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  1. Yes!! i had to look a little more, i noticed the mark on the neck and i had to look up the LTD ;) i hate when ESP does that.. LTD is there cheap line, " not made in japan" Korea or indonesia Now saying that, i know some people hate korean guitars, but i played some that was not bad at all. Most of the new guitars are decent players over all..feel down the neck, if you can feel every frett, you can tell they did not finish it well...Korea did put out some high quality guitars for a very short time in the 60's tring to break into japan's market, but they got down graded real fast and went for the cheap market " American and Japan had the spendy market owned"
  2. To be honest man..If that is the real deal, it is worth 3,000 all day long " if it's the 1990's version" they only made 42ish i think of them , made in Japan custom shop, Honestly i like "some" Japan guitars better than American, they make high quality guitars. If this is one of the new NAM show Kirk ESP's, the price is 9,000 dollars. buyer beware thou!! this guitar has been faked alot!! Extremely limited. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ESP-KH-2-OUIJA-KIRK-HAMMETT-SIGNATURE-GUITAR-VERY-RARE-CUSTOM-SHOP-/181708933129?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a4eb24809&nma=true&si=KwDku%252FDGGfmSzu3FWkPyJ83oyUg%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 But!! that could be a Korean and Indonesian-made LTD..Watch out for the old LTD trick, but even the LTD version of this guitar was limited, and i heard around the same price you talking about originally," 1400$" but LTD is known for cheaper version of ESP. They are pretty much like Ephiphone is too Gibson.
  3. But in a Ranchero " the moon buggy would be exposed to the elements unless you put a ugly camper on it... Plus i bet this would get better rear traction than a Ranch ;) But that being said...Ranch is the reason this did not take off " unless moon buggy got soooo popular you had to make a custom car just for it" but that did not happen. lol Not many was going to buy a car that was made for a 6 wheeler, and not much else. lol Ranchero was a little more versitle, but got replaced fast by little trucks. https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7347/16268556969_7ef1c7b212_b.jpg 71 rancher with camper...ewwww ..give me the montago please! lol call me crazy..but i think it looks good with the fast back..like a mix of muscle cars of the time. Banana splitts! Nooooo that is a Space:1999 buggy ;) hehehe jk
  4. You know, only reason i can think why they did not was cause they was showing off the redesigned rear end. I'm sure the front end looks like a regular Montego " but would of been nice to see the full package" but i think the promo people was tring to show off the work they did to raise funds and such , I think it is neat, but i can see why it failed " talk about a super small market" I would love to own it thou..lol
  5. Wow, i think for a odd idea, not a bad lookin car:) I would own it!! Plus i love them 6 wheel moon buggies..lol A guy in town use to own one, and we took it all across rivers and up the steepest hills, had a v twin briggs for a engine..lol http://www.carstyling.ru/en/car/1971_mercury_montego_sportshauler/images/27229/ Was a real concept, i wonder what happend to it?
  6. I like when people tell me a 351 cleveland is just a 302 with 351 windsor heads ;) Heard that from a few chevy guys " had to correct" lol
  7. Got the Outer limits dvd for my pap last year, still a great show!!' " grew up watching that with him. I been working on old space1999 a little, adding a little music remix too it..Seeing how the show would feel like with more epic tunes..lol Did not change anything, but the music. " usually i don't like music remix" but the space 1999 disco original style music is just not up to par for a lot of younger folks..lol Plus i thought it gave a diff flavor to the show too ;)
  8. Well...A lot of peeves you have to get over owning a classic " specially our years" From people acting like they know all about it, too being swarmed at the gas pumps by the same people.. Some out of jelously have to walk up and say some smart arse remark, or say some year was better. But i have to say the most trouble sum for me.. Is when i take the cover off my stang or pull it out, right now it is under a cover next to my house" it attracks people like bee's too honey..I cannot even get going with out some one driving down my street super slow scope'ing out my house and everything else " just cause i own a old classic car" Then the knocks come, and i get the people who say, i seen this car here for a long time, wanna get rid of it? I'm mostly nice and say, yes i'm sure you seen this car sitting here for a long time, i have owned it since i was out of high school, and nope it is not for sale..A few times i will get a person who walks up and acts like i'm destroying a classic, just cause i own it and they don't.. Had one guy years ago pull up with a neck brace on i will never forget.. I was busy and i heard a knock on my door, and this guy is standing with a neck brace on.. He says in a fast weird way. Mustang for sale? I said my usual nope, owned it since highschool. guy has the nerve to say, well it just going to rott...I said it will rott too the ground before you ever touch it. He tries to recover knowing he just pushed my button and ask " what motor does it got? I said it don't matter what motor it has , get the f$ck out of here!! he takes off " best part!!" About a week later i drag my car up too my dads garage, i was cleaning my house and i seen that guys truck pull up, and him looking all over my property for my car!! I'm just laughing my ass off.. He pulls off halling ass all pissed thinking i sold it...Bahahahahhaha But even under a car cover and hidden next to my house, i still get strangers pulling up asking about it..Is that a Mach 1 under the cover? i almost have to bury it some days...I had a guy show up just 2 days ago, asking about it.." atleast he was nice about it".. Had my cousin who was visiting seattle!! in a big biker rally, a guy asked him where he was from.. and he said Benton city, Guy says oohhh you ever see that red mach 1 as you drive into that small town? I always wanted to ask if he wanted to sell it..And he laughs and says..That is my cousins car, and nope he will not sell it..lol That blew me away, i guess there is not much to look at in my town besides my car..lol " jk" I don't mind talking about my car, but if people going to be a ass and think they will bully me into selling my car, or school me with their vast amount of information about my car, well they got another thing coming!!! lol ;)
  9. Ya..Weather was crap, i did not expect any of you would even make it up there..lol " or i mite of popped up" I did not expect much of a turn out this weekend with the weather so cruddy. i did not even bother going up. And yup, don't think they got much love for the stangs up there;) cars look great thou!!
  10. Hey!! ready for a new student? ;) hehe jk Awesome vid...I been lookin at some pocket cruizers lately " nothing that big" around a 24'ish footer.
  11. Man that sucks Mike, And AOD is not my fav transmission...Great that it has a overdrive, but in stock forum " with no upgrades" it is known for having issues...I had to help my buddy replace 2 of them few years ago ..We talking about the same trans Ford puts in Ford Rangers and Taurus.. They where known trouble makers right off the bat. We had to take one out of a Ranger and a Taurus..He was keeping the ranger and upgraded and rebuilt the trans himself..The taurus he did not care about as much, he got a reman AOD for it, but was a work car and he treated it decent...and it started giving him hell and slipping after only 10,000 k...He sold the Taurus cause of the trouble it gave him in the trans. The Ranger that he rebuilt and got the upgrades for, seems to keep on chuggin. But i don't got much faith in a stock AOD. but i hear they can be awesome with upgrades.
  12. Aww comon RPM you can do better than that, what about the rims and no mirrors? " plus that hood strip looks a bit short" and don't think Ford put a factory hole in the window or the wheelie bars either .hehe ;) Great beast thou, and cool he went back to his roots as a teen for his new mustang.
  13. Yup, i like boats.. Enjoy all types of them, but dare i say it? personaly i been looking at pocket cruser sail boats with a kicker motor, to drag around into lakes and some sound sailing "and survive the ocean if i needed too"...something i can sleep on with my family, and learn some new skills, take them out on lakes and such, atleast when the motor goes out you can sail home..lol Plus some real nice deals out there with new sails, motor, and everything. " plus i can still fish on it ;) Been on a lot of fun bass boats and speeders, but think a sailboat more my speed now days " pain in the arse at times too" but i been learning alot about them, and will join the local sailing club before i jump in full bore. they offer sailing courses for cheap around here;)
  14. First car Terry owned was a red and black mach 1:) Terry Leggett was there when the Pro Modified movement started. However, the Pinetown, North Carolina-based logger's name gets lost in the shuffle of the legends roll call. Those who remember those historic first days remember his colorful classic Thunderbirds carrying the "Looking Back" nickname. Leggett's Thunderbird was part of the memorable "world's fastest" group along with Charles Carpenter, Robbie Vandergriff and Norm Wizner just to name a few. Leggett later tried his hand at mountain motor Pro Stock and eventually returned to his home of racing quick and fast outlaw doorslammers. Leggett still plies his trade of racing fast doorslammers with arguably the quickest and fastest Ford Mustang Mach 1 in the world as a PDRA Pro Extreme racer. And as Leggett has done so well, he looks back, and races the same kind of car he drove as a teenager in eastern North Carolina.
  15. Old bias ply tires will always last longer " age wise, not milage" than steel belted tires...Steel belted tires depend on the steel knitting inside holding together, and reason why people have a lot of blow outs on old used steel belted tires cause some folks don't rotate them the right way, once a steel belted tire gets use to going one way, then gets rotated or sold to some one that puts the tire on the wrong side of the car " than it was use to going" the steel gets loose in the tire and falls apart. I remember my dad buying some nice " out of the sun" like new tires for his truck...We mounted them and with in a day of driving, they started to egg out and all of them exploded.. My dad just took home a old barn find, 1950 ford with bias ply's from the 60's on it, they drive a little square till they warm up and stop bouncing.. but they still holding up great " not nothing i would truck on highway" lmao.. Steel belted tires nit just falls apart and snaps in spots due to fatigue , or they rust up inside and fall apart.
  16. Ohh yes.. classic. How about ole Flash? ;) I guess James Best was part owner of Flash, he was originaly from a animal shelter and saved by a guy named Alvin and trained for movie rolls. Even know James could claim money from Flash, all money James made as part owner of Flash went to Flashes care.
  17. Ya..Cool Desert nights is one of the best car shows on the east side of wa. if i was planning a trip down here for a car show, that is the one i would book for..lol
  18. I know we all watched James Best, and remember him most playing that roll. Passed away at age 88 yesterday..He played some good old west bad guys too," I still remember him on that episode of twilight zone. I'm sure he will be missed by many. Roooooscoooooo P Coltrane!!! R.I.P
  19. Agree...including having either H pipe or X pipe, can mess with the sound a bit too.
  20. Mine still work like a champ, loud for stock car horns. Mine kinda sound like a school bus.lol I remember the first time i used them, they shocked me how loud they was, and made my friend jump a little too. best horns i ever had on any car i owned " or truck" maybe some one rebuilt mine 25 years ago before i got the car " dout it thou" ;)
  21. Welcome!! What a good lookin machine.
  22. Man, they are scary.. I been in one twister in my life in Missouri where i got some family, and it scared the hell out of me.. Lightning started hitting so close by me it rung my ears like a gun shot, i could smell the electricity. i ran inside fast as i could . and hail started to fall, then a local twister siren warning fired off.. We hid in the basement, twister dropped a block away from us and went back up. Glad everyone ok!!
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