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  1. mite have a electric seat release...mine has plugs under it too..but i just figured some one unhooked the seat ...cause i know ..its more than just in the seat belt...there is a sensor build under the seat..cause if you lift your butt up..the buzzer will go off..lol<~atleast it did in are old blue mach...my red one never had it working..not yet;) I'm pretty sure my 73 vert has the seat belt buzzer but when I replaced the carpet last year and took the seats out I noticed that I had a bunch of cut wires....and a plug hanging from the seat bottom.... your q code built just like mine..lol...mine still gots the original 14 slotted mags sence i got it as a teen..powerwindows ..deluxe interior...c-6...ac..on and on..lol....i pulled my motor for the first time last year..and found all sorts of cool stuff still on it...has a power steering cooler i never noticed...and it had a stock little green 3,000 rpm stall converter in it...guess they did that cause at every stop light the q code automatic would drop on its face...heads and vavles too big..lol..but defenatly good for making alot of power with small mods:)
  2. well.you never know...some people ripped it off in 1973..cause the ram air was only for 2 barrel carb in 73 model....so they would disscard the 2 barrel ram air set up for a aftermarket 4 barrel carb....does it still have the original carb on it? from the sounds of the chrome air breather...im sure it doesnt..but you never know..lol..have to ask first..lol and for the plugs under the seat...well..most likely..but you never know..its for 1 or 2 things..either automatic seat release{rare option a bit} or for the seat belt alarms.{most likely}..are old blue mach..still had them working..and that red light on your glove compartment would pop on..and it would make this buzz..till you lifted your butt off the seat...or finaly fastened it....sence it was made before the seatbelt laws got all crazy..most people just unplugged them..lol..soooooo alot of these years of mustangs you will find a plug under the seats unhooked..lol
  3. ya..thats one rare motor you got there:) im suprized it wasnt stripped and gutted for a v8 along its life..some one must of loved the old 250 i6 too keep it in there..she get too gas milage?
  4. rarest of marti reports?...is one of one..a few of those mustangs on this site...too say who's is the rarest of those reports? imposssible...cause once you got 1 of 1..you have somthing diffrent than any other stang...lol....i got to scan mine..but mine is 1 of 1...and they didnt even have to break down all the numbers..cause by the time they got half way threw the options..it was 1 of 1..lol...so many options..so many combos for that year. ya... anything electric in these years of cars are usualy rare...according to my report and only 4 red mach 1's 351 4v's ..was made in 1973 with power windows..so if you got power anything..a good chance it was special ordered.
  5. http://www.martiauto.com/reports2.cfm <~~~ click there....a kevin marti owns all fords production numbers for older stangs...and for a price..show you how many like your car was made..sometimes you luck out and your car was 1 of a kind....it will tell you what dealership it come from..and where it was built...and original options for your ride...great if you plan to restore it or just curious about it:)
  6. I think the 71 2v cleveland makes about 240 hp....i would call jegs and ask for a ford tech...and they will patch you in to a guy who will tell you just about anything you can do to your motor.and what combo will work..there techs are pretty good if you get the right one...just tell them your motor and what you plan to do or want too....them v2 heads are great for the street..very responsive.....that carb is good up too 300ish hp maybe 350 or 380ish with the right jets..what model of eldel is it?...1405 or 1406? hopefully not the econo 600cfm..lol And making the motor have more power will give you better gas milage..cause it makes the motor more efficient..breaths better...long as you keep your foot out of it..it will preform better all around.....my cousin has a old trans am....he had it sence high school..had a stock 400 in it...got about 14 mpg.......he tore it out..rebuild it..put a 850cfm carb on it..put some really tall gears in it...505 hp motor on dyno...he is now getting to work 18 too 21 mpg!!...he gots more take off power..more top end...more everything..and its more efficient..
  7. oooh yes...headers are probably the single best way to get alot of free power out of your 4v cleveland...specialy if you got the big 2,19 valves...4 v clevelands are nutterd at the header...those big heads love to breath..it will add no less than 50hp too your motor..lol...im doing that too mine right now...headers and a bigger cam...and thats all!! not changing pistons or anything...and according too the desktop dyno's and sites and calling jegs techs..im suposta get allmost 425hp+ up too 450!! too my fly wheel...im putting in a 5'20 lift cam..and headers..thats it...that motor was made for pure race..and doesnt take much to get alot of power out of them....the jegs guys said..no reason to buy heads or anything..those heads are able too flow up too 800 horse or more!!..lol..small crank too....able to handle lots of rpm's...it really is a lost jewel of a motor...able to handle more than my freinds big block chev generation 4 block....lol..he helping me with it..and surpized how my heads make his big block aluminum chev's seem small..lol..i have to say..its the easiest motor i ever seen too get huge horse power gains out of for cheap. oohh yes..and im putting a holley 750 on it..and not even the double pumper...just the regular vac secondary..got the original 4300d sitting in a box:)..but thats all im doing..and i would be happy as hell with anything over 400..lol
  8. ya that sucks!! go threw all that..and he doesnt throw you a bone...and very true.. he is the only game in town when it comes too this...i got the delux report..thinking i would get a total break down...ooohh no...that only comes on elite ..so we called them..and they sold us part of the elite..the importaint part that gives the number break down...for 40 bucks..lol..sooooooooo i got a allmost elite report for 80 bucks..lol < still got to scan mine and put it up..just been so busy this week.
  9. this is very true...seems like the mustang folks are so helpfull..i got alot of chevy and pontiac freinds..and i got to say..i never seen such a shifty bunch as i see on the pontiac forums...my cousin had a old quad carb...was off his old trans am car didnt have original motor in it anymore..he tried too just give it away too me for hardly nothing..but i didnt need it....well....he seen a add in some mag about some of those carbs being hard too find or rare...he checked the numbers..and it came off a ram air 2..and could be worth up too 4,000 all by its self..lol...well he posted pics of it..and the pontiac guys ripped it apart..told him he was a fraud and tring to rip some one off...said it was all miss matching..and faked!!..lol..he got bad replies after replies on it...and when we checked all the numbers come out right...finaly we stuck it on ebay..and got the same replies and noticed some one put the link on pontiac forums!!..lol...and kept tring to mess up the auction..asking questions tring to say it was not original or somthing was wrong or didnt look right..auction started at 1 dollar....the carb sold for 3,500 dollars..lmao...now..you tell me...was it fake?...lmao...hell no..just a bunch of scary online folks tring to screw poor unknowing pontiac fans out of there stuff {shakes head} dont know how them kinda people can sleep at night. thank god for mustang owners and fans!! {wink}
  10. i think low production numbers is not allways a good thing if its not popular in the first place....fast backs allways got more attention than grands...and i think it plays into the whole..grande was a lux car version..and the sportsroof was the renagade looking car...what kids remmeber the most..all that flash and fins and stripes...grande were usualy plain a bit....plus now days production numbers are broken down..out of the sportsroof mach 1's...only 6,568 come with the 351 4v and c6 trans...and out of the red ones..only 4 had powerwindows..lol....i think alot more orders driven the production of the sportsroof over the grande....i would run the numbers..and if it turns out too be under 300 made like it i would restore it possibly...but if high numbers..i would do what ever you felt happy with. you know we almost got a cheap grande for parts..was going to take the glass and everything..till we started to notice..the glass in a grande wont work in a sportsroof..lol..weird..we measured itfront glass and side windows...and it was a inch taller lol...and if you notice the sports roof has sharp corners on the top of the glass..were the grande has rounded corners...just thought it was odd that they made the grande roof taller..maybe for the lux part..lol
  11. lol..nice merc!!:) cyclone mach 1...is that kinda like the aussie ford falcon gt they used in mad max? lmao
  12. she still got the remote controll mirror? ;) cool report!! ill have to post mine this week..i got a 1 of 1 too:)
  13. well..i did a little recearch on that my self..cause my car has a painted on hood stripe simi gloss..no sticker at all...i thought it was wrong...and come to find out..ford did paint a few of the nice special older mustangs with a painted on hood..lol..they didnt use sticker on some of them...this is on the mustang monthly mag....{But sadly, accurate information on the black-painted hood has been minimal. This has caused many to end up with Mustangs that sport oddly applied or highly glossy topcoats} and i talked too my mustang restorer about it..and he seen a few factory high gloss mustangs...that he knows still had original paint...so its all up too you..you can paint it on..or use the stickers..both can be correct and right for your ride. here is one link about it..and shows how to paint it on..or a good idea atleast..lol http://www.mustangmonthly.com/howto/mump_0006_how_to_paint_on_71_73_mach_1_and_sport_hardtop_hood_stripes/index.html
  14. another pic i took of my car sitting in the parking lot...i told my freinds these stangs dont look big at all once you pull them up next too other cars...my freind with a 1973 firebird thought it was way bigger than his car...in reality..its a little smaller when we pull them up too eachother..lol
  15. welcome!! still new my self..but some fine cars on here..cant wait too see some pics of your car with so much story too it...i allmost did the same thing as a kid too my car..{besides i didnt get hit by a dui}...but i wanted too put a 429 or 460 in there...but glad i didnt in the long run..lol...even my dad wanted to tear the powerwindows out of it..and i refused..lol....but still doesnt matter..i wouldnt sell her for nothing...not many guys like us can say we still got are highschool baby:) and is it just me?..but every time i post..it does a double post.. and i end up having to delete one..lol maybe its cause im using the quick reply box..lol
  16. ty all!! so many great rides on here..going to try and scan my marti and warranty plate tonight if i get a chance.
  17. ty all!! so many great rides on here..going to try and scan my marti and warranty plate tonight if i get a chance.
  18. 4300d:) 716cfm..lol.matching them carbs are bringing some bank now days with the restore guys..so many people threw them away....i thought i corrected that..but it must of not posted....hehe and on the seat pannels..like he said..ford should of had plenty of service parts...and why change the mold too make it say 1974?.he as a mustang judge and restorer,,never seen 1973 rear seat pannels that were dated 1974..just somthing odd is all...and i wouldnt know..cause i dont frame up restore like he does...and he anal..on the right coatings and paint all the way down too the codes on heads of bolts....great mustang guy too talk too..he showed me pics he took of proto type mustangs that didnt get rolled out..cause ford would invite them to special sneek previews of cars too see what they thought...like the mach 3 and stuff..neat thou....im glad he takes the time too talk too me..he is a busy guy..but allways nice and seems too make time to help me..i was there when he was rolling out a black and silver 1971 429 they did..wow...it looked like new..i was making sure my keys were in my pocket when i looked at it..i didnt even wanna scratch it..lol...a guy was flying down from alaska too pick it up and drive it too seattle too boat it home....one of the first guys i met that did pro work and didnt look down on us old shade tree mechanics..lol..cause he knows..not everyone can afford too be that silly with there muscle cars..lol
  19. ty everyone!! all big stangs are cool i think:) i wish i had a shed full of them..wouldnt care if they was beat or sweet:) but it is a odd ball...it orignaly had a white chornithian seats..which we found most of the white original back pannels in the back trunk...he wanted to make me a deal on them..cause its hard too find original white back seat plastic ..lol..well..he looked at them and said wow..i dont know what to say...im like what? he said..these are white..1973 seat pannels...but there marked 1974!! and there not reproduction!!..lol..but they say ford right on them..lol...i still got them....he never seen anything like that...cause by 1974 it was all mustang 2 and they wouldnt be making any back seat pannels for a old model by that time..plus if they did..why did they change the mold too say 1974? lmao....i really had got him stumped..lol...but goes to show..you never know what the heck your car been threw..till you run all the numbers ..makes me think some one that owned it..must of had alot of pull with ford too get it so late..with so much odd ball stuff on it...lol stuff i would of never known if i didnt take it in and have it checked out..he was all over it...we even found a power steering oil cooler under the steering unit...cause i noticed the lines didnt run right too the unit..it ran under it and threw the cooler and then into the steering box..lol...i guess it has a preformace steering set up like a older boss stang....he said they put those on some stangs....but only spendy ones..lol..its kinda fun decoding old cars sometimes..guess its like are little version of indiana jones!! ty again everyone for the warm welcome!!
  20. ty all!! ooh ya..i hope to find out more..and even if i dont..im happy with all i found out....it does got some weird cross bars the mustang guy pointed out too me in the trunk that attach to the latch... some odd old 1970's wiring going into a white box..like a old truck alarm or somthing..lol..we dont know if its stock..report doesnt say anything about it..but..its period correct....maybe thats the j..lol...but we not sure..every time we look at the old girl we find somthing else...lol..glad i have a expert too see it...i seen a few of his stangs roll across barrett jacksons for bank....he makes sure every bolt and nut is original..all the way down too the glue they use..lol...<~~way more than i would ever..lol..but glad too have some one that lives close and does that kind of work and be able too tell you what is going on...funny thing is..got him stumped too..lol..when you stump marti and a expert..you know your doing good..hehe the j code doesnt come up on the report..but ill scan and show what they got...marti doesnt know why its not on there..but its on the original warranty plate..and when i showed the mustang guy the warranty plate..right away..he looks and says..thats not right...shouldnt be a j code on there at all..lol..so il stick the warranty plate under the scanner too and see if anyone has the same on there plate or report...thanks all..and hope to have many good chats on here!!.. im seeing some awsome 1971-73 stangs on here:)
  21. Hello folks....been on a few stang threads but usualy there all wrapped up in 69 and 70 stangs..which i like..but dont own..lol..about time for one for my fav stangs..the 71-73 :) attaching a picture of my red head..she is a 1973 mach 1...marti report..1 of 1...351 cobrajet..still gots all original runing gear..including the original 7300d carb <~~put it away in a box thou..lol..i got this car as a kid right out of high school..paid 1500 bucks for her....drove it for the last 16 years. Never knew i had a odd car at all till i took it out too a local mustang judge and restorer...he seen the powerwindows and all the codes under the fender and told me i better get a marti report on it...cause he said he only seen few with powerwindows..and never seen one with so many codes and options on the plate under the fender......come back from marti with a list of 18 order options..and some codes on the warranty plate that they cant tell me what they mean..lol..i rote alot of experts..and i hit a wall...the j code on my plate is lost too time and space:( but it was a option on my car that was under warranty and not a mistake..who knows what for...car was made about a week before the end of the 1973 mustang..and was 14 days behind sced...lol..that suprized the judge too when we got the report back..he said..usualy a car orderd like that..is for a show room...let alone be put together so late..lol..because they were tring too roll out mustang 2's by then. So anyways...sorry about the book..heck.. just excitied too see a site for the 71-73 stangs..hope to chat up about old big stangs on here..and enjoy too see the odd and cool stangs people still dig up.<~~plus some one mite dig up that same code on there warranty plate and know what it means!! ;) have a great day everyone.
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