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  1. Aww the automag....I own a old bad boy 45 win mag. My cousin shooting it..Made him back up a step when pulling the trigger fast as he could..lol vid i did on it...it did get 11,000 hits thou so far..Not too shabby.
  2. Guess i'm a bit old school when it comes to packing.." but i like to pratice with a bit of everything" .Got many diff wheel guns i like to carry, but the one i pack most around here " if im out hiking or don't want anyone to know im carring a gun, is this little astra cub in 22 short ;) my grampa got the gun for my granny when a murder happend at the local hospital my granny worked at..This little mini 1911 has a heck of a bark for only 22 short " most think it is a 380, due to the noise that comes out, it will ring your ears quite well..lol..Has a floating style barrel like a big boy and a hammer. old school leather holster i can button just about every where with a strap. Next to my bed...welllllllllll got just about all my wepons in my room, not a good place for anyone to be breaking into " im a light sleeper" you name the cal, i probably got it in here . When it comes down to trouble, i constantly lisin to my dad" ex timberwolf" and my good freind who works for federal security,, He told me in police academy in dallas, they would show him video after video. of fast draw cops that got killed. because they was more worried about pulling the gun and shooting fast as they could, instead of taking a little bit of time...But like they said..hard to do everything you intend when under stress...They showed a cop video of a ex vet that a cop pulled over... the cop pulled his gun when the ex vet would not comply, the ex vet started reaching for a gun... The cop pulled fast, and started shooting all his rounds...He had a 9mm glock with hi capacity 17 round mag in it, he told me.. He missed with every shot..He said the vet very calmly reached under his seat and finished pulling out his gun..a m1 carbine, jumped out, and he ran over to the cop and killed him before he could reload. and they would tell them...Most importaint, Be calm!! Hardest thing to do when your life is on the line thou.
  3. Haha hope you have a fire extinguisher next to it as well :D Oh yes..plus i know the spark range ;) I done a lot of night firing test with it..lol old vid i did at night with it.
  4. Freezing fog coming over the hills behind my house " think i took this start of winter this year" As a kid i use to think it was kinda spooky ;)
  5. My fav home defense revolver is my black powder 44 remington. I keep it loaded on only 5, resting on dead cil, ..Nice blidning flash..Chance of catching them on fire, and shooting my own custom poured conical bullets ;) Not something i would recomend thou for everyone..lol...All counts how late it is, and what is going on, " i will show up at the door with the proper artillery. lol
  6. Great picture...And what a awesome memory to go with it. I remember my dad letting me loose with my mach 1..he sure did give me a lecture on how much trouble i could get in..and how worried he was that my first car was a bit of a hot rod..lol..I promissed him i wouldn't ever do anything stupid in that car, It must of worked, i have a spotless driving record and i still got the car!! lol
  7. Yup i agree Don, train train train, and teach teach teach.. My dad had 45/70's and 58 cals on the wall with plenty of ammo " no locks" ..But!! He took me out and let my curious arse shoot them monsters..After pulling the trigger on them, i did not want anything to do with them!! they hurt the hell out of me being a little kid, and showed me the power and how terrible it can be, and not something i should mess with!! like being shocked by a electric fence for the first time, after that, kid does not feel the need to play with them and will stick to the plastic ones that dont hurt till they are ready;) As for a good home defense gun in town, it is hard to beat the old Taurus judge in 410/ 45 for ladies....No jamming, or slide to worry to pull back, i know some gals have issues with pulling back the slide properly. dual purpose and great in town gun with the defensive 410 shot gun rounds..and not too shabby with 45 auto at the range, and hardly any kick with 410 shot rounds...cheap gun to buy too. " not my choice as a daily shooter or anything" but great gun for home defense!! don't got to worry about 410 shot going far with the short barrel too. " threw homes and such" One i praticed with " with buck shot" pattern was pretty weak at past 25-30ish foot.. "riflings make the shot spread out far too far past that" Perfict for in the home...15 foot..you cannot miss!! ;)
  8. Hope you have a good one. {cheers}
  9. Looks like a locally made letter box scoop from the mid/late 80s. I would probs just try and find a new hood. The only half bearable way to have a third hole is with a reverse cowl scoop like this photo,but our falcons are a lot chunkier and more aggressive in styling than the clean aero shape of the mustang [/img] The falcon GT 3rd style not too shabby..Cowl induction hood does not look too bad " and really works" I always have a issue with the 3rd scoop " unless you runing in nascar or a real race car ;)...Just ruins the look of such a great looking hood already in my eyes, you can stuff plenty of power under the hood without having to cutt..But if that is what you are stuck with using, by all means find the best looking version for you...But if you do the 3rd scoop, expect a lot of criticism down the road..I get a little lip about my red nostrals on my mustang...my black painted bumper..and my non matching black sport mirrors...but i think she looks great!! and i dont care too much about the lip...all counts on what you want. and no matter what you do, you can always find a diffrent hood later on if it bugs ya.
  10. Some cheap repro spoilers love to bend up in a U like this..lol
  11. I owned one...1974 mach 1... Mine was fully decked out from the factory, had 3 way adjustable shocks stock, Rear end code was X " if i remember right it had 3:50 or 3:40 or something rear ratio...It had sway bars front and back and a rare all aluminum RAD 4 speed with euro cutt gears...Some one pepped up mine with a 4 barrel and headers, and put wide tires on it.. It was a great handling peppy little beast, a lot of people thought it had a v8 in it....That colonge v6 was nudered here in the USA, it had much more HP in europe. there version of the same motor got around 160 hp tops. "turbo version was pushing 220" in a light car like this it was not too shabby;) Pro's...They got very strong tuff bodies...Specially when it comes to modding them...Cons, so small v8 has a tuff time fitting..but i seen 460's stuffed in them on the drag strip, so anything possible..lol Some have zero love for this car, i for one think it was a fine car . in stock forum kinda weak " but it had just as much potential to be a beast on the road as any other mustang with proper mods.
  12. According to Dan Jones and a few other's... 4V heads have very large ports. The intake. The 4V exhaust port has a hump then a sharp drop with an exaggerated area change. The port exit area is very large but much of it is wasted and the flow velocity low. The resulting poor intake to exhaust flow ratio requires a cam with additional duration (typically 10 degrees or more) and lift on the exhaust side for best results. Reason 4V heads work best with a dual pattern cam. " Pontiac Motors need a dual pattern cam due to the same reason.
  13. http://home.comcast.net/~rmaginnis858/b302pics/Temp/EnginePaintSprayOut9.jpg Good picture idea there.
  14. I did not put the valley pan on my aluminum mainifold either..worked just fine...Just the nice Felpro Gasket set, you do not need the valley pan at all if you runing aluminum...And be super generous with the RVT on the corners of the mainifold..Or it will leak, first time i put mine on it leaked on the corners " and i thought i put too much RVT on there" lmao
  15. Nice Kit, they sure can make some nice rims now days. Not a fan of the black out either " Only on a real stealth figher or bomber" now that looks good..hehe
  16. Awesome totalled...Now that looks fun!! Ya..we could make our own Maryhill cruze. Biggs sure has not changed too much in 35 years ;) Picture i took of bigs back in the 70's, got to love the cabovers.
  17. I agree jim, it was looking pretty bleek... I told my buddy " we going to need a David Copperfield moment now too win" Soon as i said that in the final 6 min, all hell broke loose!! lol I said damn, there is magic!! {grins}
  18. Watching the pats game...But its looking like a blow out, but what a Seahawk game!! wow!! cannot believe that one, what a heart attack game. Made me break out all my old seahawk stuff...For better or worse, i been a fan and supported them when i could...Not many hawk fans can say they got a John Freisz rookie card.." Face Palm" ;)...Notice my leather ball says AFC...I got that thing 20 years ago..lol
  19. Pretty cool. I'll have to take a trip there to see it. Well worth the drive.. It is a nice drive anyways, good day trip that you can make it home with plenty of time...Plus biggs across the way if you need some cold drinks or something to snack on..if you go and got the room "tell me"..lol...would love to take some pics of it all with my new camera...and maybe we can get my cousin scott to roll down with his trans am...He just had to replace all the wiring under the dash...she almost caught fire!!...BTW..your white mach 1 would look amazing pulled up next too it..lol Funny off topic...But you know back when i was a teen here...we had no 24 hour places to eat in the tri cities at all...our nutty arses would drive all the way down to biggs..just to eat 24 deli food at 2 in the morning!!...awww kids..lol
  20. Down on the Washington/Oregon border...Right across from Biggs junction ...Was built in 1918 by Sam Hill, in honor of WW1 vets that died in klickitat county. He also made a huge estate that is now a museum, a lot of famous celebs at the time helped with the dedication, Including the Queen of Romanian who gave them over 100 things for the museum...i got a pic of it back in the day too. Below is a picture i took back in the late 70's..same day i took the pic of stonehenge, they right close by.
  21. Neat before and after...I took this picture back in the late 70's....Next one around 2011-12ish.....Washington states stonehenge, i use to think it was quite spooky place!! Drove by it just a few years ago, and it all looks new now!!! i think i miss the spooky old look..lol
  22. Aww see...i was talking about the start of this thread ;) http://www.ebay.com/itm/250510413754?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 this kit some people are talked into putting on there cars...I believe a lot of the other mods are awesome !! this one above i have my douts.
  23. It can thou cause a issue..external plumbing is just another potential failure point with almost instant damage possible...Mite also cause a dry start .So if not needed..why add something else that mite leak or worse if it is not needed? right? I will not say anything else...alot of people on 351 cleveland .net have battled to no end, and alot of people will say this mod is no better than snake oil. Dan i bet will even agree unless you pulling 8,000 rpm, this mod is not needed at all...We can agree to dissagree ;) I got a worn out cleveland i drove all my life...I rodded it...I was hard on it...I did not change the oil on time...The bottom end is perfictly fine!! that shows me with my experiance, that mine had no issue at all oiling...i expected much worse.
  24. Cool and thanks!! save me the time of wiring chasing;)
  25. So why did mine never have this issue? ever? This is not the first one my family ever owned...Mine ..Stock oil pump, cold start up 80 pounds..warm 55-60...Well over 180kish on engine, still had amazing oil pressure, and no compression by the time 2008 hit....I used my car for a daily driver for a long time" was only one i had as a kid"...I had a big block chev with only 60k and it ate the bottom end... Parts new inside..everything was great...Bearings gone!! and you can believe me or not ..But it is true.lol And yes we mic'ed my crank and bearings...They are fine.. Good enough to put back in " if i wanted too".. my motor all apart right now. when i move it here next month , i will take a pic of them, everyone can see the magical bottom end mine must of had ..I just wanna know who and some real facts behind it having a issue, Is that a big deal to ask? According too the engineers and others say this is not needed. and messing with the stock crank and plumbing CAUSED this issue. Pro stock did not used this..and first everyone saying if you build performance engine you better have this...Jack did use high volume oil pumps and restrictors and spun his motors at 9500 rpm.. Oiling external is not nothing new " seen it on a model a" and a old ford y block " but it was other way around" it took oiling and put it up top on the valve train. I'm sure he would of used it if it made his engines last longer " same with Nascar" they wanted as many miles at high rpm's as they could get. And yes George Pence is where i read most of this issue from. " you edited in the middle of reply..lol" I understand the thinking behind it..But if you was truely worried when building your motor, wouldn't you just put restrictors and high volume pump, wouldnt that be enough? Motor was desgined to oil very well .Mine did ;) http://mustangsandmore.com/ubb/351Ctips.html Dan Jones... 351 Basics... - For high rpm work with a solid lifter cam, consider the standard oiling mods (galley restrictors and/or sleeved lifter bushings). For under 6500 rpm with a hydraulic cam, stock displacement oil pump with a higher pressure relief spring (or shimmed) is okay. High volume pumps increase output at lower rpm where it's not needed, Nothing about needing external oiling. http://www.network54.com/Forum/119419/search type in External Oil Line on cleveland351.net...Look how many talk bad about it..verse good, and alot of them know the cleveland very well. Most of the expert motor builders even say " unless you spinning at 8,000 rpm , it is probably not needed..But if it makes ya feel better...hmmmm this line has been debated over and over , and without any real end...So i wont keep it going here either..lol
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