnt bias cause its a 1973 stang..lol but they will have there day....i had too argu with the editor of mustang monthly...cause he put out a issue saying are years of mustangs weight in at 4,000 pounds curb weight!! and said no preformace...i emailed him...im like huh? acording too ford..and most old car books..curb on a 71-73 3100 too 3200 pounds and in the quarter mile the boss 351 run a faster quarter mile than the 429 with less horse power ...how could it do this if it weight in at 4,000 pounds ? and was lacking preformance?...and he emailed me back and says.{was a bit suprized}.well we pulled the car across the scales before the race with are driver in it..and it was allmost 3700 pounds....im like huh? thats still waaaaaaaaaaaay less than 4,000...plus...the driver in the pic looked rather heavy...take account for the fuel weight and oil....and then we will get down too the curb weight...he emailed me back..and said..well...think i was a bit off on my weight...but there still heavy...{shakes his head} we just cant win when they write bad press about are years in mustang mags..lol
  21. nice mustang!! i like your idea of painting the mainifold blue.. makes it look like its allmost stock under the hood. great idea!!
  22. yup i agree.....8 to 10 grand should get you a nice looking mach or fastback with some issues....20 or 30 grand you will get a cream puff that your afraid to drive cause its so nice.....but like i tell freinds..still much cheaper than a new camery that will fall like a rock...good time to be getting a 71-73 fastback while the market is still a tad low on them. got a thing for the fastbacks my self...i got mine in highschool..and im lucky i didnt roll mine during my youth..lol......that boss would be worth a minty now..thats too bad...but that is what makes are cars worth more each day..kids destroying them..and accidents...have thinned the herd lol.
  23. great idea:) i know when i pull into a parking lot or changing lanes its a pain in the arse too see out of the bunker<~~ what i call all fast back mustangs of are years...seems like your looking out little slots in a pillbox..lol
  24. thanks man!! and yes..me and my mustang guru thought the same thing on the order..cause we thought it was maybe a showroom car cause of so many options....dunton ford or some one must of had alot of pull or money too order that car with so many options so late in the production ..when everyone by that point knew the mustang 2 was coming out soon.....and i checked up on the dealership..it went out of business the very next year from what i found online....it was a old dealership from the 1950's too....somthing must of happend..like the 70's gas crunch..lol..i was hoping to chase down some one who mite of remmebered it..lol and maybe who it was sold too..i know its sooo hard to chase down that information..was a shot in the dark..lol
  25. ya that seems very high!! heck you can get a tci street fighter for 1000 bucks shipped too your home..tci good up too 450hp!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TCI-511200-Ford-C4-StreetFighter-Transmission-JEGS-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem5d2ed2370fQQitemZ400217487119QQptZOtherQ5fVehicleQ5fParts alot of my drag racing buddies use nothing but tci on the strip and road.
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