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  1. When The Report comes out, the BS stops. Worth every penny. You should see if there is an Eminger invoice for your cars. That is a really cool document also although Marti does not have all of them and you need to provide proof of ownership as there is only one invoice. mike it sure does..lol..no one cant tell me what my car come with and didnt anymore..lol...i even had a few people dout my powerwindows in my car were stock!! thinking i stuck them in too make it more valueble....i allways said ..please..people ripped them out back then ,and these cars were not worth the price back then to phoney it..lol..im lucky no one gutted my electric windows..usualy there torn out and replaced..lol.......ty...and ill have to look into that eminger invoice
  2. yup..report well worth it...even if it isnt one of a kind........when i got my report..i just got the deluxe...but it didnt tell me the break down...so i had to pay a bit extra for that one sheet..lol..but it was still much cheaper than getting the elite...i think i paid around 80 bucks for all the elite info..with out paying 200 bucks for the stickers and extra's..i was just wanted the info first..make sure it was worth it..sure was!!..lol and ty!! marti reports are too cool...just seeing any mach 1 or mustang makes me wanna see the report on it now..lol..figure out its history.and see what it looks like today and what its been threw or hasnt.
  3. ya ..mine was mounted under the pump...and after years of collecting powersteering grime..it was hard to notice..lol..still had factory mounts..and i could tell it hasnt been touched sence it was new..lol..aww is that what is it?..part of a cooling package? i was reading were they found them mostly on big block stangs along with a saginaw steering box ? but it was a while ago...and info could be half right as usual..lol and one more thing i did find..was a small 3,000 rpm torque converter in the trans..which backs up info i found about it online that ford put some special 3,000 rpm converters in c6 trans in 4v clevelands...had a little green one in there..with the right serial numbers
  4. well..i didnt intend too...but after the report..im glad i didnt gut and loose everything..i still got original carb and manifold...still has original fan shroud....some one took out the ac..but i know i can still get that unit for it if i needed...as for the top..i dout ill put that back on till its worth so much im silly not too..lol...im putting a little bigger cam in it..and going to enjoy it...but still..try to presurve and save what is left...cause im lucky..all original still...matching motor and runing gear and original rims still on it besides the rear..put a tad wider on them but they match the originals on the front...the originals ones in back are just a bit too skinny.lol
  5. ya...i have found a few odds and ends on the car that are hard to explain...usual plugs under the seat that are not hooked up..usualy seat belt alarm unhooked...but could be auto seat release too......i noticed some old eletronics back in the trunk..mounted up high too were i never seen or notice it all these years...i pointed it out too my buddy and said...maybe a rear window defroster? he said no...it was all hid very nicely...then he said..notice the odd metal cross bars on your trunk lid ? i said ya? and there painted red too match everything..i thought all mustangs had them..he said it looks too be some kinda old 1970's alarm or trunk release....he said he never seen anything like it...im going to try too really get in there and see what the heck it is too..lol. and when pulling the motor out to refreshin it...i found the power steering lines didnt go too right too the steering box....and seemed too run into the firewall and then too it....well..found a factory ford power steering cooler under the power steering pump...been there all these years and i never new....i guess ford put that one on the decked out boss and cobrajet's..was the first time i ever seen one thou..she does steer really responsive..you can drive it with your pinky..lol
  6. mine is a sportsroof mach 1 with a vinyl top option....posted the marti report today on it....but i dont know what it looked like cause it was took off the car long before i owned it...but they are very rare...it made mine 1 of 1..lol vinyl top showed up on my report....its posted in the marti report section...in my case, my car was orderd from ford with a white vinyl top. Zero - on a production basis. Not a Ford option, but I'm sure if it would sell the car, the dealer would roll it down to an upholstery shop and have it put on. Same thing as stripes, Magnums, RamAir bits, etc.
  7. this is my warranty plate for my 73 mach 1...soon as i showed it too my buddy a local mustang restore and judge....he said..wow there shouldnt be a j code on there....and i said..is it a mistake? he said..no..cause its something made on that car ford wanted to warranty...well we faxed it too marti and they had big question marks above there heads too...whatever the code is..its lost too time and space...but kinda cool its on there!! soooo look over them warranty cards if you got them and see if you got the same!!:)
  8. thanks!! had the car for so many years and never new she was one of one:)
  9. White roof on red with black stripes with white interior..wow..It must of been one flashy machine in its day!!
  10. you should order the other sheet from marti..the break down..sounds like she is one of one... specialy with only 100 orderd with your motor and trans codes...cool report!!
  11. same here..besides the heads..runing the original 4v heads on mine...ran the 600cfm manual choke ....but with the new cam and headers..i got to move up too a bigger carb 750cfm...but for stock fun..the hard to beat the old 1405 mannual choke... perfict for a stock 351 4v cleveland...i couldnt tell a diffrence between it and my old 4300d on the street..and from pony carbs...there remade non matching numbers 4300d is allmost 900 bucks last i checked....and if you still got the original carb...keep it!! there like gold right now....but better put away in a box...but if your worried about it looking all original...pony carbs are great...i looked at them a few times my self..lol
  12. try a 2500 rpm 1st gear launch....could be carb..but like im saying..my car acted the same way..mine is a 1973 4v cleveland with c6...shifts fine......and doesnt really start to rpm out till after 40mph normaly...like 50 or 60..it started to really pull...after i figured out it had a high rpm converter..well yes...of cource it felt sluggish at low rpm..cause it wont let it have all its torque and power will 3,000 rpm's..you have to keep that motor rapped out when racing...it was designed for rpms..big heads..small crank..4 bolt main. Many 1972 -1974 351C-4V CJ engines were mated to Ford's C6 automatic transmission. Ford used a special high-stall (3000 RPM) torque converter (D20Z-7902-A) and flywheel (D1ZZ-6375-C). <~~from ebay motors http://reviews.ebay.com/Ford-351-Cleveland-Engines-Key-Facts-amp-Information_W0QQugidZ10000000001410755
  13. i bet you got a 3,000 rpm torque converter<~~mine did..stock from ford...ford had to put them in 4v automatic version...cause the heads are simply too much for normal street use and the car would fall on its ass at every stop light with out the converter...die and have trouble runing till it hit the right rpm too enjoy all that fuel....i took out my motor last year too freshin it up..and what do i find? little green converter instead of a big one...and thats how i come to find out..ford had to stick those in the 4v cleveland automatic versions...alot of folks dont know that about 4v converters...same with the torino or ranchero 4v cleveland automatics...they all got the little converter too....launch that baby off the start at 2500 rpm's and hold on..cause once it hits 3,000...its all power..game on...good thing about the auto versions...allmost built for drag racing with the convert..9inch and big strong c6..can run good constant times without worry of busting much...love how ford over builds:)
  14. that would work..if it was a chevy of the same years..lol....early chevy would date code there motors and just throw them in what ever cars...cause i had a big block 402 chevy in my truck..said passanger on the heads..codes said it was a hi preformance 402..out of a 70's chevelle or malabu..come to find out..you could throw that motor in any chevelle or whatever of the same year ..and tell them its original motor..and nothing they can say to prove you wrong....ford on other hand wasnt so loose with there motor codes...and made sure they were coded too each car.
  15. ya..sounds fishy..lol..never know what it really is till you look at the codes with your own eyes...my freind drove 400 miles to check out a 69 mach 1..{atleast that is what he said on his add} he drove up there..looked at the codes...it was just a fast back mustang..and really in bad shape...codes said it was the low preformance one too...lol..wasnt even close too what he said it was in the add.
  16. my cousin..who is a engineer..showed me a good way to tell if you got carbon build up ....he would take a spray bottle of water and set it too mist...and told me to rev your motor just a bit too keep it alive..while he mist some water into my carb!! i was thinking..you crazy?..but what it does..is like old water injection on rv's and ww2 fighter planes..boost your horse power and compression...and if your motor all gunked up and having troubles..it will blow out a cloud of nasty out your tail pipes....he did it too mine..it was clean...and when i took apart the motor..piston clean atleast...ended up being a rounded off cam pretty much in my motor.
  17. my tack didnt work when i first got my mustang when i was a teen....but after a week of driving it everyday..i looked down and it was working like a champ...and for the last 17 years its allways done that when i let it sit....it wont work for a few days..but after some normal driving..works just fine...and works every time i start it after that..till i let it sit again...its one bug i never botherd too fix yet..lol
  18. oohh ya..even my low compression 1973 mach 351 4v will ping with anything less that 92..it loves 92 and above.
  19. wow..the things you find and dont wanna find when you open a motor...im in the middle of rebuilding my 351 cj right now...after 17 years of owning my car...it started too run rough...wasnt smoking or anything...figured it was time too fresh up the motor.....but to my shock and horror..when i took off the mainifold...there was a oil soaked rag sitting there looking back at me!! some one rebuilt the motor at some point and left the rag in the middle of the motor!! she never acted funny at all..im sooo lucky it didnt plug or stop the flow of oil...lol..i joked and said..well..it was just a extra oil filter;) and some one didnt cross hatch the cilinders right or anything...im glad i opened it now...and lucky..they didnt mess anything up..was defenatly amature hour in there..lol...are you beefing yours up?...2v..or 4v?
  20. hehe i know your pain...gets in the way at work..and keeping a comb on you all the time..lol..this is my mug and me on the ole heritage softtail. you don't want my hair. It costs as much in conditioner as the mustang in gas hahahaha and it also catches on fire while your welding. and how about getting it stuck in the dolly. That was a classic lollerz
  21. thanks!! first car i ever owned...glad i never had the heart to part with her :)
  22. cool car!! you taking it back to silver with black stripes? i allways liked the pewter or silverish and black ones...i think there my second fav color of mach....well..a tie..between the blue and black and the silver and black:)
  23. yup..the old 1980 classic air shock upgrades.. seen plenty of them on mustangs and camaro's over there years..specialy on camaro's..lol..ya i wouldnt dout if some one played with it a bit threw the years...mine has big old shackles on it..been on there sence i was a kiddy in highschool..lol...here is a pick of the rear of my car...you can see the shackle sticking out the back...still handles good though..lol
  24. some one could of added a extra leaf to it too...these years of stangs love to sag in the arse over time..lol...some one put old school shackles on mine to lift its arse up a bit.
  25. the falcon gt..as a kid we use too think that car was a mix of a mach 1 and a torino or maveric on mad max movie..turned out too be the falcon gt..lol..ford loves too do that..try out diffrent and odd cars on other people around the world..my old girlfreind from uk..started talking about her cars she drove...she said..i loved my ford mondao..im like ford mondao? well..too find out..its pretty much a fancy version of the ford contour..lol..it looked better..little more fancy i think..lol
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