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  1. Lookin awesome man!! When you are done, come on over and help me with mine ;) hehehe jk
  2. Griffin makes a damn good one i think, i don't own one, but i helped put one in a old 73 firebird. Worked like a champ. " still is over 6 years later"
  3. The Bloody knuckle motor club ;) that is what usualy happens too me when i work on rigs..lmao
  4. Hi Mike....different car you OLD GEEZER. Whew! That explains his comment about the racing mirrors! I was getting ready to jump in with both feet!!! :) But to his defense , we are all used to hearing about your Mach 1 and associating you with that car. Ray Yup, i jumped the gun and just thought he was talking about his car lmao which really made me go..huh? ;)
  5. That sounds about right. Nothing that a quick front end job wouldn't have fixed. Honestly, the most expensive part of it all are those bushings; Rock Auto has way too much overstock of the 9" Mopar drum parts - they're practically giving it all away. A knock in a slant six? Who would have known. Excuse to swap to a Magnum 5.2 ;) Thanks for the compliment - my little bugger just turned 22k original miles last month! -Kurt Ya i know..not much to the front end..But everything else was telling me this car i was looking at, could turn into a fast money pit. " guess they all can" But too many things leaping out at me saying, it on the last leg!! lol I tell you what...We went everywere my buds old val, his had a 318 stock as a rock, take off quick and burn tires but it would lose it on the top end,, We could never get it past 100..lol..But up too that point it was pretty peppy.. We beat that poor car all over the mountain side, think only thing that ever let us down was the classic Dodge starter..Had to replace it.. But that little 318 ended up going waaaay over 250,000 before he sold it..Fond memories of that car...It even got us threw some pretty nasty snow storms..lol
  6. Hi Mike....different car you OLD GEEZER. lmao;) I'm just over the hill, and ready to roll! I still got quite a few mystery codes on that thing my self..lol
  7. Yup..my old thread...Soooo i'm wondering... Jeffs car is very close to mine in options, including dual sport mirrors, why are our codes so much dif? shouldnt a lot of our codes match? Besides the white top he has every option mine does i think..unless some interior was dif? I thought don nailed some of mine on the head..But some are wrong...ADX code and such, i did not have a black interior..lol Or is this not the buck tag on your car jeff? i guess it could be off any stang you tring to decode..lol
  8. Definitely not the same car - this one has been down here long before your post in 2014. You shouldn't have walked away. The wiggle was almost definitely from the combination of factory alignment settings (a whopping 5 degrees positive camber for bias-ply tires, and hardly any caster) combined with radials. The result is a skittish front end that goes anywhere. The worst problem to all of this is that almost every single commercial laser alignment rack available today comes with the original bias-ply settings, thus ensuring most all of these cars will have their front ends adjusted wrong. The solution is to adjust for the settings below and install offset UCA bushings - offset inwards on the front, and outwards on the rear, thus making the upper control arm longer in front, and shorter in the back. This chart shows the ideal radial adjustments and also the offset bushings: http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/showpost.php?p=1969966173&postcount=11 My '69 would go everywhere over the road before I put the offset control arm bushings in it and nagged the hell out of the shop to do it based on that skosh chart. It's now my best garage sale machine. Ever. -Kurt It was more than just wiggling!!..i was being nice ;) the car wanted to leave the road at 15 mph..lol..If you had a cup of coffee in your hands,, the coffee would be in your lap at 15 mph..hehe .when i removed the hubcaps, i could see it was leaking grease out of the front end,,,soooo it needed whole new front end bearings and such..That year of dodge had really light front end anyways..it was shaking so bad i felt like the tire was going to come off before i got it home..lol...annnnd maybe a engine too...it had a small knock in the bottom end when you started her..So it mite of needed new bearings there too.. but if i drag another carcass home, my family will disown me for not putting that work into my Mach 1..lol Good ole cars thou..and that looks like a really clean one you got!!
  9. That is just about the same thing i told them before i even made a offer..lol...But i held back a little excitment so i didn't get took to the cleaners ;) You know what's funny? It's been a few months shy of a year since this little discussion, and I now own a slant-six Valiant. What's more, there's a local fellow who has toyed with offering me a white, 1965 two-door pillared Dart. From his description (I've never seen it), it's an absolutely identical car to yours. -Kurt Lmao!! It mite be!! i ended up walking away from it...They told me it just needed new tires and such, but when i got it driving down the road...it started too wiggle all over hell..something was major bent in the front end, i was not looking for that big of a project " i still got my mach 1 to finish" i was hoping to make it a back up ride...that did not happen..i dont got time to rebuild the front end and who knows what else on it...sooo if it wiggles badly down the road at 10 mph...it could be the same car!! lol
  10. Ugh...that kinda sucks, i wonder if they just did not have the data to split that... Ummm i would expect a lot more fastbacks got the vinyl treatment than Mach 1's.
  11. Think this is the photo some of you was thinking of, " glad i saved it " ;)
  12. Jeff, does that include mach 1's in that % ? or is that just fastbacks only?
  13. Think i rather up a subscription too Nat Geo than mustang monthly anymore ;) Better on the toilet reading!! lmao
  14. Wow I've never see a white one. I know they were available in other colors but I've never seen a white top. Thanks for the feed back. No problem, i couldn't imagine what she looked like on the show room floor..lol red and black striped with white interior and white top? I never seen one look like it " maybe that why she one of one" lol It must of looked like a flag rolling down the road, hard to miss!! ;)
  15. I always thought the 64'ish T-bird slide out of the way steering wheel was cool and odd... Edsel's steering wheel push button trans.....And the old Mercury breezeway with the rear roll down window. And yup Luke...I dont know why they did not put a Dodge swivel on there...I took a pic of one just last year.
  16. Yup,, had one..Matter of fact it made mine one of a kind ;)
  17. Nice lookin shark. Funny thing about vette's. You will run into the types that say vette sucked after 72, " same as you will run into mustang guys, who say mustangs died in 1970 ;).. My friend ran into such disrespect about a cream puff 1976 corvette he got...He took it too a few car shows, sucker was in great shape, all vett owners turned there noses up at it, cause it was only 210 hp stock...In a car that light, it still would get a 3rd gear scratch.. It was not a chump on the road. he was driving down my street one day, and a 427 vette was parked on the side of the road looking at a map.. He drove up and said "what a nice car, i got a vette too...Guy did not say thanks or anything, just says, what year? My buddy says 76 " you could see the guy roll his eyes" I can understand it was a big drop in horse power. but i do not understand the diserspect they get from fellow classic vette owners..lol Not many corvette's i would turn my nose up at i guess..lol...I was use too that kinda treatment from other classic mustang owners. lol
  18. It gave me a good excuse to buy a new tv ;) lmao
  19. It is..Was in honor of shady brady ;) jk...Naw that football is like 15 year old and hardly out of the box..lol Was a good game..One mistake..Man..close:( but was still a good game.
  20. Ready for the big game!! Got all my vintage gear out too. Win or lose, i'm glad my team made it so far, and proud of how well they played. Leather football helmet i had made years ago, by the same guy who made them for the movie leather heads, all made 100% authentic " down to the awfull chin strap" ;) Hope everyone has a great day " if you watch or not" and even if your team not playing..Have a good one guys!!
  21. All counts on the kid i think, i got my mach 1 as my first car right out of high school...I never crashed it, bumped it, or done anything too it in the 23ish years i owned her. Road raced a few times in my youth " and in very safe spots" But was always worried about loosing my car or worse!! I grew up driving dirt bikes as a kid, so the thrill of going fast was not needed as much..i had plenty of going fast, jumping, and hurting my self growing up. and i'm not the type of guy that lets friends bully him into making a bad choice while out driving..Sure i mite show off a little and punch it, but i always knew where and when. My friend just had his teenage daughter pile up a honda this weekend,, " was not a hot rod either" She ok, but my buddies insurance is going to take a monster hit..lol it was all her falt too..She drove into the side of a 18 wheeler " shakes head" going like 35mph.
  22. Classic, looks lot like johns mach 1 ..jobo.
  23. Welcome!! and awesome she is the first owner.. A few first owners on this site ..Post of some pics when you can.
  24. Yup, when you think you have to pull your gun and shoot at real people " not targets" is scary...your head feels like it going to burst, and your hand will shake, and everything else, your life on the line and other things..wow, it is a freaky feeling..Only once did i think i was going to have a real fire fight in Wa state..lol We was up on a old logging road no one used away from everything, camping, just me and 3 other freinds...One friend was kinda anti gun, and complaning about the amount of fire power i wanted to take with me, Told me you're guns are going to get us killed...i laughed and said i don't go into the woods unarmed and if a big bull decided to come into camp and stomp you and your tent in, you will be begging for my gun..lol...Other freind " federal guy i was talking about" went with us...Took his colt m4 and a pistol too. When night fell, i stuck my fully loaded black powder 44 pistol in the chair next too me, incase of critters...always gets spooky at night anyways so far up in the woods away from everything...Suddenly 4 big 4x4 trucks come busting up on our camp with spot lights. full of people, then about 20 hunting dogs come runing up the canyon " illegal night hunters" and was not hunting season , probably after bear or something, my anti gun friend says..."Get your guns, get your guns!! all quite too me " i still give him hell about this night to this day!!" i quitely said i already got it in my hand ....My federal friend sitting across the camp had his m4 colt and was hunkered down by the truck...We had about a 15 min stand off...And i had a feeling they was close to just jumping out and tring to mess with us or worse..they peeled off thou and did not say one word...They did not want to be turned in im sure, they just was figuring out if they could do something i think ..way out where we was, we was on our own. I still tell him...Get your guns!! Get your guns!! lol..Lets just say, he will never complain about my gun again ;)
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