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  1. {Thumbs up} Great lookin car.
  2. Taking pics at a local war mermorial cemetery, got some family buried there. ...I always liked the old m60 tank.. My dad back in the day " ex timberwolf and still alive " we would get to clime all over them in the 70's and early 80's. They really got this one caged in, didn't think i was going to be able to get a good shot of it..My camera lens just fit between the fence..lol
  3. BBC owns Top Gear America, Our Top Gear is the low budget version" on the most part" cause BBC funds Top Gear UK better, while our version has to depend on sponcers and commercials a lot more i guess. plus while paying rights to use the name and the stig and everything else Top gear, i heard jeremy was offered to work Top Gear America, but turned it down , that working 2 shows would just keep him away from home more than he wanted.
  4. Rounding up my buddy mike and a few others to join in and bring there ride ... Who wants to tow my car up there? ;) hehe jk I know a good spot just a couple miles from the show low traffic and purdy desert canyon too shoot them in. side by side machs would be awesome to shoot. Some shots i took years ago at the BC show. Some pics of the canyon, it is like 2 miles from the show or less. Shot of my friends big old fury with a 440 tnt. lots of places to pull off and get up high or low if needed;)
  5. That sucks Jeff, death can make ya think " for good and bad" counts the person. It is never easy, lost my mom when i was young, and lost close friends and family. We all have our own ways of dealing with it. I try to be more light hearted about life anymore, and try to help my friends and family as much as possible...I let more things roll off my back . i don't want to leave with any regrets. " even know it seems we always find a few, or already made them " ;)
  6. Thanks for the ride along, glad too shoot that awesome car, next time im going to break out the cam stands " got small ones for riding on the dash too" and shade the lens better..and shoot it proper, when i forgot to shade the lens when you come back in, it lit the video screen up..hehe was a bit too much traffic to reshoot " and cops" ..sooo i figured it would be good enough for now..Take it out in badger canyon sometime for some awesome pics " plus it is such a great driving road anyways.
  7. Nope, that sheet cost extra, i thought the same thing first time i ordered mine, well come to find out that is only included in the elite. My local mustang guy who ordered it for me originaly years ago, called marti and we found out that break down report cost extra.. at the time was 40 bucks , now i think 60...elite report is 220 bucks now thou...it can still save you some money if you buy deluxe and personalized stats over the elite..but you get some extras with the elite and a nice frame if you care about that.
  8. Ya, was a pretty day and today even nicer, spring here pretty much for us ;) " now that i said that it will snow" hehe
  9. Took some pics of John's beautifull stang, and messed up my shots a bit.. had my ISO all set for moon shooting few nights before..lol.., soooo didn't turn out as well as i hoped cause i forgot to turn the ISO back down to 64.. but over all some pics turned out all right " due too the car being so awesome" ;) We will take her out in my next of the woods John and get some shots of her next time. black and white shot. Interior
  10. Picture i took while out hiking the other day...Not far from my home " about half hour walk" locals call it Browns Rock... According to local legend, a railroad survey scouting party led by a Mr Brown was ambushed by indians at this location, they climed up on the big rock in front of the cliffs and held them off for a few days. The story use to be printed in a local town paper, which brunt down and lost all records.
  11. Thanks Mach 1 lady!! Some great pics Tony, and some very pretty county:) Keep the pics coming!! Shot i took on the way home the other day...Nice day time moon:)
  12. Something cool , Local news station KEPR been using my pictures as there facebook wallpaper...They sent me a message asking if they could use some of my pics:).. One shot i took last week at the old Northern Pacific train Bridge they are using right now. other one i took while hiking on top of horse heaven hills few months ago.
  13. Never forget when dad took me too see Wrath of Khan at the Metro 4.... Movie blew me away with the effects, action, and quite terrifing for a kid in some parts " Ear bugs and such" ;) Great fan made trailer for this classic.. Effects still hold up well today i think.
  14. SRV'S are nice machines:) This old dirty girl is the guitar i must play the most." dirty cause i keep it on a stand a lot" .. My old Charvel fusion deluxe, with vintage dimarzio super distortion pickup. Original blade up front, i been thinkin about getting the original pickup on ebay, now that a fusion deluxe is almost impossible to find it seems. Parts are still floating around for now thou. Had this guitar sense i was in my teens. got it for my 16th birthday.Fusion Deluxe was only made for 1 year.
  15. Counts.. Is it a American made air guitar? or made in korea? ;)..lol
  16. Grew up on Star Trek, seen every movie in the theater " besides the newest one" Watched him in so many extra shows too..Like his In Search of, narrations.. and even the funny music they did " him and William" Mr Nimoy's Version of if i had a hammer, makes me smile and laugh, and his bill bo baggins. I kinda knew this was coming soon, on his facebook he put up a picture about 3 months ago, him begging people to quit smoking. and that he could no longer hardly breath..and that he quit too late and don't make the same mistake!!...he had a good run even thou the health issues..and i hope i can last as long and have that much fun. Go boldly Mr Nimoy, into the great beyond!!
  17. I've approached these "don't get near my car" folks before. There is an odd little psychological quirk that I've noticed with them: If they think you're just another guy who wants to buy their car, they'll immediately get on the defensive about seeing the car, pictures, or anything else. However, if you approach the same person by telling them that you "...have no interest in buying it, have too many in your collection already," and that your interest in it is purely for artful automotive photography - they'll spend the next two hours trying to sell you the car. -Kurt I get a little defensive too when people come up right away and say...how much for the car? You want to sell? I never start out a conversation with a stranger about his car like that, Normaly i get it in my head that the car is NOT for sale...If it is a car from my past or just pretty. ill tell the owner that, and that i just wanted to check it out ...and if they pop up with information or if i get comfy enough with his or her personality....I will ask if they thought about selling it any time? Even the car above, i told the gal i just had too stop in and talk about the car for a min, i seen it for so many years. she told me that people come in and offered 50,000 and she turned them down " how true it is im not sure" But that was 20 years ago, and saying a number like that was crazy back then..hehe But ya, i'm with ya there.. Some of these people get tired of dealing with jerks and weird people who think you should sell the car now, just cause they showed up on your door, i had a few people show up after my car, that are lucky they did not leave with a black eye..lol Every time i uncover my car or move it around, i will have some one pop in on it and ask, some of them down right rude. One day i was tring to leave my house, and strange guy popped in with a neck brace on, first thing he said, is how much for the car? And not even in a nice way... I said it is not for sale... and he says shit, it will just rott and i dout it even runs " at the time it ran just fine" I said lisin here.. it is not for sale and it will rott before i let you own it.. he tried to switch topics and said..well what motor does it have? I said it does not matter what motor it has and you better leave.. He ran off too his truck and took off down the road all pissed off..lol.." even better" about a week later, i started it up and moved it up too my dads shop for a while... i looked out the window and i seen him and his truck sitting out on the road..looking all over my property for my car!! and then him peeling off down the road all ticked off...He probably thought i sold it!! lmao!! ;) some people thou...i see why he had a neck brace on..lol
  18. same thing here about this car, but i still stop in and look at it and dream :)..lol Always some of these rare ones in every town, one person gots something and not till they pass on, will you ever find out what all they really had..lol I know where a poor steve mqueen green factory fast back gt with a 390 all original with a 4 speed,, mint books about 90,000 when i last looked it up..This one in fair condish...Worth a good 30,000 i bet," not nothing eye boogling in price" He is ripping out the 4 speed.. he is cutting in holes and putting scoops in the side like a 1969 mach 1, he is cutting out the front grill and cutting the shock towers out...says he wants to get to the cam better..for what ever reason...we begged him not too and just to sell it and get a ratty 69 to do this with...Nope..his car..shame..it will take a lot of money to ever get the car back again. Has orignal rim's..had orginal green paint with the gt stripe on the bottom of the doors and everything..Unmolested till this guy got his hands on it some how..but!! it is his stuff, even if he wants to burn it down to the ground...He has that right...But ..we had to try ;)
  19. Ya, it has a neat paint job, and not a cheap one from what i can see..ill try to get a front end picture next time im in town. And finding a buyer for this car is easy!! Buying it from the gal is another story ;)
  20. Yup, she is the type of lady that likes to get peoples goat!! She loves to pissed off her local city in every way possible, cause she refuses to upkeep her lawn and she lives in the middle of town, i been told she pays a fine rather than keep it up..hehe..And she has never grown a spot of grass in her lawn in 35 years i seen..lol..But she does grow some odd tree's and such in pots. I think she keeps the car out there, just so she can tell people they will never own it ;) hehe She told me, it was a car she got for her son, and she took it away from him, and now he successfull and she never gave back the car,,,I heard all sorts of stories from guy died in nam, Or was in jail, too people who say they know everything about it... Over the years i decided to believe what she told me originaly, and plus she keeps the car just to tick people off..i think she gets a kinda kick out of it..lol ..She did not make me mad, but i had to ask about it. and she has every right to treat the car how she wants.. but she pushing the clock now, gots to be in her 70's-80 now. i just hope it goes to a good home some day. My Dad told me he rememberd the car well rolling around 69-70ish and was one of the hottest mustangs around town at the time " My dad owned a Shelby GT350 at the time" So he said he kept a eye on alot of mustangs at that time..Then it was parked there and never moved again..lol Only good thing, it is here in the tri cities " also known as the Dry cities" lol This is a good place to store classic cars, trains, and such. but such a classic paint job does need to be saved..i hope in time.
  21. This old girl has been sitting in the same spot " rolled back and forth a few times" sense i was a small child.. I remember my dad pointing it out too me when i was so young i had to stand in the seat too see it..lol...Lady is a stern gal, and i heard sooo many stories " but i will keep to what i know, not myth" I decided in my late 20's to finally ask what the deal on this car was.. all i know it has a stock shaker and square exhaust tips , 4 speed.. she said it was a stock big block " She was not sure on which one " I asked if it was for sale, she said some crazy high price at the time, and i said..awww that is why it sits.. and i could tell, even if you come up with the money she wanted, i bet she still would not get rid of the car. Not till she passes on will this car ever leave home...She keeps it full of stuff. and people bug her daily about it still " new people in area that don't know better" hehe..It is her car thou, to do with as she pleases. I hope some day it finds a good home, wild classic paint job on it..lol.. been sitting from what my dad told me, sense Vietnam in the same spot..Sometimes they push it up father in the drive way. Shame it sits thou. one of them local cars that you cannot buy. ;)
  22. I had a nice talk with the Editor of mustang monthly before... Atleast the guy was nice enough to respond and have a decent conversation about my concerns over 71-73...I emailed them cause they put a story years and years ago, a time line story of all stangs..and when it come to 71-73 first words i read is pretty much...The 71-73 mustangs ballooned too almost 4000 pounds...I was like wtf? I emailed them and had a conversation with the editor...and i told them..curb weight is diffrent than a fully loaded car..He replied said he would really look into what i said...i think a lot of times, we take info at face value and forget to recheck for our selves. I do not blame him totally for the miss information...Could of been any trusted tech who said "Man they was 4,000 pound fat whales!! with out double checking the information ;)
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