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  1. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-curious-71?page=2&highlight=vin+under+fender second page.... should be some better pics from other members on here..but with a inspection mirror and light you can get too it...Check under the drivers side...and yes it is on the rail pretty much under the fender.
  2. Interesting...Did you check the vin under the fender? you have to take the fender off to see it... That is the only way to be sure...The dash one is easy to replace. Take some pics of it too...Mite be aftermarket or possibly done later in its life when the car was moved to a hotter climate " just runing by some guesses" lol ...But to be sure you need to check the vin under the fender.
  3. Was you reading from newer mustangs? on some newer car with air sensors and turbo's and such, you mite run into a leaning issue, everything needs to match thou even on carbs. Users with forced induction engines often opt for short ram intakes because compressors adjacent to the engine, especially turbochargers, heat the incoming air and negate much of the benefits of a cold air intake. Additional problems can result from using a short ram intake in cars utilizing a mass airflow sensor though most of today's sensors automatically adjust without issue. Turbulence in the intake airflow produced by the filter or piping, or a change in intake diameter at the point where the airflow is measured can produce inaccurate airflow readings. The error in airflow then translates to an error in the amount of added fuel. In the worst case, the air/fuel ratio can run lean
  4. Nice vett..."sucks you had to let it go down the road" ..My buddy had a nice little stingray, i was just a bit too tall to enjoy riding in it for long, but that car sure did hall arse. he ended up selling it too, president of a local corvette club scooped it up few years ago. paint jobs sure are spendy!! painting fiberglass is always a issue.
  5. Ya i had a blow out on here while ago about this...I told everyone my cousin said it was not real ram air...Some folks pretty much said , he did not know what he was talking about....He knows fluid dynamics unlike anyone i know ...He helped engineer cem burners that destroy stock piles of biological gasses for the gov, he is all so a car guy....When he told me years ago ram air on my car did not work, i thought of course some air has to be forced in there? But nope, he showed me plenty of diagrams "and data" that shows the air leaps up soon as it hits the edge of your hood...Like he explained...Air is tring to just get out of the way at speed, reason why real ram air like on dragsters are put up so high in the air, or at the very leading edge of the car ...Ram air ports on our hoods are in the dead zone...He said its a decent spot for cold air induction and it does help with HP, but it is mostly to make the car look good with a little usefullness. And yup...Watch the rain at speeds...Heck i had a leaf on my hood on many diff rigs "Including my newer ranger that has way more angle than my mustang hood" that would not blow off a few times while going down the highway..lol...but ram air does look cool don't they? ;)
  6. Looks like alot of fun!! I'll be over that way soon too Mike;) And remember, the invitation goes both ways..I got plenty of room if you get over my way.
  7. Ohh ya..Did the same on a little toyota camry ..I traded a sks too my cousin for it " I paid 120 for the sks "..I had a good idea who to market it too..lol I drove it around for half a year and sold it for 1000...cannot be brand bias " even if its british or from europe" lol i would flip a jag or a MG any day if i got it cheap ;)..lol Heck i just watched my dad last week sell one of his 1950 fords for 5,000..he got it for 2500 out of a barn earlier this year, and put less half a day of his own time getting it too run correctly...Flipping now days is about timing and your local market, and a good eye on how much work it will need.." if any"...But over all i agree a 71-73 mustang is not a good investment to turn a buck, unless you get it on the cheap. But there are alot of classics out there to make cash on. You got to think out of the box a little and not be stuck on what you like personally.
  8. My dad and I have made plenty of cash flipping classic cars once and a while. What i see wrong with most car flippers, they go after only a few styles . I seen my dad get a 1960 caddy hearse for 2000 bucks 2006ish, he sold it for 22,000 on ebay just 3 months later ....Cars can be a great investment, if you plan on just moving it down the road and not stuck on just a few types. and not be attached to them, Best to stay out of styles you really care about..lol" plus have room to store them" Good thing i live i the desert and got plenty of land..lol But as for 71-73's as a great car to flip? maybe if you get amazing price for it..But that will be hard in our years now days,, They are more respected now and people tend to think they are worth more than they really are. This is not the type of car i would be looking at to flip money on..Back when i was in high school i got mine for 1500, i had offers over 10,000 and turned them all down, but if i would of pilled them up a round my house for 1500 back in school?..Sure thing i could of made some money down the road on them.
  9. Awesome pics Edm!! Now that looks like some ice fishing..hehe Looks like a great time woodsnake...That lambo sure looks small in them pictures:)
  10. Any of you add him on facebook? He is always posting some awesome drawings on there.
  11. Some dealer installed options will bring cash..I would not turn my nose up at a Tasca Ford 68 shelby with a 427 FE, Or the holman Moody version if i was lucky enough to find one..Some of these odd ball dealer packages will turn some coin, Long as they are documented and from a well known dealership. That being said, I do not think the funky dealer installed vinyl tops and stuff like that, will bring much of anything. Needs to be more than just rare, has to be popular too.
  12. I can hear her now say...You ole Fish eyed fool!!! ;)
  13. Go to the track all the time...You can make some real cheap drag cars...Long as you keep under 10's the price is not really too crazy...Once run under 10's thou they will make you get a full cage, and has to be NHRA apoved and checked.. you can make plenty of street driveable fun cars up too that bracket...Go read the rules, You will mite find only a few things that make your car illegal for the track..Number 1 thing i see them find on peoples hot rods "that is not legal for the drag strip" is see thru glass fuel filters...Big no no on the track. Alot of people buy them for hot rods cars, and show up at the strip only to find out there fancy see thru fuel filter is the only thing that disqualifies them..lol
  14. This car to me fits the bill perfict just cause of the color..Disco gold too me ;) First Disco was just starting by 1971....discothèque (French for "library of phonograph records", but subsequently used as proper name for nightclubs in Pari, It's initial audiences were club-goers from the African American, Italian American, Latino, and psychedelic communities in New York City and Philadelphia during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Disco also was a reaction against both the domination of rock music and the stigmatization of dance music by the counterculture during this period. The O'Jays' "Love Train" 1972, #1 pop hit..by mid 70's ABBA was topping charts world wide.. mid 70's Donna Summers , Jive Talkin' by the Bee Gees was # 1 in the summer of 1975. KC and the Sunshine Band was getting hits by 73-75..The Trammps pushing out disco by 73...sure i mite be a couple years out, but some big disco hits by 75.
  15. lol..good one!! Now you need to do this challange.. This one has afflicted many of us ;)
  16. Trust me. We begged him to stick this power plant in atleast his 1973 charger he had... http://www.440magnum.com/mopars/2004/november/images/73chargerse_1.jpg Like that but not as nice..It needed some attention and help " but hardly as much as this fury" But he gots mad love for that fury...lol..So he sold the charger and forced us to stick the 440 tnt in the fury..lol
  17. Helped my buddy get his old 71 sport fury on the road...I sure could hear the disco music all the way up threw the canyon:) It has a 1968 440 TNT with plenty of TQ..It use to have a tape deck with a mic, so you could record yourself or sing along with the tunes..Guy who sold him the car ripped it out "for good reason"...Deck sells for about 800-1000 now alone.
  18. Cool..Like bikes my self..My list of bikes is very odd to say the least..lol Grew up riding a 125 yamaha Then got a Harley 175 sx endro i road for a long time a Hodaka 125 Then " miss them badly" Had a BSA 250cc scrambler and a matching Triump 250 single dirt bike A 1977 iron head A part owner in a evo springer i helped my dad with the down payment..He sold it a few years ago and gave me my money back 1986'ish husky 400 two stroke water cooled...still got it:) a funky 1962 harley topper than a old biker guy i knew " he passed on" built it and called it the spree eater..I hope to either finish the spree eater in his name or part it out..cause harley topper parts are worth a bunch..lol..he stuck a big honda cb350 engine on it..Still as plenty of compression and did run ..He use to have a tractor seat on it..and some one took it before i got my hands on the little bike...My project i'm thinking about finishing " among many" Picture of me below on the evo springer...It sure road good thou...and i think i got a pic of the old topper and husky some where too ill post.
  19. Great pics all!! Keep them coming!! Pictures i took last week of a storm above my town brewing...and the sun setting threw the storm clouds.
  20. I do not think it is fair, how can you use the same cam for the diff heads ? "Sure you can" but even Ford had to stick a "special" dual pattern cam in the 4v cleveland for good reason. 2v cleveland has more equal airflow potential on the intake and exhaust sides, a single-pattern cam is sufficient. When the airflow differs between the intake and exhaust," Like in a 4v cleveland" a dual-pattern cam needs to be used to balance flow through the engine. To be a fair test, they needed to switch to a dual pattern cam with the same lift. 4v cleveland will never flow quite right with a single pat cam. And if i remmeber this build right, they used a single profile cam for both engines..I cannot find on there site the build part anymore..They use to have it all last year. Unless some one knocked them around for using the same cam on both heads ;)..lol http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-the-amazing-351c-4v <~~ from this classic tread..Cleveland 4v heads stock intake port was optimized for 0.600 inch valve lift.
  21. Awesome moose picture!! We use to have some along time ago on our desert side, and they just started making a return and been spotted 30ish miles from my home. And a broncs fan i see..I got some freinds from Colorado " They big time bronco fans too" . Loyal fans no matter where they live {thumbs up}
  22. Awesome pics droptop!! Looks like black and sliver cars are getting popular in japan...My aunt had her japanese drivers license..and her pictures was nothing but tons of white cars..She said she got a red car just so she could find her car in parking lots..lol Some pics i took of and inside the Tillamook blimp hanger...Largest free standing wooden structure in the world.
  23. Yup. I normaly run into people who have to tell me all about the 351 cleveland " more than the car" Seems most car guys seem to think they know all about the 351 cleveland. Tell that the big heads had oiling issues, or it's just a 302 with W heads. And how it is not a good racing motor for various reasons. I usualy tell them you don't know anything about a cleveland ;) . but sometimes i bite my tounge. Like the old good book says, why preach apon death ears? Waste of time for everyone. People who walk out of the blue up to my car, mostly say " is that a 69 mach 1?" I say nope it's a 73 mach 1, and then they look confused " cause they was told 73 mach 1's are ugly and fat" I have defended my car's honor from many walk ups..but if they don't want to lisin to me i won't lisin to them. lol. I do run into alot of people who claim to know everything about it, 90% been very wrong, unless you live and breath these cars, it is hard to know every little thing about them. and 351 cleveland had a short life span, not everyone worked on one and most just heard myths about them.
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