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  1. Ya...I kinda figured it was for the power extra's.. Johns car had ac and such, just no power windows.
  2. John " jobo" pointed out some diffrent wiring set up my car had that his did not, i figured it was mostly for the power windows. I have not traced them down yet, but figured if i posted them here, some one who restored there's mite of already done the trace work ;) Jeff does your fully loaded demo car got the same wiring? Extra wires close to the solinoid mounted on the firewall, and a little box with some plugs right next to the master cil.
  3. Awesome pics everyone!! Been a while. " been some busy months for me" I found some of my real old navy pics the other day. Below is a rare and impossible to find picture, Of the New Jearsy and Missouri side by side...I have tried to find other pics of this and i cannot... A site that will never be seen again..We was the last civillians let on the ship before they sent her off to dry dock for refit...If you noticed she still has all the old 40mm protective domes on.
  4. Have fun!! and i hope you get many miles out of that trailer and car:)
  5. What Ford EX-Mechanic thou ? " not douting your information" .I heard same too, but never see a name or anything..Where is documents that Ford had any issues? Bill Gay and the engineer's who designed this motor say diff. From George Pence " Who got the information from Bill Gay himself. As the 351C 4V powered Fords thundered around the banked ovals at 7200 rpm for 500 miles, they did so with complete reliability. They were reliable in spite of their nodular iron cranks instead of steel cranks, in spite of their thin wall block instead of thick bulkheads, in spite of their lack of cross bolting AND in spite of their lack of side oiling. The engineers achieved the 351C 4V's reliability with all those short cuts because they weren't short cuts. Like the wide main bearing caps, the engineers deliberately chose engineered solutions instead of brute force to make the motor reliable.The 351C did not have a reputation for problems in the early years. Through 1973 all the press the 351C 4V received was stellar.<~~~ No bad press till 74 when embargo and smear campain started. 1974 was the first year the 351C received bad press in the magazines. It was the year of the first oil embargo. It was the year that the sbc with its small ports began to dominate the aftermarket parts industry, helped along by a bunch of guys like Vizard & Yunick with vested interests in the little sbc motor. It was also the year Hank The Crank introduced a new crankshaft for the 351C. A magazine writer (numskull) named CJ Baker was a significant source for the body of mis-information that grew up around the 351C 4V. I have never seen any information " besides from websites that say it backwards and repeat alot of old stuff" Nothing from Ford saying they ever had a oiling issue " Some ex mechanics can say alot of nasty things about a company or motor that was not true... I would like too see some real information about that.." and not just cutt and paste stuff from some motor builder site that just cutt and pasted it from another. like from hot rod mag. " which has been torn apart for being wrong on many levels" BTW C.J. Baker was a Hot Rod magazine writer. I was really hard on my car...I did not change the oil on time, i burned the tires and over reved my old 4v too death. lol..My bearings are still like new and do not need to be replaced after 20+ years. " im going to anyways while im in there" but i dont know how old my motor really is, i did not rebuild it, nor do i know when it was done..rings are another matter thou and cam wore out way before anything in the bottom end...i was tuff on this car..was my first car out of highschool. and i seen plenty of other 351's with fine bottom ends with out this mod. Will it hurt? Dout it.. Is it needed? I would like to see some real proof on that...Runing stock crank, they designed it to oil the mains as well as a 427 side oiler according to Bill. I got to ask a bunch of old mechanics at our local circle track years ago, One local guy who been racing there for longer than i been alive.. I asked him cause he ran nothing but Ford engines what he thought about the 351 cleveland...He told me they could get many more miles at the time around the track with a 351 cleveland than a 351W..Only reason he stopped using them was the lack of any performance parts in the late 70's and cost.. He said he had no such oiling issues. " now is this really pretty much a aftermarket crank issue?" He used the iron ones too he said...and this was no joke track...Was the fastest Circle track on the West Coast in the hayday.
  6. I thought the Cleveland was designed so it did not need such mods " long as you have stock crank" Jack Roush swore up & down the only lubrication modifications he used was fitting the standard pump for 0.002" to 0.003" rotor clearance, a high pressure relief spring and his little cam bearing oil restrictor kit. his cleveland motors turned 9500 rpm. Jack Roush's partner, Wayne Gapp, was one of the 351C 4V engineers. I"m sure the insider information he had influenced his decision to retain the iron crank. He did not use this oiling mod. " and it was around at this time". Roush was tring to slow down the oil with restrictors due to the oiling flowing too well with the high pressure pump. It did get a bad rap from Hank the Crank, and made people think it was a oiling issue..In stock forum the cleveland should oil itself as good as a 427 side oiler.." Bill Gays desgined to oil better for cheaper" BTW...not tring to start a battle, and i don't think it would hurt, but i have not seen any real facts behind a oiling issue..." seen alot of the same repeated info on forums about backwards oiling system... got 20 years under my motor and the bearings are tight as hell " and i rodded the hell out of her as a kid" rings gave out before the mains ever dreamed of going..lol..My oil pressure always been fantastic compared to any other ford engine i had...She always sitting about 55-60 pounds after warmed up.... i have read a lot into this kit and even asked quite a few racers and engine builders " all with mixed responces" Ugh, not sure if it helps or not. "Hank The Crank introduced a forged steel 351C 4V crankshaft in 1974. The crank was internally balanced, had extra counter weights AND ... very significantly ... relocated oil passages . Hank The Crank also introduced an external main priority lubrication manifold for the center 3 main bearings in the same year. The relocated oil passages in the crankshaft screwed up the design of the 351C lubrication system" Hank made his external main priority luberication, due too his badly thought out crank oil passages.
  7. How about Simon and Simon or Riptide!! hehe Rockford files has some good old driving parts..James was a heck of a driver ;) Caught a little Starsky & Hutch other day...I do have to say it needed better theme music i think . lol
  8. Oh ya..That is a classic;) And thanks!! I usually don't like rehashing stuff either, but for some reason i was revisiting my megadvd set and thought, mmm how much would it change space 1999 just to replace the music with a much more darker " epic" fitting music? I love the original disco stuff, but i just wanted to see how it would change the flavor of it..lol
  9. Yup..I got the megaset my self..lol...and wanna talk about geek...I started reworking the series with more modern epic music...Space1999 " same with star trek" got ruined from the original idea's...Both wanted too be more serious show " but higher ups though they was too dark" and forced them to make them brighter and funnier, and monsters not so scarey..Sucks for us...But if you notice first season of space is mostly serious and monsters kinda spooky...they brung in Fred as producer. He was brung in for major changes and even know it was not totally his falt...He produced the last seasons of Six million dollar man, Star Trek and space1999. and put a the final nail in them, even know they was about to die anyways lol He was the king of cheese monster costumes it seems." like steve austin fighting big foot"..He did the same thing to space 1999..He turned it into a bit more of a kiddy show. but they was tring everything to save spendy shows.. A lot of these shows started out with a awesome idea, little far ahead of what budgets could pull off..I hear battlestar got canceled mostly cause it was like making star wars every day...It was costing them a ton!!.. and to this date, still one of the most expencive tv series ever made..lol This is my version of the first episode of space 1999..the intro" not finished" lol just raw.
  10. How about some Space:1999 ;) I made this Haynes Version for the Eagle. hehe
  11. Ohh man...I missed your dated!! Been so busy this month thou....Glad it went threw with out any big issues!! woot
  12. Yup, 715 cfm.. 4300D was fords "autolite/motorcraft" bad boy carb of the time and quite the odd ball..I have my original 4300D still, same carb they used in 73 q codes too...Mine come with a spread bore cast iron intake that only works with a 4300D carb....Carb is in my parts room, but the intake is in storage unit thou.
  13. Well...i will have to watch that ;) for better or worse!! lol
  14. Awesome John...When is you're apointment date?
  15. Nothing beats the 1971 royal shelby...Was on ebay a few times for over 100,000...Now sits on autotrader online..lmao http://www.autotraderclassics.com/community/classic-car/1971-Ford-Mustang-987117.xhtml What a rare beast! at 100,000 ..i dont know how it will last..lol http://jdsmotorsports.wordpress.com/tag/jack/ More on it
  16. Yup +2, if it is not on the marti report not factory " or hard too prove" and not worth reinstalling, plus the issues with rust. Even if it was factory, only 2 reasons i could see anyone wanting to put it back on, is if you was wanting to make the car 100% factory original for car shows. or you happen to be one of the rare few who enjoy vinyl tops.
  17. Not something i would do, but awesome none the less.. Plus they get to drive around in something they dreamed up, and is one of a kind.
  18. You know few years ago, I would fully agree that ring tones getting out of controll, but i noticed around here the ring tone music thing is just dieing out...I rarely get bothered or hear many phones where i go, only in the store do i hear one going off " But even that is rare" Maybe people are just more considerate in my area? lol . Mostly i see people digging in pockets with out hearing a noise, even most kids i see now just dig a phone out and text with no ring tone at all " just instant message bleep or buzz" . I know loud stereo's have def dropped off here... In the 90's too 2000's, stereo's would come by just shaking my house apart!! I really never hear them much anymore...At every stop light, i use to hear..BOOM BOOM! Not anymore. They have pretty much dried up here. thing about some loud personal fad's they like to die out, and you look pretty silly sitting at a stop light booming your stereo now days.." same with standing in line with a ugly ring tone" I have never heard a cell phone go off at our church, or at work with a inappropriate ring tone for a long long time.Everyone keeps there cells turned off...Been a while sense i even heard a loud nasty ring tone... I only had a few ring tones i ever used before the fad died out, I had johnny Horton..The battle of New Orleans loaded as my ringer..lol...Kinda for shock value, everyone expect some rock or metal to come out of my phone..and when i would get a ring..It would start out with banjo's!! But hey, give it time and it will die out " OR GET WORSE" lmao but here i dont hear it as much...You all working around alot of kids ? ;) I would say noise polution has dropped in my area 50-75% sence early 2000. I would hear boom boom boom every day..Morning noon and night..It nice and quite and peacefull right now as i type this..lol...now when i hear boom boom, I'm like.that is a dinasour!! " Just never hear it anymore around here" Back in 2000's i could not stand outside with out hearing multi boomers all over town.
  19. Awesome John!! I'll have to share that vid to my facebook if you don't mind ;) SHE SOUNDS GREAT!!
  20. yup..they can look good and fail.. mostly cause steel belted tires need to be rotated one way only. if you buy a used set of tires it is hard to determine what side of the car they was on during there life....Reason why you never rotate your tires side to side..Steel belts get use to going one way and get tight inside the tire.flip it around and boom...tire can fly apart and look just fine...but long as you know the history usualy the tread will fall off before a blow out. My dad once took a gamble on some truck tires for his ford...they looked awesome..Not a splitt or anything mounted on rims still great tread.. his buddy only wanted 20 bucks for all 4...He stuck them on the truck..We drove around town for about a half hour, then the truck started riding funny..We got home and jumped out too look at the tires..and there was football sized eggs growing out of the side of the tires...We had to walk inside and wait while each one exploded while it sat in place...lol
  21. Awesome man , suprized you are not runing a bit bigger carb with that much lift :)
  22. {Salute} Everyone who served. wish everyone a Happy Veterans day!! Here is a picture of my pap back in Vietnam era, 104th Timberwolf special Training division...And a pic i took of him on his new ex- police harley he just picked up about 2 months ago.
  23. My mustang still had original small valve 4v heads on it.." showed them to John just the other day" .I'll have to dig up the pics, but yes some 4v's did have small valves late , it was a very short run just to comply with a change due too racing rules in NHRA "and other sports concerning small blocks" From what i can tell they have a smaller combustion chamber too. very rare to find them on 73 mustangs. Some people thought they was myth " including me" Till i compared them too a set of 71 open chambered i picked up. From what i know there is no horse power report on the diff between the 4v small and big valve in 73...I have a fealing my small valve 4v performed a tad better than the nuttered out 73 4v large valve stock off the factory floor. " with all the emissions crud going on" be neat to see some one build up 2 of the same motors to factory specs and compare.. " who has the money for that experiment? " hehehe
  24. Ya, some mustangs have a seat release solenoid built into the rear of front seats..Mine never had them, but alot did, They let the seats unlock and lock with out having to pull a lever..So when you stop the car and turn off the power the seats should unlock so anyone in the back seat could get out with out hunting for the release, " if i'm correct"
  25. Awesome..I bet getting some fast times with that nice cool air this week too :)
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