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  1. I wont loose much sleep over it , the reproduction cost will be so high and rare, these new production cars will be so expensive.. Plus they already reproduce a lot of shelby's and daytona's and GT-40's " i dont see it hurting them cars value at all" Matter of fact seems too raise them thru the roof. even the kit cars are so tuff to get, sorry to say a lot of classics wil be reproduced and hopefully with such reproduction comes alot of parts..The fact is we are runing out of classics and a lot of people want them too, it will happen some way i am sure, but i don't think it will hurt the prices at all " or the cool factor" they still not original and will be very expensive recreations. Go look at the modern jag reproductions " ugh" talk about ungodly prices, and still the classics hold on just fine. and i dont feel it takes away from the original at all. " just how i feel about it i guess" lol..If they reproduce our years " dout that will happen soon" it will be because it is too spendy to get a old one reliable to drive and enjoy...A new modern one " boss 429" could be out hot rodding the drag strip again, with out fear of ruining a classic. Scatter a new Boss 429 mite not suck as bad..lol, kinda sucks when a guy gets hold of such a super rare classic and crashes it messing around..A modern version mite help save some of the classics in the long run. and the classics will always be the original. New ones will always fall short of this, but will give some people a chance " who was not born in 1969" to get a brand new 1969 429 boss. Something no one can do now " unless they got a time machine" The high cost of making these will keep the original's still most wanted and loved. BTW. if it was me, the reproduction better be very close, nothing modern needed if i was looking to buy one, but maybe they could make 2 versions..faithfull all original, or super modern mach 1 with mp3 and heated seats lmao ;)
  2. {thumbs up} Was a good old car, never failed. I found a picture of "Barney" That is very close, some of them were just tuff as nails it seems.
  3. They was, and it impressed me so much after the abuse i did too it, so many times i got new tires for this wagon and thought " that is the last set of tires ill have to buy for it" figuring it would blow up before it ever need a new set again..." i was sooo wrong" lol Ya kinda was, but i had to show the full circle end too the old car. It did make me a bit sad to let her go to the scrapper. This car got to see alot more than some in its travels.
  4. I will have to post some more pics;) Ya i remember you saying something about that Mike..lol
  5. My first car i owned in my name was my Mustang, but the car i got my drivers license in and used on a regular every day basis, was this little Escort Wagon Ex Rental car, was only 6 months old when i took it on my drivers test as a late teen. i did not want to drive my mustang " due to the views" for my drivers test..lol..We nick named this car "The Tader" due to the color and shape ;) So this is my Good bye to the Tader.. You was a awesome car, you never let me down or broke down..I got my drivers license in this car, i drove the hell out of it and stacked on the miles. i drove it up on top of all the peeks of the horse heaven mountains and surrounding area's...Dragging rocks under her belly to get to spots mostly only for trucks... Down the dirty dusty gravel roads, and muddy pot holed drive ways,, and thru feet of snow and ice, Even gigs loaded with PA gear..and loaded down with friends..Fishing gear, pon toon boat, hundreds of pounds of papers, i took it up too 120 mph many times..burnt rubber in it..Was late on oil changes, and treated it like a kiddy would..lol. It never stranded me, it never broke down on me, I even slid off the road and hit a sign with it in the fog and ice, it still kept going. Was originally a rental car in 93 and just 6 months old, my dad was like " great, that escort was going to break down any day being a ex rental..money pit and everything ..With good reason, escorts did not have a stellar rep of being a long runing rig.,,I think the car ran on " ill prove you wrong!!" lol at well over 300,000 miles, it was still runing fine. AC still worked great and never ever was recharged in its life, engine ran so smooth at 300k you could put a full glass of wine on the top of it with out fear of spilling. I sold it 4 years ago to a buddy,He was impressed how well it run with so many miles, struts and such getting bad at this point thou, and he stacked on more miles!! His work car gave out and he ended up having to depend on this old car and he shoved on another amazing 40,000 miles on it " it never let him down", She is worn out and tired , it is getting dangerous to drive now " cv joints have had it and shocks are busted, struts too. at 340,000 AC was still blowing cold and working well. But like a old dog, i had to take one last ride with the old tader, amazing car!! it outlasted everything..Many other cars i had, Toyota cam, Ford truck, Chev, and this car would always come back out of the drive way and keep me going down the road when the others failed. my friend use to bet me 10 years ago that it would blow up any day "cause he was going thru little cars left and right" he stopped betting and i told him, that he would loose money against the Tader, She gave it her all. Well designed, a tribute to the Blue Oval! She was never, "Found On Road Dead"! She drove 40 miles over to the salvage yard last night engine still runing smooth but could smell the little wiff of it burning oil now..Salute the TADER- Good bye old work horse!!"
  6. Got to go up and check out the Northern Pacific Museum last week in Toppenish,Wa... What a nice place and a great bunch of folks...They had so much cool stuff to see, and i really went there to see the S-4 ten wheeler they are restoring to run the rails again..I asked the gal working if i could see the S-4, and she said " I'm sorry but the shop guy is not in today yet..I said no big deal and thanks anyways, so we checked everything out and we left the station to go get some food and leave.. While eating, this guy walks in and says, you all the folks wanting to see the S-4? and i said, yup!! He said, come on over to the shop and check her out, go to the shop entrance, i left it open for you guys..So we go in and check out the awesome hard work they doing, and bullcrapped about old trains for hours and hours with the shop manager, he even gave us some cold soda's out of a old water style cooling coke machine..What a awesome time!! if ever in the area, must see for rail fans..Like a place stuck in time. Mite even join up. " need to get my stang going so i can park it out front of the station" ;) I am boggled they took the time to chase me down at the restraunt so i could see it, and happy they did , I donated and will be back. The S-4 going to be restored and run around the station till everything seems fine, then they said they hope to make runs even up stampede pass with her, made in 1902, i have never seen a S-4 run" only seen them behind fences rusting"
  7. Ugh, that blows.. I hope the W works well for ya till you get the C back online.
  8. My earliest mustang memory was a Oly fastback sprint my dad owned, i was about 3 years old and he got pulled over for speeding " showing off to us" down main street..I can still remmeber the very spot we sat while he wrote him a ticket..lol Sweet pic!!
  9. Ya, i thought it was pretty cool, i bet this is Ford's response to the Corvette mid engine 427 prototype.
  10. Wild machine, i wonder if it is really still out there? http://www.hotrod.com/news/1505-a-mid-engine-boss-429-mustang-yes-its-true/?adbid=10153571961499523&adbpl=fb&adbpr=16240699522&short_code=30jrr&sm_id=social_aumohotrodsshub_default_20150518_46013536
  11. Cool Mike!! I hope that works out for the best, and looks like a very talented group. Some good sounding production too Mike and Mark. Our singer been going to school for music production for the last 4 years, we are excited to try out his new studio , some of our test already made our old stuff sound soooo bad..lol Playing in a local bar with drunks recording us ..lol " notice how the cam starts going sideways..lol plus i'm a bit tall for the stage. Us sound checking at the Rock Reactor, didn't get much live footage here, usually too packed of a dance floor, place gets hopping, as you can tell we have to stick too a bit more heavier rock set at this place, lead guitar mad because the mixer could never get him loud enough during sound checks lol " bad thing about house system sound techs lol even with boost on, could just enough " some of our old cover recordings we use to hand out to the local bars years ago, recording really dated now..lol
  12. I have mixed emotions on them too, don't hate them on our years, nor have a super huge love for them..My dad had a blue 73 mach 1 that looked great with them when i was a teen...Johns Mach 1 looks awesome with them. But after owning my red and black one for so long, i started to noticed i didn't like them as much " maybe it just the color of my car too" Going to keep them off mine for now. But i do think they look awesome on some other mustangs " like the cobra 2's" Just with our long rear window i'm not sure if they fit quite right, or my style..If i owned a 69-70 or a cobra ii,, i would have them on in a heart beat..lol
  13. Ugh, that sucks. glad some one showed up before it got worse.
  14. Messing with some old Space1999 footage, Eagle VS Hawk " set to some good ole punk ;)
  15. Nice...Suprized no one locally will make them.
  16. Agree, first mustang ii i drove around in as a teen was my cousins 76 red mach 1 with a 302 2 barrel. That little car would light up the block. i owned a 74 mach 1 " only year with out a v8" it was pumped up a bit with a 4 barrel high rise on a colone v6..it was quite peppy and i miss it..I seen a lot of cobra ii's lately at car shows, that just looked awesome too me, the older i get, the less bias i get too these cars..lol
  17. Well, if you got enough money to make you're dream " mite as well" i still like a normal cobra ii thou instead;) http://www.hotrod.com/cars/featured/1505-worlds-wildest-mustang-ii-is-it-an-evolution-or-revolution/
  18. One of my fav old machines , me on my old trike, i still remember when they took that picture how bright it was that day, hurt my eyes to look at the camera..lol
  19. Ya, glad i saved my money too... Honestly, boxing has really took a hit... My gramps was a ex golden gloves champ, and we could not wait too see the big heavyweight fights, but after Mike Tyson,Bowe, and Foreman.. They keep quite about the heavyweights, and try to say it is because they are boring, and American's don't like them, Don't like them? mmmmm back in my day, like it or not, you knew who the heavy champ was all the time..I ask my friends, name a heavy weight champ in the last 15 years? and they go blank..I said do you know it is a Ukrainian with one of the best boxing records? " just behind ali and the greats!! But i never hear about him in boxing or the news, and they say it is because we don't like that he is Ukrainian? Or we don't like fast fights that don't last? When did this change happen? Back when i was watching heavyweights, we loved a fast fight with a big knock out..We hated watching the borning tech fights that just slapped and run around the ring for 10 rounds...ugh.. " mite be some one cup of tea" but we come to see some big blows and a fight!! not a work out. I think it come down to " big American boxing managers" Just ran out of American heavyweight champs, " due to injury " and figured out they could hype up some lightweights that don't get hurt at much, and turn that into America's new boxing..I cannot watch heavy weight boxing even if i wanted too " unless i paid big bucks" back in the day, atleast i could watch heavyweight reruns and low contender heavy weight fights, they all gone...So am i from boxing " unless they start to change and bring back some heavy hitters!!" BTW just my opinion, so if you love lightweight fights " which i do some of them " don't take offense;)..lol
  20. Gun safe with a dehumidifier is the best way to go i think, no amount of grease or oil will stop humidty in the end " it helps thou" , Silicone packets can help a lot too...I keep every silicone package i see now, see a big bag of them pop out of a nice big box ..grab them up and stick them in my safe and everything else . silica gun socks do help i hear..i got one " but i don't fully trust it" Other than that, i clean it " even when it is not dirty" Moisture does not give a damn about oil and cleaners in the long run..just like a engine block full of oil and cleaners, " it won't care" I learned long ago cosmoline and oils just not good enough " but helps if you got nothing else" i got some nice magazines for a 308 m14 that where packed in cosmoline, they did not work well..I figured cause it was full of cosmoline " which it was " Not only was it full of cosmoline, it was also full of rust!! , on the outside they was nice, on the inside they looked like they was from ww2 ;) moisture worked right around and still got in and ruined the magazine. Ugh!! lol
  21. Yes, Western Auto I got a Western 20 gage shot gun my gramps got from a Western auto back in the day ;)
  22. Rotary service still avalible in my house too, we use to have a few of them, but i ran into this old black bakelite heavy wall hanger, this phone had to be wired up inside your home by a phone company repair man, it had no cord.. i had to open it up and figure out how the heck they wired it..I'm lucky i contacted a few rare phone sites and they showed me " with out it you will be lost tring to hook one up" I though.. simple phone like this, be easy to find the right spots..lmao!! i was wrong, but figured out the right spots to attach the wires with some expert help, and it works like a top!! ;) so many want to use it when they see it on the wall..lol They always say, cool phone dout it works thou..and i say..go ahead works like a champ..and they always say really? can i call some one? lmao
  23. They are, they're getting it down to the point now that most modern guitars sold " cheap or not" play decent and have good sounds, some use cheaping parts, but still the guitar plays just about the same. But i have ran into a few Korean guitars that did not shave the fretts down enough and it felt pretty rough down the neck. thats about it thou..nothing i could not play on stage all day thou ;)
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